Baby’s First Easter

Hello, dolls! Hello, Easter weekend! <3 I know this week has been pretty mellow for most of us but I hope everyone had a chance to reflect on what the true meaning of Easter is! 🙂 Holy week makes me miss the Philippines more because of all the things my family and I used to do especially Visita Iglesia.  It gets really crowded and hot but my siblings and I did not mind it at all because we knew it would make our parents happy and do something that can strengthen our faith. It was never really about going on a vacation or easter eggs for our family, so I feel like both little A and I are learning how Easter is being spent here in the US.

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and I can’t believe our baby girl is going to be here in about a month! This week was my first week working fewer days cause I am mentally and physically starting to breakdown so I know it’s time to focus on myself and my growing family. It’s already helping me a lot because I am able to work on being strong for childbirth, get things ready for baby girl, and spend more time with little A before he enters the world of sharing Mommy, Daddy, and everything else.



I can’t explain the feeling that I get whenever I think about little A’s world changing once his sister is here. I think a part of me is scared that I won’t be able to handle the overwhelming demand of being a Mom of two. How do you Mamas deal with this kind of anxiety?!



This romper is the cutest!! I love dressing up little A, and I can’t wait to do it for baby girl too.


I wanted to do something special for his first Easter so we took him to see the Easter bunny at Kenilworth Mall and get his picture taken. It’s funny how you can tell how confused he was, thankfully he did not cry so we were able to get a couple of good shots 😛




We had the most perfect spring day and my baby loved it! His big smile says it all.




There are lots of Easter-related events throughout the month and since it was our first Easter as a family, we picked something a little less busy, Katipunan’s Spring Festival (a Filipino organization here in Maryland).

We do two Easter celebrations every year. A is Greek Orthodox so we do his traditions too. There are similarities with the practices and beliefs so it’s not like we are doing something lethal by acknowledging both in our household. I think it’s pretty nice that little A is growing up knowing a lot about different cultures and traditions.

Easter outfit idea for breastfeeding Moms.

A top you can easily untuck and long enough not to show any skin when you pull it up and neoprene pink skirt.


My go-to place for Easter and Mother’s day brunch is Johnny’s at Roland Park. I love how their menu is not too overwhelming that you will overindulge. They always have refreshing salads that I go crazy for! And aaaah, don’t even get me started with the meat they serve! I’ve tried their prime rib and brisket and both were really amazing.


They had prime rib for their Easter buffet and the jus that they served with it was phenomenal!


I always save room for dessert! All their pastries are baked in house and I make sure I get to try them all. Even if it means forcing A to split with me lol.


The Easter bunny making rounds! Little A had the biggest smile after the bunny left.



My goal before I give birth is to make this little boy the happiest. We only have a couple of weeks to make the most out of our much-needed solo time together. I have fun activities lined up for us every weekend and I am so excited for him!



Little A looking extra cute after our sumptuous brunch.



Little A’s second outfit for our second Easter celebration. I got this outfit from H&M and it was perfect!



Little A was only 9 months old during his first Easter. We did not go Easter egg hunting since he didn’t walk at that time yet.




Love seeing them dressed up! Nowadays, little A loves dressing up like A. He has a couple of clothes and shoes that match A and he loves it when they match.



Oh little A, you are a blessing to me <3

I would love to hear about your Easter traditions. Share them below <3



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  1. Such a sweet family! Your little one is going to make the best big sibling! You are such a loving mama who is so caring and thinks about the changes that it may cause in your little one’s life! Everything is going to be wonderful!

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