Hello dolls, Hello New York City!! <3 So the kids and I are currently in New York for the Big City Moms event. I usually stick to our work/school week routine but since this one is very special to me, so I decided to treat myself to a “midweek trip”. This is totally giving me all the weekend vibes that I need!

I can’t believe November is finally here! Less than 60 days until we kiss 2019 goodbye. For all the hiccups I had to face this year, I still consider this year as one of the best ones because of baby C. I went through a lot of downs during the last quarter of the year but seeing my husband and children happy makes me feel blessed no matter what life throws my way.

November is the season of realizations and gratefulness for most of us. I look at this month with an open heart — ready to take on new opportunities for the coming year. I reevaluate myself and think of ways to improve my relationships with other people, myself, and my craft. The past couple of months have not been easy for me, but November has been really really good so I feel like things are slowly turning around for me. What better way to keep the positive vibe flowing? Talk about Thanksgiving!



Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so is my birthday! Holidays are so much fun when you are a parent. The look on Little A’s face when we explain to him what’s going to happen especially after he realizes A and I are going to be home all day is priceless.


Hosting Thanksgiving could be overwhelming especially with two kids so A and I like to keep our celebration relaxing and simple. As much as I love the menu that we curate, I love spending an extra full day with Little A so that’s what I truly focus on.


A is the master of our kitchen. I know it sounds weird but since I am in the kitchen/restaurant all day for work, I try to stay away from ours at home! Lucky me, A loves cooking.

Little A was really excited about his Thanksgiving meal.


Lamb Chops with Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Lard, and Apple Gastrique

Most families skip lunch on Thanksgiving since everyone prepares for the heavy feast. Since it is also meant to be a relaxing day for A and me, we try to stick to our normal meal schedule. This way, no one will get up in the middle of the night to eat and most importantly, mess up Little A’s schedule. Being a Mom made me super conscious about things that might affect him.


Turkey day!


Boursin with Multigrain Crackers

Boursin is one of my favorite cheeses — I always get the garlic and chive flavor. The creamy texture is perfect for spreading on crackers.


Thanksgiving Menu: Turkey, meat stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted asparagus, pumpkin pie, creme brulee

We usually do not have anyone on Thanksgiving. My family comes from Manila around Christmas time so I am okay celebrating quietly. Even if there’s only three of us, I still look forward to a bountiful Thanksgiving table so we make sure we have all the basics (and a little more each year!).

This year is going to be exciting since this will be the first time we are hosting Thanksgiving with family and friends.


I don’t really decorate for summer so I am always excited to bring my pumpkins out as soon as we welcome the season of fall.


What makes you excited about Thanksgiving? For me, it’s the extra full day I get to spend with my family.

 P.S. I call this our “picture table”. I updated our living/receiving area since then. Can’t wait to share my house updates here soon!


Our friends Matt and Kat are part of our holiday cheer every year. Part of my relaxing Thanksgiving is playing Catan with them. If you like strategic games like me, you will surely love this too.


Before Little A, holidays were all about work for me. After moving here to Baltimore to become an intern and spending my first holidays away from my family, I feel like a part of my spirit just shut off.

Being a Mom reignited that kid in me. I love reminiscing about my Christmas traditions growing up and introducing them to Little A. All the effort becomes worth it when I see the big smile on his face at the end of the day!


We have also started our own family traditions. One of which is to get our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend! I like to have our tree before December so I can start decorating and spread the jolly Christmas vibe throughout the house all winter.



Every year, I will be grateful for my Mom. Not only because she sacrificed a lot to help me with Little A when he was born, but also because of all the things she has gone through and still managed to be the best Mom and Lola (grandma) to all of us. She is an epitome of strength and positivity!



No amount of handbags or shoes can compare to the life A has given me and our kids. We get to experience things together happily and knowing we can sleep easy at night because our kids’ futures will be secured.


Every year, I think about the relationships in my life and through the course of time, I have decided to let go of some. It’s never easy to end a friendship, but I always remind myself that if a friendship is unhealthy, it’s okay for it to end. I had to go through that at the beginning of the year especially when I realized that an ex-friend of mine and her husband are just trying to compete with me and copy our lifestyle as a family.

I never talked about it publicly until today but it gets frustrating to know that someone out there is thinking negatively and spreading false information about my husband and I just to one-up us. Anyway, I realized that the best way to deal with this is to completely shut them out of our lives. Luckily, my friends also cut their ties with the couple due to their own reasons so this made it easier for me to just end it all and say “there is no competition because there is no connection between us”.

*Venting over 😛 Back to the joyful holiday programming!*


Little A’s turkey outfit!

Right now, the best relationship I have is the one I share with my family. Being able to give the best to my children is the best feeling ever! Especially when I see them smile like this 🙂

40 days left until we kiss 2019 goodbye. How are you going to spend the rest of the year to make things better for you next year?


  1. Creating your own holiday traditions is the best. You’re right, something about being a mom reignites the holidays and how special they are.

  2. No connection, no competition. I love that.
    The joy radiating in your family especially on your children faces is the best reward for a mother.
    Wishing you and your family all the best on Thanksgiving

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