Hello, dolls!! Hello, MARCH!! <3 I am welcoming the third month of the year as a full-blown pregnant Momma! The third trimester is a validation that I should seriously start doing more for myself cause who knows when I’ll have time to do anything related to not being a Mom again? Not that I am complaining, I love the fact that I am so motivated to do things as a Mom!

Two weeks ago I was able to update my planner for the month of March and boy am I excited to do all the things we have planned for every weekend! I love being busy with personal activities, I feel like work takes up a lot of my energy so looking forward to spending time with family and friends is something I yearn for — especially with little A. I have awesome adventures lined up until May, like literally right before my due date. I can already foresee a very busy year for me, and I love how it is all centered around our family.


One of the events I look forward to every year is Emporiyum. Aside from the fact that it’s a tradition for A and I to attend, I love how I get to meet small businesses and get inspired. It was our first Emporiyum with little A so it was definitely an interesting afternoon for us.

Here are some of my favorites from the event.



A and little A love pickles but I pretty much only eat them when I am pregnant. Sweet Farm was the first booth we saw when walked in and A did not miss the chance to try their products.


Sweet Farm is from Frederick, MD. What’s really impressive is the people behind the brand. A couple who are passionate about fermenting and turned it into a family business.


First bite: Fried chicken sandwich.


I love how they always have a Ramen vendor, especially since Emporiyum DC is during fall. It also keeps A’s mood happy throughout the event 😛


Black Pearl Tarts is on my top 5 that year. Their tarts are to die for!! If we live in DC, I would definitely ask A to get tarts for every special occasion.


My picture does not give justice as to how good their tarts were! Definitely adding this to my “food bucket list” this year 😛


Route 11 Potato Chips was very generous to have this spread for everyone! They even gave away free bags of chips.


One of our all-time favorites is Pinch. They always have interesting flavor combinations like lamb with carrot and spinach with egg. 



A and I got our pinch dumpling fix! Perfect bite-sized dumplings. YUM!


Cheese, anyone? Plymouth Artisan’s cheese is perfect for dinner parties! I love serving a cheese platter when I host parties here at home and this cheese kit would be perfect!




One of the interesting booths that year was Awkpie. The crust was out of this world and the flavor combinations were spot on.


As a Filipino, I always get thrilled with anything mango flavored! Hoop Tea will always be on my favorites list because of their delicious cocktail mix! If I wasn’t breastfeeding that time, I would’ve loved to bring home a bag (or two) for our game night!


Who can resist these delicious donuts?? Another reason why I love Emporiyum is how I can bring home desserts from places I’ve been wanting to go to but never get to because something always comes up.



A and I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. I told him I would eat beignets every day when we go! Can you imagine my excitement when I saw a guy cooking beignets to order?


Two perfect pillowy beignets! YUM!!



I am always on the hunt for macarons whenever we attend Emporiyum. My cravings were satisfied by The Blu Kitchen! 


You know you are Asian when eating at least 6 ingredients in a cup/glass as a drink or dessert is normal for you LOL. After this Emporiyum, I got obsessed with Toli Moli! I make sure I get a tall glass of it whenever we go to DC. Ahhh someone take me now, please? 😛


Megpies, another one of my favorites! The strawberry “pop tart” is to die for!!!


Nothing like eggettes from Eggloo to end our day at the Emporiyum! 🙂


Little A’s first time at the Emporiyum, and definitely not the last! 🙂


Driving back to Baltimore during rush hour is not easy, even on a Sunday at times. We decided to go to Milk Bar and City Center to kill some time and make the most of our day off!


Milk Bar was at the event but they always get sold out! Luckily, they now have a store in Washington DC.


We got our cereal milk fix and of course, I took home a slice of crack pie! YUM



Family time is the best time! I am saying this with so much love, especially because it’s Sunday and I am going to conquer another full week at work.





Our delicious takeouts that day. A bought stuff for cooking like the aleppo pepper flakes and a bottle of Asian stirfry sauce. I brought home desserts, as always! Oops 😛




Sending positive vibes to everyone this week!! 🙂



R <3

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  1. Ummm yummmmm!!!! You always have the best pictures! Those beignets look so good! Also, yes to anything mango flavored lol! Little A looked so small in these pics! Thanks for this! I’m going to have to put this on my to-do list! 🙂 I already know I’m gonna love it!

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