Hello, dolls!! Hello, weekend!! <3 It’s an exciting weekend for me because I am headed to Austin with A and a couple of our friends. I already miss little A but this is “one of two” weekends that we will spend away from him so I am going to wear my big girl Mommy pants and enjoy my long weekend in a city I can’t wait to explore.

I am currently busy getting baby girl’s room in order before she gets here in less than 8 weeks! So it’s nice to unwind once in a while aka blog about my past adventures. Currently, I’ve been sharing our 2-week vacation in the Philippines, or as I like to call it, little A’s first trip to the Philippines. We tried to eat at as many places as we can and since this was a short trip, I made A pick most of the restaurants. After all, seeing my family was my objective.



A is all about eating Asian food when in the Philippines. He loves it when we go to Chinese restaurants especially the ones that I went to growing up. Whenever we are both in Manila, we make sure we go on a ramen date. This one is particularly special because we had little A with us.


We went to the one in Powerplant Mall (A’s favorite mall in Manila) and since it was a weekday, the mall was not too crowded.


A really loved the noodles! Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen is one of our favorite ramen places in Manila now. I bet little A will love the noodles too when we take him here this year.



Make sure to try Ikkoryu Fukuoka’s gyoza when you go. Look how perfectly cooked my plate of gyoza was. Crunchy on the outside with juicy meat filling. YUM!



“Memories made together last a lifetime.”


Little A’s 2 Moms 😛

The best reward for me after a sumptuous lunch with A? Shopping! 😛


Matcha Heaven

Being home means getting rotten spoiled by my family! My siblings know how crazy I get with matcha so they took me to a matcha cafe in Pasig. We pretty much ordered every item on the menu lol




Thank goodness my siblings have a sweet tooth like me! I can try desserts and know that someone will help me finish them lol



The perfect matcha “parfait”! I love cornflakes so having that crunch was perfect. The matcha jelly and matcha ice cream were the perfect toppings! YUM


You can never go wrong with a classic iced matcha.


They also have other delicious drinks for non-matcha lovers like my sister 😛


Okay, can someone ship this to me now? This super moist matcha cake was the bomb! <3



A and I are leaving for Austin soon and man do I already feel sad leaving this little boy home. A couple of days ago I posted an entry about my struggles as a working Mom and I mentioned that little A doesn’t really cry when I leave for work because he doesn’t get the chance to do so since I leave while he is still sleeping. Yesterday, I told him I am going to ride the plane and asked if he is coming, I said no with sadness since I could see that he was excited.

Today, I thought of all the Moms who can leave their kids home for work trips or any kind of weekend away. I thought of how strong they are and I kind of wish I could muster up going on weekends away from little A without feeling like I am leaving my entire soul home.


R <3


  1. I totally understand leaving your little one for work travel. I always remind myself that I work hard for him and that he’ll be proud of me too. The ramen place looks so delicious. There are more ramen restaurants popping up in Kentucky which makes me smile.

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