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Hello, dolls! Hello, LIFE! So let’s be real here…being a Mom is not easy — these are words that I thought I would never say before. How do Moms do it? How do YOU do it? Cause for real, I sometimes feel like I am back to zero now that I have two kids. A lot of people warned me that having 2 kids feels like you have 4, and man how I wish this one is not true — cause it is! My toddler’s energy is through the roof and I find myself feeling guilty for being impatient at times when I know all he needs is my attention. Baby C is 4 weeks old — 1-month-old tomorrow! It means we are closer to regulating our new normal. I think a part of me is just anxious because  I feel like I should be doing more. Oh, the rewarding reality of Motherhood! My heart is full but my mind is busy juggling a million things every minute lol 😛

Little A is going to be 3 in 5 days!! How crazy is that?? There have been many changes in our home since the beginning of the year, one of which is Little A’s room. March and April were busy months for me because I spent most of my free time working on Little A’s room and Baby C’s nursery. I felt nostalgic as I updated Little A’s room because it’s a validation that he is indeed growing up. His room is no longer the nursery in our house, and although that meant we are welcoming baby C, it also made me want to freeze time and enjoy Little A’s babyness more.



When A and I found out we were having a boy, we knew what theme his room is going to be. A loves pirate ships, I say love because he literally drove 2 hours to get his pirate ship from his parent’s house so he can have it in our apartment. I thought that was it when we bought our house, his parents brought boxes and boxes of Legos. Most of them containing pirate ships! I love how he can pass it on to Little A when he is bigger <3



Little A’s room has the best lighting in our house. I love how bright it gets in the morning with the sunlight coming in from the three windows. My goal was to make it look neat and stir away from making it look like a toy store — too much going on. I want every corner to have a purpose that is implied to our entire house actually.



I like to call this “my little boy’s wall” <3


I like to take my time when picking stuff for our house. I don’t just buy because it’s the same color or design — it has to mean something.


I did a couple of easy DIYs in his room — one of which is this hanging “basket”. I initially wanted to get a solid wood box, but I couldn’t find one after 2 weekends of searching. It worked out to my advantage because I realized I would have to cut a hole which would take more effort (lol). I intended for the box to be a holder for his skincare stuff but since this box has a gap at the bottom, I wouldn’t be able to do so. I bought it anyway because I really wanted to put something on this wall other than a frame.


I spray painted the box and tied it with a rope. I really like how it came out.

Little A has a good number of pirate books so I thought it would be great to put them in the box and make his little boy wall complete.


If you want to know how much I love you, count the waves in the sea.


Little A has more books in his room than toys — and I am happy about that! <3

You will see more on his shelf as you scroll down 🙂


I can’t believe how many books he accumulated in just less than a year! This is why we end up reading at least 5 books throughout the day. 😛


When we found out we were expecting a boy, A and I went to Target right away to get this pirate ship lamp. We knew it would be the perfect piece to start his pirate nursery! I remember holding off from buying it weeks before my Doctor’s appointment as we were not sure about our baby’s gender yet — A was the happiest when we finally got it! lol


I opted for pale blue with a very light hint of grey for Little A’s wall color. It makes his room even brighter.


DIY # 2

It took me a while to find a ship’s wheel that actually looks like a ship’s wheel and not a wood cutout. Most of the ones I saw were very expensive so I had to wait until all the summer decorations were out in stores — the trade-off living somewhere with 4 seasons.


I got this wood letter A from Michael’s and asked my Dad to glue it for me.

My Mom gave little A this rosary and I like to put it close to him <3 Safest place is somewhere here can’t reach! lol


One of my favorite spots in Little A’s room. The irony is, the task that ensues in this area is tedious and….not every parent’s favorite 😛 BUT I really love how his changing station turned out.



A purchased this frame for Little A’s room. I love how perfect it looks on top of his dresser!


DIY # 3

“Childcare proofing” his room. I knew I wouldn’t be home with Little A all day once I go back to work. To make things easy for whoever is going to watch him, I labeled his drawers and bins to make it easy to find stuff.

I bought these wood tags from Michael’s and spray painted them with blue chalk paint.



My nursing area. I wanted something I can put in our living area or entertainment room someday once the kids are bigger. I found one online and I love it!


My little boy’s playful corner.


Utility Cart

I purchased this cart from IKEA after Little A was born. I needed a spot where it’s accessible for everyone to find his necessities AND serve as a drying rack for his bottles. I do not want to clutter our kitchen and risk making his bottles dirty by leaving them there.


Saw this cute nightlight online and I could not resist buying it! Of course, Little A broke the tree on its first day being in his room. smh 😛

The biggest project in Little A’s room is his closet. The closets in all of the bedrooms in our home occupied half of the room and were utterly ugly when we purchased it. A and his best friend P worked on our walk-in closet and Little A’s and I am really happy with the outcome.



I have this set of hooks inside his closet and they are perfect for his belts and caps (that he has yet to wear lol).


I got lucky in one of my shopping trips 3 years ago and found this large bin.


Another favorite item of mine, this hamper is perfect for any little boy’s room.


This shelf was in our apartment before. I initially bought it for my trinkets and now it sits perfectly in Little A’s room.





My SIL got Little A the cutest little pirate outfit! I couldn’t resist doing a mini photoshoot of him wearing it.



Time, you need to chill. My boy is growing up way too fast! 


R <3



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