Fall Festivals In Baltimore

Hello, dolls! Hello, fall!! <3 Is anyone else as ecstatic that fall is finally here? Although the hot weather this week doesn’t seem like it, everything fall is finally happening around me — pumpkin spice on everything is officially here. There is no doubt fall is my favorite season, spring WAS my favorite but after my horrible seasonal allergies this year, I think I am going to stick to fall — for a while. The perfect crisp weather, fun fall activities, and OOTDS (of course!) are some of the things I look forward to this season. This year is going to be twice the fun from the past years now that we have baby C.

The first time we went to Weber’s Farm for their fall festival, I was very overwhelmed with the crowd. Little A was 4-months-old then and I really wanted to go on the hayride but since it was the weekend, Weber’s Farm was packed. My goal this season is to finally do it — and post another blog about Weber’s Farm! :p



One of the things I love about my neighborhood is how we can be at Weber’s Farm in less than 5 minutes! We go there year-round for seasonal festivities and produce.



I love decorating our house during fall! Since I am all about white and gold, I love having my white pumpkin to balance all the orange and browns around the house.



I don’t know about you but fall makes me want to spend more time with my family. It must be the crisp cold weather that makes me snuggle my two babies! <3


Surrounded by pumpkins…and holding one too! ūüėČ



Little A loves to visit the barn whenever we go to Weber’s Farm for ice cream, a slushie, or quick produce run.


Little A is such an animal lover, unlike me who squirms when a dog comes near me! It’s amazing how much he remembers from our quick trips to the farm over the past three years.


During Weber’s Farm’s Fall Festival, they have cool activities set up for little kids in the barnyard like mini tractor rides, hayrides, hay slide, mini-maze, and more!



An abundance of gourds! Ever wonder if those cute little weirdly shaped pumpkins are real? Yes, they are! If you plan to use them for decoration, keep in mind that they rot pretty quickly and will not probably last the entire season. Although I heard some people scrubbing pumpkins with bleach to make the shelf life longer (I have yet to try this!).



The marketplace is open year-round. This is where we get our slushie or ice cream fix during the week when there are no events at the farm.

There is plenty of produce, housemade jam, organic meat, and an area for house decorations.



My favorite part about Weber’s farm? The freshly baked goodies! I like to bring home apple cider doughnuts for A once in a while. The cakes are to die for as well!



Weber’s Farm is not only for families. It’s a great date spot too! The atmosphere may not be very romantic but the simplicity of the farm will appreciate who you have beside you.




Weber’s Farm is a part of our lives, especially Little A’s. Fall is a great time to bond with family and start new traditions.


Little A’s outfit inspiration:¬†Little Farmer!

I loved dressing up Little A in overalls and rompers until it was challenging for me to snap the buttons at the bottom lol


Life update:

Never say never! For real, because I NEVER thought I would be in a position where I feel like every decision I make will result in Mom guilt. This season, I have come to realize that women sacrifice more than most people think. Motherhood is not just about changing diapers and making sure your baby is fed. It’s more than sacrificing personal time and looking at a different version of you. Being a Mom takes a lot of acceptance — accepting that sacrifices will be made constantly.


R <3




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  1. What a fun way to celebrate fall! I love how this festival embraces the beauty of fall! Thank you for sharing. Also mom guilt is the worst. But you are not alone all mothers go through it and come out even stronger.

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