Baltimore Eats: Peko Peko Ramen

Hello, dolls! Hello, labor day weekend!! <3 Anyone else excited about this long weekend? My little family is going to keep it simple this time since we are busy introducing a new routine to Little A. He is going to start school in 3 days!! Can you believe it?? We went to two parent meetings this week and I am just all about being a Mom to a preschooler now!

I remember wrapping my books with plastic covers and buying school supplies with my Mom when I was younger. Was it just me or did anyone smell their notebooks/pads before? LMAO! The “smell” totally made me feel excited for the first day of school! I want Little A to have wonderful memories like me so I am determined to make it super fun for him in my own little ways — like sending him cutesy snacks and having our own tradition on Fridays to welcome the weekend!

Anyway, it is starting to feel like fall now (well, some days!) and I am getting excited about all of the outfits I have planned for myself and my two babies! Aside from our wardrobe, I am also looking forward to all of the warm weather food we will be eating! I say…ramen every weekend! 😛



When A and I started dating, we were all about ramen! We would drive to New York or Washington DC to get eat a delicious bowl of ramen. 8 years ago, Baltimore lacked the Asian vibe that we wanted. So imagine how delighted we are now that there are awesome Asian restaurants opening-up within 10 miles from us! One of which is Peko-Peko Ramen.


The menu is straight forward which I like! Some ramen restaurants tend to go crazy with too many items on the menu which makes the guest overlook what they really came in for — ramen!


AMEN to this list! LOL 😛



Peko-Peko is now our go-to ramen spot. It is so convenient to have a ramen restaurant 8 miles away from our house.


The best way to start off a ramen dinner is with a plate of delicious housemade gyoza.



The filling was topnotch. It was juicy and full of flavor. I loved the crispy layer of the wrapper! It gave that nice texture that made me want more.


TanTan Ramen


My favorite is the TanTan Ramen! I love the rich creamy broth and the minced meat that goes on top — all of them mixed together is pure heaven in my mouth!


Shoyu is your classic chicken broth ramen with chashu on top. A orders this every time we go to Peko Peko.


The noodles are always perfectly cooked!

I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so I have an excuse to go to Peko Peko every week! lol


If you are not in the mood for ramen, Peko Peko has hearty rice bowls on the menu too! This one is the gyu han — minced beef with ginger shoyu and caramelized onions.



Little A looking so fly in his Zara outfit!


My Mom has been a huge help since Little A was born. Now that I am a Mom-of-two, I could only imagine the things she had to go through dealing with 4 kids! Fall reminds me of our weekly shopping dates together! <3


Little A loves the cold weather too….and shopping with Mommy 😛




Time to take out my boots! Or is it too early to do that? Lol


Where did the time go? It seems like it was only yesterday when Little A was learning about little things like animal sounds and picking up a ball. Now, he is going to be a preschooler without me or A around! Gone are the days when an empty plastic bottle could entertain him. He is now onto bigger things and I feel blessed that I can be the Mama that can watch him grow! <3



R <3

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