Hello, dolls! Hello again, New York! When I said I look forward to our adventures every weekend two months ago, I really meant it. We’ve been on 4 road trips since then and now I am working on my giant packing list for our trip to the Philippines and Taiwan. I started preparing for Christmas too since I will only have a week to get everything ready after we come back from our trip. It’s going to be a hectic month but I look forward to wearing my superMom cape all month long! 😛

If there is anything I learned about being a Mom in the past three years, it is the fact that no amount of lists can prepare me for the adventitious days Motherhood will bring my way.  Perfect example? A and I planned this weekend trip to New York more than a month ago but my toddler, Little A came home with another round of germs from school on Friday so the four of us are currently sniffing and coughing like we are some cracked up boy band. Luckily, I have a list of great baby products I use whenever the kids are sick. Thanks to Big City Moms for connecting Moms like me (who are still learning) to great brands that can help make things easier.



I feel fortunate to be able to bring home this many freebies for the second time this year.

I had an amazing time at the event, of course! Here are some of the brands I met. If you plan to attend someday, here’s what you can expect to see at the event. 

Most products are highlighted below and linked to Amazon for your shopping convenience!


The first booth that welcomed everyone at the event was Love Love. I love to snack all day, so I am all about healthy munchies I can keep in my drawer. Plus points if I can share it with my toddler Little A! 🙂


Love Love’s energy bites are so addicting even Little A couldn’t help himself. Angelika, the great mind behind Love Love was so nice to let him sample a couple of pieces.



My simple joys! Don’t you just hate it when you go to an event and there are no refreshments? Like you have to depend on the vending machine across the hall. Not at Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Ever! They have multiple drink stations at the venue, making it so convenient for guests.


I love that they have lids for the cups now. I was able to hold on to my cup for a while and not worry about it spilling! I also thought that it was a great way to minimize waste.


Trust me when I say, attend Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower Ever because there will be FREE DIAPERS AND WIPES! 


Huggies made all of the guests happy by giving away free diapers and wipes! I’ve been changing nappies for more than three years now and I know it will be a while until I can kiss this task goodbye. Diapers and wipes are in my DNA now, so getting them for free is pure elation for me! 😛


Big City Moms spoils everyone with yummy treats throughout the event.


We left Baltimore right after Little A got out of school at noon. We all ate in the car, checked in the hotel, got ready real quick then went straight to the event. Cupcakes for energy? Why not!



Enfamil was there with different products for everyone. I was very excited to take home a full-sized bottle of di-vi-sol! My Pedia recommended this for baby C so it was really cool to bring home a bottle with us.

 Cord banking is such a promising program now. In my ideal world, I would have done this for Little A and Baby C through one of the many brands at the event like StemCyte.

Tot Squad is a new brand with unique services. Don’t know where to start when it comes to deep cleaning your baby gear? Call Tot Squad! I cleaned Little A’s car seat a couple of months ago and it was horrific!! The crumbs in tight spaces and God-knows-what stains on his chair almost made me gag. It was time-consuming and a lot of work. If you want to get your professionally done, Tot Squad is the answer.

Baby C started eating soft food recently. She is a good eater (thank God) so I am always looking forward to feeding her. I am all about healthy food so seeing a couple of brands like Lil’ Gourmet who promotes natural ingredients on their baby food is inspiring.


I am currently using Dove for the kids so I was very excited to see them at the event! Even more when I saw them giving away personalized bottles. I lost my Mom for a while and found her typing Little A’s name on the big screen lol.


Nursh/Boon was there with so many products that I haven’t seen before. Baby C has a nursh bottle that we got from a free baby box and I LOVE the boon drying rack. .



I recently bought their traveling drying because of all the trips we have planned. I love it because it came with some bottle and nipple brushes so I do not have to worry about packing what I have at home! It’s so convenient to have a drying rack when we are away from home

Get the travel drying rack for a discounted price here.

Happy Family Organics was there to showcase their healthy snacks. I’ve tried most of their products when Little A was younger. The puffs are so easy to bring along with us everywhere because of the sleek bottle.



MAM s a European brand that has interesting baby bottles. I currently have two Mam bottles and the way it disassembles is pretty awesome. Baby C loves their pacifier too!


I did not know Mam has toothbrushes too. I like the safety shield to help prevent the toothbrush from hitting the back of your little one’s mouth.


