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Hello, dolls!! Hello, leap day! <3 How are you planning to make this extra day meaningful? I feel extra inspired because leap day is going to fall on a Saturday — my favorite day of the week because I get to wake up and know I do not have to think about work at all! I look forward to spending time with the kids and I plan to go on an adventure with them. Little A is growing up to be really appreciative of everything that we do with him and for him, it is truly rewarding to put my kid’s happiness first!

Before A and I got caught up in parenthood, planning our weekly adventures was easy. We just wanted to eat good food. We could go anywhere and not think about highchairs or if we can bring our stroller in, or if they have anything on the menu that is friendly enough for Little A, most importantly if we can have a peaceful meal.



9 months of being a family of four and I am happy to say, we have finally come up with a routine that makes it easy for us to be productive during the week so we can relax and go on adventures on weekends. Of course, things happen as life with kids is unpredictable but I can honestly say I am content with how our daily lives are progressing.


Back when we were new at being parents, one of the things A and I learned is to continue doing the things that we love as a couple and include Little A if we can. When I found out Emporiyum was hosting another event in Baltimore, I knew it would be great treat if A and I can attend with our little man.

Out of the 60+ vendors, here are some of my favorites.


When I saw the list of vendors and found out Al Volo is going to be there, I knew I had to go. Al Volo is one of my favorite restaurants in Union Market and it doesn’t matter if I already had another meal, I have to have it whenever I go to Union Market. DSC_0375-2A


A perfect bowl of goodness. I always get Al Volo’s lamb ragu because it is the best! I remember getting this for the first time, I must have asked A to take me to Union Market every weekend! lol


Laoban Dumplings

One of the reasons why I love going to Emporiyum is to discover local brands that I’ve never heard of before. A and I always get excited when we see Asian vendors because when we started dating 8 years ago, there were hardly any good Asian restaurants close to us.


We tried Laoban’s Xinjiang Lamb and Bok Choy Shiitake and they were both so good. We became fans of Laoban dumplings instantly!


Ekiben is one of our favorite casual grubs here in Baltimore. I’ve been to their restaurant with A and I knew instantly that it’s a place I could recommend to everyone because of the delicious food they serve.


Ekiben’s most popular dish is the Thai Chicken Meatballs Braised in Peppercorn Sauce. #YUM

Did you say brisket? A loves a good brisket and Nieland’s did not disappoint.


Housemade Italian Sausage

Most of the vendors sell their food in smaller portions so trying everything that appealed to me was not too challenging.


My favorite part — desserts!


Can’t go to New York City? Emporiyum hosts some vendors from New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC! Imagine seeing the brands you follow on social media in one spot. How awesome is that?


The dessert that stood out the most that day, dipped churros from Sweet Churros.


I picked matcha green tea covered churros, of course!


Our first Emporiyum as a family was a success!

The venue in Baltimore is stroller friendly so it wasn’t too challenging for us to go around and enjoy our food trip.


Twinning with my little man!

It’s always an adventure with my little boy. Including Little A in some of the things that we love made our weekends so much better and stress-free as parents.



I love dressing up Little A. Burgundy pants are my favorite and I make sure he has a pair in his closet every year! I always find the best ones from Gap or H&M.


How do you spend your weekends? <3


R <3

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