First Mother’s Day // Laduree, Washington DC

Hello, dolls!! Hello, Mother’s day weekend! <3 So I just came back from New York for the Big City Moms’ Biggest Baby Shower event and boy am I still on cloud 9 because of it! My body is definitely exhausted but my heart is so full because of the wonderful experience I had. It was the perfect pre-Mother’s day gift and I am so happy I had the opportunity to be part of it this year.

Mother’s Day has always about me doing something special for my Mom so when A asked me how he can make my first one memorable, I was lost for words. Being a Mom changed my life in so many ways, one of which is my perspective about celebrating holidays. I am better at doing things for my family than telling them what to do for me. I feel like, it’s either I take over the planning or I should be surprised completely (total Mom thinking lol).



For my first Mother’s Day, I told A I just want a good meal and a box of my favorite macarons from Laduree. I feel like special moments like this are best enjoyed when the people I want to celebrate it with are not too exhausted or worried about making it over the top for me.


The best way to celebrate my first Mother’s Day was to have this baby in my arms all day! He is the reason why I get to celebrate Mother’s Day anyway.

I think working Moms would understand how valuable time is whenever we are off, it feels like time is slipping away whenever Monday rolls in because I know it would take me another 5 days to get a full day with little A.

Dress: Victoria Beckham (perfect Mother’s Day outfit!)


I was so happy when I found out Laduree was opening a location in Washington DC. I usually get them during our trips to New York and even went on a brunch date for Christmas one year. So having them about an hour away is so much more convenient!



I could stare at these macarons all day. Look how perfect they are!



I was a girl on a mission, get my box of macarons and keychain I’ve been wanting for so long.


Every corner look so pretty! I felt like a kid in a candy store, wide-eyed, just taking it all in.




Mommy’s best treats for Mother’s Day! <3

These were all I wanted..and even more! I wanted to upgrade my lipstick collection so A got me two of the brands that I’ve been wanting to get.



If I could have any type of dessert in my fridge every day for the rest of my life, that would be macarons! <3


A quick stop at Union Market for my favorite refreshers! Toli Moli, oh how I miss you!!

Most Moms sip mimosas on Mother’s Day but since I was still breastfeeding at that time, I made sure I would only have “clean drinks” (I think I only had alcohol once during my breastfeeding journey). I have to say, getting 3 drinks seemed too much but they kept me hydrated especially since we drove from Baltimore to Washington DC and did a couple of stops along the way. SO WORTH IT…and good!

A was still working as a Chef during my first Mother’s Day. I already expected he won’t be home for brunch so I made plans for my Mom and me instead. I wanted to go somewhere special with her since it’s her first Mother’s Day as a Lola (grandmother) so I made reservation’s at Johnny’s for their brunch buffet.


Since the rest of our family is in the Philippines, I wanted to remind her of how we used to celebrate special occasions and that is to go to lunch/dinner buffet! Johnny’s has one of the best menus for Mother’s Day buffet so we went there again for brunch.


I, of course, came back for the delicious desserts 😛


It really warms my heart whenever people tell me how good little A is. He hardly misbehaves when we are out (that’s why when he does I feel like I am lost because we are not really used to it lol) and he can entertain himself without any gadgets!



How to carry your baby when he starts acting up 😛 LOL!


A, being the best husband that he is pulled another surprise for me. He made fresh pasta for dinner after he got home from work, which I truly appreciated because I know how exhausted he must have been after working Mother’s Day brunch.



Duck confit, mushrooms (cause he knows it’s my favorite), and duck egg pasta. YUM! Perfect Mother’s Day dinner.


3 days left until Mother’s Day, let’s see if we will be a family of 4 by then! 😛 I told A we shouldn’t plan anything crazy because I could literally give birth any minute now.



For me, Mother’s Day is about spending extra time with little A. Little treats are great, and delicious meals throughout the day will definitely make me the happiest. But nothing can compare to the love and effort I get from my husband and the big smile I see on little A’s face.

Mommas, how do you like to spend your Mother’s day? <3



R <3

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