Baby’s First Trip to the Philippines

Hello, dolls! Hello, last day of April!! Who is ready to embrace the month of May with positivity? I have so many exciting things in store for me, little adventures I can’t wait to take on. I can officially start counting the days until I become a Mama of two now — how time flies! Despite the morning sickness and exhaustion, I have to say that I am truly enjoying this pregnancy. In fact, I feel like I am going to miss having her in my belly and going through the waves of changes.

I spent the entire weekend with my Filipino crew here in Baltimore. It was nice to catch up with everyone and talk about anything about home, the Philippines. There are so many things that we miss from home — the simplicity of life, the warmth of family and friends surrounding us, and food of course! My trips to the Philippines have changed ever since A and I got engaged. Before, I would come home and not plan anything because my main purpose was to retreat, spend time with my family, and eat my heart out. With A, I love how I am rediscovering things in the Philippines without compromising time with family and friends.


Bringing little A to the Philippines was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I did not know how he would do during a long haul flight as it is his first. I already knew what to expect during our travel from New York to Manila, but not with a 6-month-old.  What kept me positive was the fact that I know he will make a lot of my family and friends happy since they had been wanting to meet him since he was born.


Bring little A to the Philippines gave me a new perspective about coming home. It was my first time coming home as a Mom so I was excited to try Mom related activities during our stay, something that I have never experienced before in my home country.


Our family in the Philippines is growing! In the past year alone, our family welcomed 5 babies!! Including myself next month, it would be 6! Imagine how big our Christmas photo will be this year! 😛 Little A and baby girl are lucky to have cousins they can play with whenever we are in the Philippines.


Stage Mom alert 😛


Our cousin invited us to take Little A and his cousin C to get their pictures taken at The Picture Company. It was a fun experience seeing the two of them smile in front of the camera and change into different outfits.



Here are some of the official pictures from their super cute photoshoot! <3




Little A and C’s fans club 😛



One of the main reasons why I want little A to go to the Philippines before he turned 1 was for my Lola (grandmother), his great grandmother to meet him!


Since we were there for my sister’s birthday too, what better way to celebrate little A’s 7th month and her 24th than a Jollibee party?



My Mom and my sister organized this super fun Jollibee party. It was the perfect gathering to see family and friends before we flew back to Baltimore.


My sister’s unicorn cake LOL!


Jollibee spaghetti, crispy chicken joy, chocolate sundae, yumburger, and soda for everyone!

I’d do anything to eat this meal right now! LOL


It’s funny how much A loves Jollibee!! He wouldn’t mind driving to New York/New Jersey at least once a year to eat our hearts out.




The best part about our trip was witnessing how loved little A is. A lot of my friends made an effort to see him more than once and our family made sure his first trip to the Philippines would be nothing short of amazing.


Since our loved ones can’t make it to Little A’s first birthday, they made sure he would have something he can remember them by. A and I did not expect to go back to Baltimore with so many presents!




I can’t believe we brought all these back! The toys survived 36 hours of traveling without any damages in our suitcase. lol



7-month photo shoot with his “new friends” 😛


Being a model for Mom is tiring… LOL




My Dad had to go back to the Philippines when Little A was less than 3 months old. It made me sad because I really want them to have more time together, I was afraid Little A wouldn’t be comfortable around him since he is not used to seeing him but my sweet boy proved me otherwise. They make each other happy and it makes my heart full! <3


A must when we go back to the Philippines is to go to Tagaytay. They have plenty of great restaurants you can choose from and to have a little break from the hustle and bustle of Manila is relaxing for us, even if it’s just for a day.


Our family is growing!! This year there will be more in this picture! <3



My family and I have been telling Little A about all the things he will do in the Philippines. He is very excited to eat Jollibee on the regular and be in total adventure mode! I can’t wait for him to experience new things.


A lot of people told me Little A resembles his Tito (Uncle) Renzo. I might have stared at his baby pictures too much while I was pregnant lol. They get to spend a lot of time together since my brother is usually the last one to leave whenever my family comes to visit us here in Baltimore. Their dynamic is so comical and I love how I see a different side of Little A when he is with my brother.



Off shoulders are great for Moms who breastfeed or pump! Just get a nice coverup and you are good to go. I know I will have to “boob-proof” my closet again so thankfully I have plenty of off-shoulder dresses and tops to wear this spring and summer (and for our trip to the Philippines too 😛 ).


Manila, are you ready for us again? 😛


R <3


6 thoughts on “Baby’s First Trip to the Philippines

  1. That’s so sweet that they showered baby A in presents! I could imagine how fun that would be to go back to your home as a mother. So many new experiences for your little ones to discover, especially as they get older and drink in the world.

  2. That photo shoot is just adorable. We’ll be taking my 3 kids ages 6, 3, and 1 on their first plane ride this summer… Kinda nervous about it.

    1. You will be fine, Mama!! A lot of passengers now are understanding around children <3

  3. That’s so awesome that you took Baby A to the Philippines! I have yet to fly with my son and you give me courage to try. The baby photoshoot is too cute!!! Your trip seemed so fun and full of love.

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