Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower New York May 2019

Hello, dolls!!! <3 I am 38 and half weeks pregnant now and I am so ready to meet my baby girl! It’s funny how anxious I am to get the next phase of this journey started when I know I am also going to miss being pregnant (oh you know, just a typical day in my brain lol).  

My pregnancy with baby #2 did not start well. I had morning sickness ALL DAY and felt really weak during my first trimester. When I felt better, I told myself that I have to enjoy this journey in every way I can. So I looked up activities and events that I could participate in and made sure I would give myself enough time to prepare for baby girl’s arrival. I am happy to say that I can look back at this moment in my life and know that I have wonderful memories….finally.



Raise your hand if you’re a Mama like me who loves free goodies! Especially FREE baby products! So before I tell you how I brought all this home, let me share how my recent trip to New York was for Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower.


 I got the invitation to be one of the Influencers to cover the biggest baby shower in New York months before May 7. I immediately told A there is no chance I will miss it! That even if it’s a work night and we will have to travel from Baltimore to New York, I know in my heart it would be worth it, and it was.


I had the biggest smile as soon as I walked into the venue — excited about everything in store for Moms like me!


It could be a bit overwhelming because of the number of brands they have at the venue but Big City Moms made it very easy to go around each booth.  Do not be discouraged that you can’t bring your stroller in if you have a baby with you, because trust me it’s better that way.

There were lots of people at the event that day but I love how it did not feel like space was too tight, there was no pushing, and the noise level was moderate enough that you do not have to shout when talking to someone.


When I was pregnant with little A, I wasn’t able to go to any informative classes or read a book about pregnancy or newborns…nothing! I did all my “research” after he was born during our night feedings. This time, I want to devote more time to learn more about Motherhood and parenting so seminars are one of the things on my list!


Big City Moms set up two bars to keep everyone hydrated, how convenient!



Here are some of the brands that I learned from. Each table had great things to offer to parents and babies, it felt like 3 hours flew by after A and I went around each table!



Ellie is a parenting group app founded by a Mom in New York. I can’t wait for them to expand to Baltimore someday because I know it would be beneficial for Moms like me who want to escape the chaos of some Mom groups on Facebook. I feel like sometimes you get judged right away when you ask a question! lol

Lassig is a German company specializing in diaper bags and other travel/baby accessories. They caught my attention because I noticed the interesting finish of dishes they have! The designs are so cute.

Upspring was there with their lactation goodies AND Shrinkx belly strap. I was able to talk to them about their cookies and drink mix but I kind of wish I asked about their belly straps as well because I need a new one. I was unhappy about the belly strap I bought after I gave birth with little A and I am still scouting for the perfect one!

Similac and Enfamil were there with a generous amount of formula samples for everyone.


Stokke was there with their hottest baby gear, but what really caught my attention was this Jetkids trolly that is on my dream list for so long now after seeing their video ad for the product. For those who love to travel like me (especially with kids), this is such a great addition to your packing list because it converts into a bed that you can attach to the seat.


Palmer’s with their awesome skincare products.


I love how they had snacks going around during the event!


Seedlip  is a brand that sells non-alcoholic spirits. I love how regal the bottles look so it would be nice to have a bottle or two on our bar cart for when I have my Mom friends over 😛



We sampled the Grove 42 which is their citrus flavor.


Mommy photo break! 

I loved how they had cute backgrounds for taking pictures. They had 4 in this specific area which was awesome because I did not feel like I was holding up anyone.


For photobook lovers like me, Little Book of You is a great company to order your baby’s own storybook from.


One of the brands that I want to make little A try is Banza. They had samples of their mac and cheese made with chickpea pasta at the event and I honestly liked it — which says a lot because I am not a “mac and cheese person”. I, however, like chickpeas though so I think having a box of Banza for my “lazy-lunch-at-home” with the kids would be very helpful!




What a treat! Puff Delights was there to give us a sugar rush <3



People close to us know how much my husband loves British brands. This is him so engrossed at the Maclaren booth, the only brand he spent more than 10 minutes talking to. We learned tips on how to utilize our Maclaren Quest more and even got a nice gift from them!


Lil Mixins , Cloud Water Sparkling CBD , Re play dishes , and Twelve Little.


There were interesting services in New York that participated in the event I wish we could sign up for. The ladies from CozyKin were adorable and really good at what they do, they still told me about the company even after I informed them I live in Maryland!


I couldn’t believe how many Dr. Brown’s products I did not know about. Seeing this table full of stuff I can use for little A and baby girl made me want to go to Target right away! lol


This convertible bottle tote caught my attention.


One of the brands we used for little A was Dr. Brown’s and as much as I love how sleek the bottles are and how it prevents him from being gassy, I hated how sometimes it would leak! The lady I spoke to was very informative and told me a tip I will definitely do once baby girl starts using bottles — do not heat your milk with the middle part of the bottle to refrain it from expanding.


EZPZ had an amazing deal at the event that I could not resist. Little A used to throw his bowl or plate off his highchair before so I am going to try to avoid that this time. I purchased a set of mini mat, training cup, and tiny spoon!