There are a lot of great baby carriers out there and one of them is Tula. I honestly do not babywear because of my back but A does! 😛 Especially when we travel to the Philippines.



I was excited to see Babo Botanicals again because of April, the brand’s sales manager. Her friendliness made me really curious about the brand so I bought their sunscreen a couple of months ago at Target.

Get the sunscreen here for 40% off!


When my pediatrician told me I can give baby C cereal with ironI went to Target and bought Earth’s Best multigrain cereal. I felt like it was the best brand I could give baby C.


Giggle is a fun brand that sells baby items. From clothes to fun books. I checked some of their rompers and man were they soft!


KinderCare is a fun learning center in New York. If we were locals, I would definitely send Little A there.


They had an activity table set up for kids which Little A loved.


And a calligrapher on site! I had the kid’s names done. What a souvenir!

Chicco and all of its durable baby products. They don’t just have baby gear, they have small baby essentials too!


I wish I knew about Green Toys sooner. Any brand that puts the environment first will always be on top of my list.


Little A loved playing with their toys especially since Green Toys’ table was filled with vehicles, and his all-time favorite, fire trucks!


This is such a perfect Christmas present for kids! In fact, I just found out some items are discounted up to 50% off now.

Click the links below to see and get the best deal!

Vehicle Carrier Set.

Rescue Boat with Helicopter.


Spoonful One is now part of my baby must-haves. Spoonful One reduces the risk of your little one developing any food allergy. Introducing them to ingredients that might cause it is safe and effective so there is nothing to worry about, not to mention the nutritional values of doing so.

My favorite is the puffs because I can give it as a snack to my baby (my toddler loves it too!) Want to try it too? Here’s a great deal for you! 🙂

Water Wipes  is a great brand for kids who have sensitive skin like my kids. Don’t want to worry about your little one having a reaction after cleaning him up? Water wipes will give you that peace of mind.


Parents Magazine gave away Janie and Jack coupons!! I freaked out because people close to me know Janie and Jack is my go-to store for the kid’s wardrobe <3


I may not be from New York but I love it when a brand still accommodates me. All thanks to Island Lab for being so friendly!



Tiny Organics gave away samples of their flavorful baby food.


Hue-ga is owned by an inspiring husband and wife who wants to give their toddler the best. Hug-ga is a subscription program for best snacks with no added sugar, how awesome is that? I have to say, I am afraid of sugar and how it can affect my toddler’s health. I do not deprive him of everything but I do keep his sugar intake in moderation. This is a helpful service to all parents who are always looking for the best healthy snacks for their toddlers.



They also add a food-related gift to every box. What a treat!


The Evolved Parent Co has the coolest baby items Moms would love! I use baby balm religiously to prevent diaper rash. I HATE how much cream I have to wipe off my finger. This diaper balm applicator is going to be my new best friend during nappy changes!

Mommy Matters for postpartum goodies; UniMom has great breast pumps; Hello for oral care; and Similac for baby formula.



Pipette is a brand from California that specializes in anything for your baby’s skin. They ban 2000 harmful ingredients on their products so there is no doubt your little one will be safe when using Pipette.



Pipette had the most beautiful set up at the event!


I love buying things that we can utilize for a very long time. When I saw Doona’s bike, I knew it was something I would love to buy for Little A…..if only his Lola did not gift us  a different brand for his birthday!


Little A refused to leave the event because he wanted to take this Doony bike home. He even woke up the day after and asked me where his yellow bike is! LOL

Two of my most used brands for baby/toddler feeding! EZPZ and Re-Play. I use both every day and I honestly can’t complain 😛


I was happy to see more brands promoting breast pumps! I exclusively pump for baby C so this one is close to my heart 😛


Let me tell you how Byram Healthcare saved my life that night, especially the gentleman who unhesitatingly helped me after uttering the words “I forgot”.

I was such in a rush all day since we had to drive from Baltimore. It took us less than three hours to get to Jersey City which was great. I had about an hour before the event to check in our hotel and get everyone ready. Unfortunately, in the midst of chaos, I forgot to grab my cooler bag with my pump supplies in it! I successfully brought my pumping unit to the event so during the first hour I was hoping there would be a brand that has breast pump supplies.

 God is good because Byram Healthcare was there. I walked up to them to do my initial interview about the brand and then uttered the words “I forgot my pump accessories”. It is unfortunate that I forgot the name of the gentleman who helped me but he did not even make me say more, he just asked me what pump I use and gave me everything I needed!

