Manila Food Guide: Where To Eat in Binondo

Hello, dolls!! Hello, #Throwback Tuesday! Spring is definitely here and I am so happy to be enjoying this lovely season with extra time at home this year. The weather has been glorious lately which makes me really inspired to keep on planning little adventures for our little family before we welcome baby girl. Little A has been telling me how much he loves waking up with Mommy most days now and my heart just melts every time! I am happy we are getting our much anticipated solo time now.

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If you’ve been following my blog (especially for the past 7 years) you would know A loves Asian food SO MUCH. Pretty much the reason why we went to Hong Kong for our first “official” out of the country trip together. We do not count the Philippines since it’s home to us! 

My Dad likes to take him on “Chinese breakfast” dates whenever we are in Manila and he is just the happiest. One thing that we should always do when we are in the Philippines is to go to Binondo, Manila’s Chinatown.


Hand-pulled Noodles with Ground Pork Sauce

One of the restaurants we have to go to every time we are in Manila is Lanzhou Lamien. I remember going here when I was a senior in high school with some of my friends and dreaming about the delicious dumplings after.


A orders hand-pulled noodles every time. He enjoys watching the cooks stretch the dough and turn them into noodles as we wait for our food.


Beef Noodle Soup


I could really eat this big bowl of delicious beef noodle soup right now. The beef was very tender and the broth was so tasty!


Shaved Noodles

We can’t go to La Mien and not try at least 3 kinds of noodle dishes. We loved this so much that every time we want something easy and quick for dinner we get a bag of fresh noodles from the Asian store and replicate this.


Wonton Noodle Soup


Noodles with Tomato and Egg

Another simple dish that we loved and now replicate here at home for family meals.



I get excited about the dumplings. I could seriously eat a serving of steamed and fried dumplings in one sitting. If I could have Lamien’s dumplings in my freezer I would be the happiest!!


Have you ever had “Taiwan Cake”? I grew up eating them every weekend after our “happy hour” at Worlds of Fun in SM. My siblings and I loved it because they always come out hot and fresh! The bite-sized cakes are perfect as a snack or in this case, dessert after our delicious meal at Lamien. Try Goza-Soroh Cake when in Binondo!


A quick stop at one of the pharmacies in Chinatown. Chinese are known for their herbal medicine, I grew up taking Pei Pa Koa whenever I felt like I was getting a cold or my throat is bothering me. I was still taking it when I met A but after wasting a couple of bottles because I couldn’t finish one, I stopped buying them here — they are like triple the price compared to in Asia!


Salazar Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in Manila. If you want to try Chinese pastries and bread, go here! I always get tempted to fill my basket with goodies that I know I can’t finish.


Little A wearing a Chinese hat!! LOL


A has always been fascinated with my Dad’s jade dragon collection and wanted to have one (or two) here in Baltimore too! Not sure where he was planning to put them because they are so not my thing lol. Anyway, we walked around Binondo trying to find one but couldn’t find any at that time. My Dad got them in Hong Kong and China so I guess that’s why it was hard to find in the Philippines.



Men on a mission. A was holding a bottle of sugar cane juice, a couple of stores squeeze them fresh there so make sure to try them!


Were you even in the Philippines if you did not eat kwek kwek? There are lots of food carts in Chinatown so keep your eyes open and bellies ready for a snack!


Lola’s girls <3

If you feel like having something other than Chinese food, there are Filipino restaurants in Binondo like Max’s Restaurant that is known for their delicious chicken.



Life currently: This is me now — 20 pounds heavier, 36 weeks pregnant. A and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary this past Sunday and it felt surreal to wake up that day and know that I am with the best man I could ever hope for. Little A is super excited to meet his sister and it makes my heart melt every time he kisses my belly <3


R <3

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    1. You should definite;y try hand-pulled noodles next time! The texture is just so much better 🙂

    1. Ahhhh yesss!!! It’s hot and humid there but you will love the food and all the beautiful places! 🙂

  1. I very much enjoyed reading this post. The food looks amazing in that little baby is absolutely adorable. Great pictures!

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