Baltimore Eats: Afternoon High Tea at Lord Baltimore Hotel

Hello, dolls! Hello, December! I am baaaack! Our trip to Manila was nothing short of amazing. A lot of people were worried about A and I getting too exhausted because of Little A and Baby C. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad because we booked one of the best flights that can accommodate our family during this long journey to and from Baltimore.

So I took a break for two weeks and it was glorious. It wasn’t the kind of vacation that I was just excited to leave work behind but also a mental break from all the clutter in my head. It was the retreat that I needed and it was great to step back to see a clearer view of what I want to happen in 2020.

We went on a trip pretty much right after my birthday so I took it as the best birthday gift this year lol. I used to make a big deal about my birthday and plan so much. Now, I am all about relaxing and spending quality time with the people I love. I still love getting presents from my husband here and there but nothing can beat the joy I feel knowing I put more effort in securing my children’s futures and our family’s stability more than anything else.




I woke up to the sweetest smile from my Little A. I started my day with the feeling of gratitude, thankful for embracing a new journey in my life as a Mom. Gratitude overpowers my birthday, ironically enough since it’s right around Thanksgiving.


One of the things I appreciate in life is when a friend makes an effort to get to know you in a deeper way. I do not have a lot of those here in Baltimore which makes me miss my girlfriends in Manila. One of the few girls that actually know me is Kat. For my birthday, she arranged a lovely brunch that was so perfect I could not believe we were celebrating ME!


A and I are tea lovers. One of my favorites dates with him is spent with a teapot and tier of pastries. In fact, my Mom and sister even threw me a tea party for my bridal shower!

We were served champagne as soon as we sat down. I felt so special!


It took me 15 months to have my first sip of alcohol and of course I had to make it worth it so champagne it is lol! I decided to be on the safe side by not drinking any alcoholic beverage during my pregnancy and the first 6 months of my breastfeeding journey with Little A.


Chef Mary made us feel like we were in London with her high tea menu.



I got extra excited when I saw the tea box full of Harney & Sons tea bags. I fell in love with the brand when we went to their store in New York. It is one of the best brands of tea A and I have tasted! The quality is so good and the flavors are spot on.


Paris is one of my favorite blends. Not just because of the name, but also the tasteful medley of; fruity black tea, vanilla, caramel, and a hint of lemon.


I almost cried when I saw this. High tea at its finest!





Every item made my mouth water. They were all delicately made that I almost did not want to eat them!!


Lord Baltimore Hotel’s High Tea is a must-do when in Baltimore! The hotel itself is an institution in Maryland so just being there gave me this strong positive vibe.


Chef Mary’s surprise!! Christmas themed chocolate. YUM!


Family <3

Been celebrating every birthday and holiday with them! Moving to another country at the age of 21 with no family was hard. It took me a while to have a genuine friendship that later turned into a familial one. I will always be grateful to Kat who makes time to see me, the kids, and now my Mom who with god’s grace is with me now.


Since my birthday is around the holidays there are so many exciting events going on every week! One of my favorites is the Christmas Village in Baltimore City!


I love how it made us all feel like we were in Germany or somewhere in Europe. The cute brown stalls, European inspired handmade products, and the Austrian strudels — my favorite to buy! They are so good when hot!




I ended my birthday with lots of cuddles and reading time with Little A! <3

Merry Christmas!!! <3 


R <3

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    1. It was!! I wish people in Baltimore recognized it more because it is very worth it.

  1. I just love your posts. The pictures are always so beautiful. Also… we Love the Little Prince at my house. It’s such a good story. If you haven’t had a chance to see the movie, I highly recommend it. It’s on Netflix and it’s so good. We will watch it as a family just to relax to. It’s one of the few movies that’s better than the book because it goes so much more in depth.

    1. Aww!! Thank you thank you so much!!!!! <3 I have not seen that movie yet and I am definitely going to with my little boy! <3

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