Not only was I relieved! I am so grateful because I was able to pump and feed baby C. If wondering, I would be okay nursing baby C too if I did not find anyone who has extra pump supplies at the event but since it has been a while since Baby C latched on me, I did not want to risk forcing her and spoiling our night in New York City!


When they said Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower is a Mom’s event, they meant it! Byram Healthcare sponsored the nursing/pumping lounge and I love how convenient it is to do so and feel comfortable!





Worried about getting hungry while at the event? Big City Moms has a caterer at the event! I was planning to leave a little early to go to a restaurant with the kids but I did not have to because Big City Moms made it so convenient by having food on site.


Then towards the end of the event, Huggies gave away free big boxes of baby wipes!! it’s as if Beyonce showed up because everyone started frolicking where the kids and I were standing. Everyone got excited but what I wasn’t prepared for was the pushing from these women! I almost wanted to post on Facebook “Marked Safe from the Big City Moms event” LOL!


Our trip to New York was nothing short of amazing. I couldn’t have enjoyed myself as much without my Mom who helped me with the kids so I can go around.


Some women came up to me and said: “you have a baby in your arms, a giant camera, your phone, and toddler, How do you do it?”.  It may have seemed I was doing it all but my Mom was there to save me every time I needed her.


Little A ad his superhero pose. LOL!


Now, let’s move on to the best part. How many freebies can you actually take home from the event? I couldn’t even begin to tell you how happy I was while unpacking everything the day after.

Here are stuff I got while going around at the event.


Two cases of Huggies diapers — the best part of my loot IMO because I go through wipes like crazy every month!


Earth’s Best gave Little A a full box of breakfast biscuits (which he loves now because I make him eat in the car while on his way to school — he likes to have a snack immediately after eating his breakfast lol).

They also gave me a box of baby cereal after mentioning to them I bought one for baby C as soon as her pediatrician told me she can eat cereal with iron.


StemCyte has the best giveaway bag! I wish the pact onesie is Baby C’s size because they are the best onesies!


More wipes on top of the two cases I brought home.


Personalized baby dove body wash.


Treats from different brands! I am loving the mints from Byram Healthcare because they fit my small purse 😛


Hue-ga had amazing food samples for babies and toddlers. We gave baby C the apple and cinnamon sauce last week and she devoured it!

You know you are a Mom when free baby vitamins and diapers make you happy! 😛

Parents Magazine had a box full of Gryph and Ivy samples! They gave me a handful which is awesome because I love to bring these small packs when we travel. I also got a baby bottom buddy (balm applicator) from The Evolved Parent Co.

Treats from Happ Organics, Litl Gourmets, and Thinster! Re-play also gave away feeding bowls and spoons after signing up.

More sample products at the venue!! Every table had stuff to give away so make sure to stop by and learn about their product when you go 😉

I also received a PR kit from Big City Moms! I was in awe of the products in the giant bag I brought home.


My husband A was very excited about our new roku stick!! What a cool gift from Big City Moms!


This is the cutest toy from Fisher-Price ever!! I gave it to Baby C right away after taking this picture because I knew she would love it! And she does.

Motherhood is closing its stores nationwide which is unfortunate. I am planning to use my gift card to stock up on nursing tops.

Hue-ga and EzPz spoiled me with more feeding items!! So perfect now that Baby C started eating.

The Harry Potter lover in me was so happy to get this surprise toy! I let Little A open it and we got Dobby 😛

More SpoonfulOne treats for my babies!! <3 I gave them a pack last night and they were so happy to have it as their “treat”!

Nasal Spray and Immunity Booster!! Just in time for flu season, especially now that Little A has been bringing home lots of germs from school lol

I know the box said “take one” but I swear the people from gave me more Janie and Jack coupons when I told them I love the brand so much and I shop there every week! lol


A well-stocked baby room makes Mommy happy 😛


Six months ago I went to Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower Ever with Baby C in my belly. I had the best time and I came back to Baltimore with a smile from ear to ear.


This time, I came back with two kids in my arms (well one of them doing a superhero pose) and I still had a great time! This event is not only for expecting Moms but also for parents who are always looking for the best brands/products to give their children <3

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Big City Moms. However, my opinion about the event and brands are all genuine. 


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