Babo Botanicals was there with great organic products for the family.




If you are a fan of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard then you probably know they started their own brand earlier this year. Hello Bello was there with their products and I was able to feel how soft the diapers are! I am considering trying it for baby girl eventually.


More snacks up for grabs! Cloud10 rice crispies, YUM!


The event was AMAZING! It definitely is one of the highlights of my pregnancy. I would go again if I could! Just the experience itself, the energy during the event and the wonderful team behind Big City Moms make it super worth it to go.


Taking home all these free goodies was the best part about it, of course! 😛


I brought home 4 bags full of products from different brands. When we left Baltimore on Tuesday morning, A gave me a look when he saw we are bringing a large empty suitcase, I told him “you’ll see”. LOL

So how did I get 4 bags?

  • *1 regular swag bag that you can purchase with your ticket
  •                        *1 Influencer swag bag that Big City Moms gave me as a thank you for covering the event.
  •                         * 2 purple tote bags that A and I got when we walked into the event and fill with goodies from the brands.


Regular Swag Bag goodies.

Lotion and Body wash from Baby Magic

A full-size bottle of Hello Bello lotion

Butt paste/cream from Noleo and Boudreaux’s

Ducray hair lotion

…and diapers from Babyganics!!! (Was really looking forward to bringing home a pack of yay!)


Sample packs of wipes, lactation drink, and vitamins for kids! My favorite is the mini first aid kit from Shipt.

Formula from Similac and Enfamil

Baby Bottle from Dr. Brown’s

EvenFlo pacifier and baby bottle

Mam baby bottle

Breastmilk storage bags from Nanobebe (which I can’t wait to try!).

Munchable snacks from Nosh (I love this brand so much! It was my #1 choice for little A’s snack when he started eating).

A full-size bag of lactation cookies from Booby Boons.

Booklet of baby’s first holidays


My Influencer goodie bag contained great products from amazing brands. Just getting this bag alone made our trip to New York very worth it.


I may have screamed out of happiness a little bit when I saw Hello Bello gift set in my bag. It has 3 FULL-SIZE bottles of bath stuff AND wipes! #HappinessOverload

Wipes and Diaper Samples

Full-size bottles of Baby Magic Lotion and Body Wash

A full-size bottle of Dapple body wash (after seeing all the bath stuff in this bag, I like to think I will be good on toiletries for baby girl until the end of the year lol!)

Another item I was very happy about, EZPZ tiny cup!! Now we have two at home! How convenient <3

Sippy cup from Replay that little A is using now (without the cover lol)

Pacifier from Avent


I can’t believe my goodie bag came with a TwelveLittle fanny pack!! They cost $60 originally so it was such a lovely surprise! <3

Treats for Mommy! I love how the bag came with a full-size bottle of Palmer’s skin therapy oil. I was running low prior to this event and I was happy to get one…for FREE!! <3


Goodies from the 2 bags A and I filled during the event. I like to think we did GREAT! Lol

Travel bag with formula cans and ice pack from Enfamil. I can never have enough cooler bags here at home! I am thinking of using this when we travel to the Philippines at the end of the year, so this is so perfect!

Melissa from Spoonful One sent me an e-mail prior to the event so I made sure I had time to stop by at their booth and learn about the brand. I LOVE the idea behind it especially since A and I are such foodies. She pretty much filled our bags with Spoonful One snacks — how generous!

Bada Bean Bada Boom and Cloud 10 snacks.

Bowl and spoon set from Replay. I love how they reuse milk jugs to make their products.


My favorite out of this bunch is the Pact onesie. It is the softest onesie I’ve ever touched!

I forgot my sanitizer in Baltimore *facepalm* so when I saw Halo and Shipt were giving away sanitizers, I told A we should each get one! lol

I am now convinced that TwelveLittle is a generous brand! They gave away this year of the pig wet bag. I love it because it’s to represent luck and it’s pink so it will be perfect on baby girl’s stroller 😉

THE BEST giveaway that night, Maclaren cup holder!! A and I loved talking to the lady at the Maclaren booth so much and I mentioned we lost the attachment for our cup holder during our trip to London. It was very nice of her to give us this.


Needless to say, I was one of the happiest Mommas that night! <3


I love how it also felt like a babymoon for A and I. We stayed in New York that night and was able to try two new restaurants throughout our stay.



Some of my friends thought it was daring of me to take a trip to New York when I am already 37 and a half weeks pregnant. For weeks, I told myself not to go into labor because I would hate to miss the event! Almost a week after, I am just anxious and ready to pop! lol


Thank you, Big City Moms for giving me one of the best memories during this pregnancy! <3


R >3


Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to cover this event and received free products and admission. My opinion and EXCITEMENT are all unbiased 😉 

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  1. Wow this event looks amazing!! Your blog post is the next best thing to being there in person. Thanks for sharing all of this great information!!

  2. I am jealous, the images make me want, so they are beautiful it must have been a magical moment

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