Manila Eats: Brick Burger

Hello, dolls!! Hello, #ThrowbackThursday ! šŸ˜› I’ve been getting an extra day with little A every 2/3 weeks and I must say, I don’t know how SAHMs do it without wanting to call anyone for help! lol. My energy is being consumed by 3 major things for the past 7 months — work, my pregnancy, and running after my toddler. I can’t wait to knock down the first two in a month so I can devote my energy to our growing family.

This week, I talked to my employer about my future in the company. It went better than I thought it would. Taking a step back on my career is something I really can’t fully grasp yet. After all, I spent the past 8 years working hard to get where I am now — so it’s a really bittersweet feeling. Though I know it’s for the best reason, the big question for me is “how do people let go of something they are passionate about?”. I know I need this break for my mental health as well. If I am not pregnant, I would probably be overworking myself until God knows when causing me to be toxic to the people around me because I am beyond exhausted — this I have to remind myself over and over.


So let me take it easy today and think about happy thoughts! Like my super cool lunch experience atĀ Brick BurgerĀ in Pasig City, Philippines.


My siblings know that A loves legos so much so they suggested going toĀ Brick BurgerĀ for the experience and food.

Truth be told, whenever I see concept restaurants like this in the Philippines I kind of doubt the quality of food. A lot of times, restaurant owners spend more time conceptualizing a restaurant that will be “Instaworthy”Ā and fall short on creating a menu that people will come back for. So how did Brick burger fare?



Whoever designedĀ Brick BurgerĀ knew what he was talking about. Every corner of the restaurant screamed legos! It felt like we were in Legoland.



I was fascinated with the collection of legos they have in store. Especially this Nike shoe that resembled A’s lol.



Cheesy NachosĀ for our appetizer. It’s not the “real deal” but if you grew up eating Nacho King, this one is just as good.


Chicken Pesto

Welcome to the Philippines, where protein portions look like they are garnishes. I feel like the lemon slice was bigger than the chicken breast that we got. The pesto was pretty good though!


BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger


All the burgers were served on lego buns! Talk about effort.


The burgers did not disappoint. They were juicy and tasty! Definitely an upgrade fromĀ Angels BurgerĀ andĀ Burger Machine šŸ˜›


A tried the Brick Burger challenge but failed! The burger was very big and well, A is not good eating under pressure lol.


Buffalo Wings

Oh how I missed coated fried chicken like this! If there’s anything you can’t go wrong in the Philippines, that would be any kind of chicken — roasted, fried, or grilled!


Brick Burger exceeded my expectations. I thought it was just another Instagrammable restaurant but the food was actually good.


Now I have 2 boys that love legos so much! Been stepping on legos since A let little A play with his collection.



#MyABoys twinning in gray <3Ā 

I am going to end this post with extra cuteness!! I can’t believe this little boy was once this small. Now I can hardly keep up with his energy lol šŸ˜›


R <3




4 thoughts on “Manila Eats: Brick Burger

  1. Brick Burger looks like such a fun restaurant – especially to bring kids to! I love the lego buns!

    1. Yes!! My son just saw the pictures and asked me if we can go there! I wish it was that easy to travel from the US to the Philippines lol

  2. Wow great review, what a cool place! I would have my doubts at the beginning too. I agree that a lot of restaurants like this put more effort into the aesthetics and minor details than they do making a “wow” menu that will keep people coming back. This place looks like it both lures people in AND keeps them coming back – good for them!

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