Baby’s First Halloween

Hello, dolls! Hello, perfect fall weather πŸ˜› It’s officially crunch time for me! The holiday season is finally here and as a Mom-of-two, every day seems hectic with our daily routine, holiday planning, and vacation in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas! I get into this super Mom mode around the holidays because I need to — and I love it!

The past couple of weeks have not been easy for me truthfully. As my role as a Mom gets a little easier, I find my self in this deep hole trying to figure out what’s next for me as an individual. If there is anything certain about being a Mom, I can say for sure that the sacrifices we have to make are endless — and most of them are unfathomable.

Anyway, back to being a fun Mom. Halloween is two weeks away and I am very excited for Little A! Although this will be his third Halloween, it will be his first time enjoying it dressed up as someone he really likes and understand whatΒ trick or treatingΒ is all about!



Little A was only four months old during his first Halloween. As much as I wanted to go around our neighborhood to go trick or treating, I knew it would be a little weird to ask for candy when we all know he would’t be able to eat them. If we had a block party or at a Halloween event, I would have totally paraded my newborn! πŸ˜›


Since our neighborhood does not get a lot of trick or treaters, I still did little things to remember his first halloween.



Halloween is not just about wearing a costume and getting candy! You can totally do little things for your baby so you can both have a memorable first halloween <3



I think for Moms with newborns, we can honestly say that our little one’s first Halloween is all about dressing them up! I am the kind of Mom who dislikes buying items that we can only use once so I opted out on buying Little A a costume.



When I saw this Ninja Turtle set at Target, I knew I had to get it! A loves Ninja Turtles so it would be cool to see Little A wearing something he is fascinated about. Cute enough, Little A LOVES Ninja Turtles now too…and other gazillion things that make me say “like father like son” πŸ˜›



HisΒ “cowabunga”Β face! πŸ˜›


Plus points because this outfit came with a hat! It can get really cold during Halloween here on the east coast so keeping my kids warm is a must when picking an outfit or costume for them.




Matching Ninja Turtles outfits! Dressing up Little A is extra fun when we match with him! πŸ˜› Since a has a couple of Ninja Turtles shirts, I decided to borrow once instead of buying since I know it’s something I am not going to wear again! Lol


Little A’s first halloween is the first “kid holiday” that I celebrated so I wanted to make sure it will be special in some way. Since we did not go out toΒ trick or treat,Β I invited some friends over. This is great if you have friends with babies too! Chances are they probably won’t be going around so having a laidback Halloween gathering is a great option.


I LOVE handing out candy to kids in our neighborhood! Since we do not get a lot of kids, I am the house that says “take as much as you can” LOL!


Halloween themed desserts!

Eyeball cake pops, pumpkin whoopie pies, Jack O’ Lantern cookies, and palitaw.


Lumpiang Shanghai

A must when I invite my Filipino friends over. This is perfect if you label them as “fingers” at your halloween party πŸ˜›


Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella Pasta Salad

“Bowl of guts” πŸ˜›


Deviled Eggs


Chicken Pot Pie

With the right garnish or decoration, the biscuits can look like tombstones πŸ˜›


Little A may have not been able to enjoy candy that year but he got plenty of snuggles and kisses from everyone around him that day! Nothing sweeter than that for my baby’s first halloween πŸ™‚



This year, Little A told me who he wants to be for Halloween. As much as I would love to DIY every year, I think it gets challenging as he gets bigger because he is into so many things. He is also very specific about the things he likes so I am going to take a break from taking my chances, thank goodness I have baby C who can’t complain to anything I have planned…yet! πŸ˜›


I would love to hear about your Halloween plans this year! <3 Comment below if you would like to share πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Baby’s First Halloween

  1. Aww, so adorable! I miss the days when I used to give out candy to little ones like that! This is going to be my first Halloween at College, my friend and I are going to dress up as little old ladies and pinch peoples cheeks and pass out hard candy. But trick or treating sounds like a lot more fun! πŸ˜‰ I hope your kids have an awesome Halloween!

    1. I bet you guys looked awesome!! We don’t get a lot of traffic in our neighborhood, I really wish we do so I can hand out candies and not just leave them on my porch. lol

    1. Thank you!!! <3 It is a challenge but luckily my husband loves cooking more so I don't alwyas have to do it lol

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