Baltimore Eats: Valentine’s Date with Baby

Hello, dolls!! Hello, February! <3 Oh January, what have you done? The past month was definitely challenging, but I survived! Challenges are good because they help us grow so I can’t say January was that horrible for me. In terms of all the happenings in different parts of the world that broke our hearts, I can only wish that the people affected will find the healing that they need.

One of the best ways to stay positive is to focus on the love that surrounds my life. There’s so much clutter in my head but whenever I realize all the opportunities I have in front of me, I get this sense of relief and gratification with where I am now. The possibilities are endless because I have all the inspiration and support that I need.



I never looked forward to Valentine’s like my entire February depended on it. I loved the idea of going out with A and dressing up but it felt like it was no different from our date nights.


When we welcomed Little A into our lives, every special occasion had a different meaning. I want him to look forward to family time the way I did when growing up so I make sure we have something fun planned for all of us.



A and I used to go to the city every week for our date nights. That changed after having little A for no specific reason other than embracing the calmness in the suburbs.

1. Sammy’s Trattoria


I still have a list of restaurants I would love to go to in the city though. Some of them just for A and I, most for us to go to with the kids. Oh, how my lists have evolved!

I would pass by Sammy’s Trattoria on my way home from work when I was still working in Mt. Vernon. It was always packed for dinner especially during show nights at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at Meyerhoff.


Warm bread to start our meal? Yes, please!


A’s choice of drink that night. Sammy’s Trattoria has a wide array of alcoholic beverages — from European wines to local beer.

Some of the dishes we ordered.

Seared Scallops with Mushroom Risotto and Chicken Pesto.


Why is Sammy’s Trattoria kid-approved? 

Aside from the delicious food, Sammy’s Trattoria has two floors so if you are lucky and there is no private event, you can snag a table upstairs and have a peaceful evening.

2. Towson Tavern

Towson Tavern is a great choice if your family is a foodie like us. The menu is impressive as it stays seasonal and full of exciting dishes that you will talk about for days.


Why is Towson Tavern kid-approved?

If you go before the wee hours of happy hour, the ambiance is actually pretty intimate. The leather booths and rustic wooden tables has this intimate but casual vibe to it so you wouldn’t feel intimidated in case your little one makes a fuss.

Towson Tavern is an excellent choice when in Baltimore County!

3. CuVino


Burrata is LIFE!

CuVino might seem like it’s not kid-friendly because of all the wine bottles displayed all around the restaurant, but trust me when I say there were at least 5 tables with babies when we went there for dinner on a busy night.


Why is CuVino kid-approved?

People don’t just go to CuVino because of the authentic Italian food. The great service and accommodating staff makes it easy for parents to enjoy their meal (and maybe a glass of wine too!).

4. Yamato Sushi


Seafood Yakisoba

If you want delicious Asian food in a very laidback setting, Yamato Sushi in Timonium is the perfect spot. The menu is straight to the point and it’s as if you can’t go wrong with anything especially their sushi.


Yamato’s sushi is always fresh and delicately made. Need an upgrade from your typical “let’s order in tonight” dinner? This is definitely waaay better!


Plus points because you can actually end your Valentine’s date with a delicious dessert like this mango sticky rice.


Why is Yamato sushi kid-approved?

It’s easy, won’t break the bank, and your little one will appreciate having a homey setting. Did I mention the food is delicious?

5. Birroteca

Birroteca is one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore….like ever! I love their food so much we celebrated a lot of special moments there like Little A’s 40th-day blessing, birthdays, or milestones.

Why is it kid-approved?

From pizza to housemade pasta, there are plenty of choices for everyone. The dining room is divided into different sections so you can opt for a more peaceful table to accommodate you and your little one.



My A boys <3

Having A and Little A to spend Valentine’s with is the best present of all. I guess I could say this until Little A is old enough to ask someone on a date lol.



I also love spending time with family during Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great time to show my appreciation to the people that matter to me.



Here’s to a successful Valentine’s Date this year! <3


R <3

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