Pampanga Food Guide: Aling Lucing

Hello, dolls! Hello, Monday!! <3 Who else is braving this long week? I know it’s just Monday but I already feel like I’ve been hit by a truck — welcome to third trimester! Spring is right around the corner and I am truly excited for all of the great happenings lined up for me and my tiny tribe. First off, I have 2 great collaborations that I am thrilled to share with all of you soon (if you follow me on Instagram you probably know about this already). Second, A and I are going on a weekend trip in less than 2 weeks!! It’s bittersweet because it will be my first weekend away from little A but I know we will have our well-deserved time 24/7 shortly after that so I hope I won’t cry at the airport this time lol (otherwise A will start thinking I am being “extra” again). Third, spring is going to be extra beautiful starting this year because of my baby girl!! I am almost 31 weeks pregnant, can you believe it?

So yeah, that’s life lately. Moving on to my Pampanga Food Guide, let me talk about Aling Lucing again — my all-time favorite restaurant in Pampanga.


For A’s fourth trip to the Philippines, I made sure we will have time to go to Pampanga for one main reason — Aling Lucing.


Susie’s special tibok tibok.

I told my family they can plan everything else, I just want to go to Aling Lucing. Luckily, most of us are foodies so we never run out of restaurants on our list. My brother Remo suggested Susie’s for our “afternoon” snack.

I can’t look at these and not drool!! I miss Filipino delicacies so much especially now that I am pregnant!!

Susie’s is known for their kakanin (sweets made of glutinous rice and coconut milk) so we decided to try every kind. Filipinos LOVE cheese on their lasagna, the picture on the right corner looks like a plate of melted cheese but I swear there’s lasagna underneath lol.

Did you even have meryenda (afternoon snack) if you did not eat siomai, palabok, and halo-halo?


Pampanga’s version of halo-halo is not too crazy. It has less ingredients which is perfect for those who are picky! I always get extra milk on mine. YUM!


Fresh Lumpia

Susie’s is a must visit when in Pampanga. You can stop by real quick to go food shopping, they have a designated area for packaged products or do what we did, stay a while and enjoy their homestyle cooking! 🙂


Now, the best part — Aling Lucing!


Whenever A and I travel, we make a list of places Anthony Bourdain has been to. We binge watch his shows and list down the restaurants — this makes us more excited about our trip. Our ultimate “Anthony Bourdain foodscape” has got to be in Hong Kong since we were there for almost a week and had a lot of time to wander.

So how cool is it for a quaint place like Aling Lucing to be visited by Anthony Bourdain? It was my third time going there and I still get really excited! The “Anthony Bourdain” effect I guess 😛


Tokwa’t Baboy


Aling Lucing’s famous sisig

It is best to visit Aling Lucing before 7PM, they tend to run out of food after that especially the sisig. Pampanga is known for their sisig, I feel like you can get good sisig anywhere. I love the simplicity of Aling Lucing’s sisig so much! <3


Chicharon Bulaklak


Are you even in the Philippines if you don’t eat barbecue on sticks? Isaw is my fave and aaaah can I just start counting down now?? Can’t wait to eat isaw again!



One of the reasons why we went to the Philippines was to celebrate my nephew Carlos’ first birthday. He is 6 months older than little A so it is nice to know that he has someone to “grow with” somehow, though miles apart.





The next time we will be in the Philippines, there will be four of us! I can’t wait for little A to know more about Mommy’s homeland 😛


Oh my sweet boy <3


R <3

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  1. goodness gracious that all looked amazing! It also made me realize that I don’t think i’ve ever had food like that, and I consider myself a foodie (shame on me). I need to broaden my horizons.

    1. LOL! 😛 Just try to look for “Filipino” restaurants near you. Hopefully, there’s one!

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