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Hello, dolls!! Hello, JULY!!! 7 months down, 5 to go! This means 5 months left to work on our goals for 2019. My main goal this year? Be a better Mom. I sometimes feel like my frustration gets the best of me. I hate how I get impatient with little things like not having enough time to clean our bedroom. I feel guilty for not knowing how to handle my emotions sometimes and letting Little A see me be so vulnerable.

6 weeks of being a Mom-of-two and I know I still have a long way to go. If there’s any consolation from this, and truthfully what’s really important — my kids are healthy and happy. They get fed multiple times throughout the day., get happy baths before nap time and we read books in the afternoon. So let me end this loathing before I start sounding like I am not doing anything.

I am so happy I am home with the kids this summer (thank you maternity leave!) because it’s easy for us to plan fun adventures every week. We went on a lot of road trips with Little A and as tedious as it is to pack things for all of us, it wouldn’t compare to the happiness that we felt each time. Being a working Mom means losing time from your baby, in my case…a LOT of time during the week so I make sure I am available for him every weekend.



Should we bring him? ask Mom to watch him? or call the sitter? I mean really, I think this top-rated fancy restaurant wouldn’t mind having a 10-month-old in their dining room, right?

A lot of Moms can agree that spending time away from your baby is hard especially for working women. When I mentioned to my co-workers that A and I were going to Philadelphia for our 4th anniversary they told me how excited they were, but when I told them we were taking Little A with us, they looked at me like I had three heads!


Luckily, we had a good baby on our hands! I couldn’t tell you how many times people would come to our table when we eat out to say what a good baby he is. He even got a present from the table next to us one time.


For our anniversary dinner, A picked Le Virtu. Let me tell you, this quaint restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve been to here on the East Coast! Thank God we made reservations because the restaurant was packed when we walked in.



The menu looks great, Mom! I am ready to order 😛



Aaaaah this bread!! I can’t help but drool as I look at this picture. The soft pillowy texture of the bread and crunchy crust dipped in olive oil was the perfect starter.


Dinner talks with Daddy.

As the table next to us was ready to leave, the older gentleman in the group came over to our table to say hi to Little A. He told us how he couldn’t help but look at us while they were eating because he couldn’t believe how behaved Little A was! He also complimented Little A’s outfit! LOL


Favorite appetizer alert!

A and I order beef carpaccio or steak tartare whenever we see it on the menu. Le Virtu’s was one of the best beef carpaccio’s I’ve had, mainly because of the grilled ramps!


Carpaccio Di Manzo

Thinly sliced wagyu beef, grilled ramps, caper aioli, and parmesan cheese.


Spaghetti, garlic, olive oil, ramps, and pecorino.

This simple killer dish is the bomb! I am still having dreams about it. Ramps are one of my favorite seasonal vegetables EVER!


Fazzoletti Verdi Al Ragu Di Faraona

Another great pasta dish from the menu. The cocoa-braised hen sausage complimented the pasta so perfectly.


Meagre Al’Acqua Pazza

I ordered the fish entree since most of our dishes had meat in it.


Coniglio In Porchetta

A will order rabbit if it’s on the menu. Actually, he will order any gamey meat or anything out of the ordinary. A loved this dish just by the fact that he was eating rabbit.


Obligatory anniversary picture 😛

So if you plan to dine out with your baby, do not worry and just do it! Especially if it will make your dinner more memorable.

Little A looking so dapper in his velvet vest and corduroy pants! <3


Here are some of my tips for a successful dinner night out with your baby: 

1.Feed The Baby

A hungry baby is cranky. I like to feed little A right before we get to the restaurant or as soon as we get seated. This way I do not have to do it in the middle of dinner. A full tummy makes the baby happy!

2. Consider Baby

Noise level is important, too much going on could cause the baby to get irritated — some babies tend to keep up with it by making loud noises too! So if you are planning to go to a restaurant that plays loud music or gets a bar crowd, maybe ask to be seated at their quietest spot (or don’t go at all! lol).

Please, do not sit at the bar because that is just way too weird. 😛

It would also be good to consider the time that you are going out if it’s close to baby’s bedtime, maybe it’s best to get a sitter. Not only will it affect the baby’s sleep schedule, but it would also be a hassle to get your child ready for bed by the time you get home. Weekends are an exception for our family though. Since A and I love to go on adventures on weekends, we tend to eat an hour later than our normal dinner time. So our nighttime routine on night outs with Little A is a little different.

 To avoid the hassle, set up a routine that will work for everyone from the moment you step out of the car up to the time you get baby ready for bed. Little A gets cleaned up when we go out, so I like to get that ready while A unloads the car. Little things like that go a long way, no one wants to go to bed at 2AM!


3. Do Not Forget The Baby

Going on a dinner date with our spouse/partner could be really exciting and sometimes we get too caught up in the moment that we tend to forget about our little one. I like to talk to Little A once in a while and play with him. We have a strict rule about screentime especially at the dinner table so communication is very big for us during meals.

I also like to look at the menu and see if there’s anything I can order for him to eat, even if it’s just a component of my dish. Inclusion is everything!

4.Step Out

Do not wait for things to get really bad and have other guests turn their heads to your table.  Once you see your baby getting fussy and you know it’s not the bottle he needs or a diaper change, step out. Consoling a baby in a new environment for him is really hard! Do not add more stress to your baby by losing your cool 😛


Our handsome third wheel 😛


Matching in emerald green <3 


R <3

16 thoughts on “Philadelphia Eats: LE VIRTU

  1. Aww you’re doing great as a mama to two! I’m expecting my second little one in a few months and I’m SO nervous. I love that you brought your little one to dinner, such cute matching outfits!

    1. You will be great, Momma!! <3 Your blog is awesome and I know it's because you have great inspiration -- your family!

  2. Omg your little baby is so cute !! I can definitely relate though it is so hard to find time to get things done around the house with such a busy body ! And it’s so good to find the time to go places and to dinner as a family!

  3. Whatever works for you, is best for you! Would it have been good to be alone with your husband every once in a while? Yes, that’s probably healthy for a marriage, but especially with young kids, I totally get it! He seems little a sweet little guy, so it sounds like a great family outing.

  4. I’ve learned to feed my daughter before we go out for dinner. They have amazing timing when it comes to crying as soon as the food is coming out lol

  5. I would take him too if he behaved so well. When they get older their patience starts to dwindle and you won’t want to take them anymore!

  6. I totally get needing to bring the babe! My husband travels , so with our first we brought her EVERYWHERE!

    You do what you have to do and sometimes that means toting a bitty babe along with you!

    Great post!

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