Baltimore Food Halls: Cheap Eats + BIG CITY MOMS GIVEAWAY

Hello,dolls! Hello, Halloween week! <3 I can finally breathe easy now because Little A and Baby C are all set for Halloween! We went to our first Halloween event at Little A’s school and I spent an hour convincing him to put on his mask. I sometimes can’t keep up with my toddler, he wore his costume at home almost every day for two weeks and refused to take off his mask during mealtime. Then all of a sudden, last night at his school’s trunk or treat event, he would not wear his mask for the life of me! Thank goodness I was able to convince him after he saw another kid wearing a spiderman costume lol.

Anyway, cold weather season is officially here and I am slowly starting to feel like hibernating! I am not a big fan of freezing out with the kids, it’s not fun when my toddler starts sniffling the day after. But who am I kidding? I have a big trip to prepare for and holiday shopping to do! With two big things coming our way before we kiss 2019 goodbye, I thought of restaurants that we went to that did not cost me $25 per plate!

Most of my friends think A and I just eat at date-worthy restaurants and spend too much when we eat out. It is a fact that we love to eat out, we did it more when we were dating since we both worked hard and food was our number 1 expense. Now that we have two kids with a toddler in private school, we are more conscious about the things we spend on. I like to have “easy dinner nights” with A and our kids once in a while — easy menu, kid-friendly, and inexpensive.


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1. Cross Street Market

When A took me to Cross Street Market for the first time, I couldn’t believe that we had something like this in Baltimore. That was 7 years ago when I thought America was too cosmopolitan to have casual food halls with a majority of cheap Asian food.


When my Mom stayed to help me with Little A, I knew going to Cross Street Market would cheer her up. It was her first time to be away from my Dad and saying she was homesick was an understatement.


Bruce Lee Wings, Mandwamin Fried Chicken, and Baltimore Best Barbecue

Don’t be fooled by the names of these stalls because they are all owned by Asians lol! Bruce Lee Wings was my go-to whenever I’m at Cross Street Market! The perfectly fried chicken coated in the sweet tangy sauce makes me wish they did not restructure this food hall because all these vendors left. It is such a shame because whenever I think about Cross Street Market, I think of Bruce Lee Wings!



2. Belvedere Square

One of my favorite food halls by default is Belvedere Square since it is close to where I live. A and I used to go there A LOT when Tooloulou was still in business.


The only ramen place in Towson is EJJI Ramen. Although their menu has a Malaysian touch to it, it’s the only place that can make you say I am at a ramen shop, and not a Japanese restaurant with a big sushi menu.



It’s such a shame Tooloulou closed because it was our favorite in Belvedere Square. We took Little A there a lot when he started eating solids.

Some of our favorites are still there though like Ejji, Atwater’s, Mason’s Lobster Rolls, and Prigel Creamery!


3. JHU Campus

Peko Peko

I LOVE Peko Peko Ramen!!  (click the link to read my special post about it!). Ramen bowls range between $10-$15 BUT they are so filling! Up to this point, I can only count the times I successfully ate an entire bowl of ramen — and mind you I have to be starving!


Now isn;;t this the perfect treat this season?

It has been a tradition for us to go to Insomnia Cookies after going to Peko Peko since they’re across from each other. These freshly baked cookies are so good even my family got hooked! My Dad would buy at least 3 dozens and take them back with him to Manila.

What’s awesome about Insomnia Cookies is their delivery service and the fact that they are open until 3AM! My brother would often get delivery after midnight when he was here! LOL


4. Parkville/Towson

Although Bel Loc is now history in Parkville (Starbucks occupies their space now) I think it’s just right to feature them here to remember since it was a part of my foodie life here in Baltimore.



“Diner food does not have to suck” — this is what A and I always say. Although Bel Loc diner’s menu was not ginormous like other diners now, their food was really hearty and they had great pancakes! Such a shame they closed.


R&R Taqueria

You know you are in a great neighborhood when you have a great Mexican restaurant nearby. R&R is so good they got featured on Food Network showing America that Baltimore has great Mexican food too!


Needless to say, we know how to fiesta! 😛


A loves it there because they have lengua (beef tongue). I go gaga over the apps — chips, guac, and salsa all day! Don’t even get me started with the pupusas.


Gino’s Burger

We may not have In-N-Out but we have Gino’s in Towson! Little A loves a burger and a milkshake so I’ve been all about burger joints lately. I love how they have delicious salads, fish entrees, and mouthwatering milkshakes! YUM


5. Mt. Vernon Marketplace

If you are ever in the city and you want to spend the day away from the crowd at the Inner Harbor, go to Mt. Vernon! Aside from the interesting row houses, museums in the neighborhood, and monuments around the area, there is Mt. Vernon Marketplace! I love how diverse the vendors are, you can pretty much get any type of cuisine in one place!


Gumbo from Local Oyster and Duck ramen from Mi & Yu.

Both were topnotch! Although we do not go here a lot, I can still say it is one of my favorite places in the city. Parking is challenging so we try to save our trips here after going to church.


The best way to end a sumptuous meal at Mt. Vernon Marketplace — crepes!


Bonus: Andy Nelson’s

One of the most famous restaurants in the Timonium/Hunt Valley area is Andy Nelson’s. Known for their perfectly smoked meat, this place is a must-visit when in Baltimore.

Whenever people ask me where they can get the best ribs without any doubt, I say Andy Nelson’s!



Meet my two favorite dates! 😛 



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