Hello, dolls! Hello, warriors!! Challenging, hard, and unbelievable — these are some words that come to mind when I think of our current situation now. Who would have thought we will be going through a pandemic like this? Something that could affect everyone in the world so rapidly. I am not here to repeat everything that we’ve been seeing on the news about COVID-19, but merely reminding everyone that we as humans will always be stronger if we just do things right — don’t panic!

Having two lovely kids that I would do anything for, you might think my anxiety level is through the roof. In some ways, I am concerned about facing our temporary reality. If it was just me trying to adjust to this lifestyle, I would be okay — but I have kids, and they don’t understand any of this. My toddler does not understand why we don’t go out on weekends to go about our leisurely activities. When we do go out, only to buy what we need for the week, I am extra careful with everything he touches — and he can’t understand why I have this look of horror whenever he does it.

I had to alter our routine especially since Little A is out of school (which means I have to be his teacher for a while — but this story is for a later time 😛 ). Every day is a different story and just like everyone else, I can only hope we can get out of this dark hole soon. We are all trying to combat this virus in our own ways, and for that, we are all warriors.


Whether it’s a snowstorm or a virus that could kill thousands, as humans we all have one goal — to be safe and healthy. I am no expert when it comes to emergencies but as a Mom, I can say I have a good grasp of how I can keep us safe and healthy in times like this. It doesn’t involve panicking or hoarding like everyone else.


1. Stay Informed

Being updated with current affairs is very easy nowadays since there are so many outlets you can rely on. Before doing anything drastic, I like to listen to our local news and talk to credible people I know like friends or family (especially those who are in the medical industry). Staying informed helps me decide about my next move. Should I take big steps now and buy everything in bulk or do I have time to do little things and slowly alter our temporary life for the next couple of days/weeks? I have a lot of questions whenever I know things are not going to be okay, but dissecting every information I have leads me to the right decision for my family.


2. Be Mentally Prepared

I tend to overthink situations especially when it worries me. Before I make a decision, I like to clear my head and remind myself to stay calm. Taking care of my family is my priority and I know entertaining unnecessary thoughts will only lead to poor judgment.


3. Don’t Panic! Don’t Hoard!

Some people think I don’t take huge scenarios like this seriously, but truthfully, I just prefer to stay calm and do things accordingly. Do we really need 3 cases of bottled water and 5 giant packs of toilet paper? What do we really need now? Don’t overreact, be proactive.

I prefer not to hoard when things like this happen especially when I can still go out for a quick 15-minute grocery run – this will change of course when certain laws get implemented but until then, I stay calm! I don’t take more than what my family needs, because I know another family will need it too. 

Consider storage, shelf life, and usage before buying anything in bulk. Do you have enough freezer space for all the meat in your cart? When do the cans of soup expire? What will you do with the rest of the food in your pantry once everything goes back to normal, are they something you’ll eat again?


4. Make It A Habit To Stock Up

There are things that I stock up on throughout the year. Now, before you think I grab 5 bottles of alcohol at a time, I basically buy when there’s a deal for something I know we often use. I love deals — Target’s yellow sticker gives me joy lol! Ironically enough these are items that run out first whenever there’s an emergency. I like having enough sanitizer, hand soaps, and Clorox Wipes. I do not have a shelf full but I have enough to last us for months.

When Maryland announced the first case of coronavirus in the state, a lot of people started panicking and hoarded a lot of food, cleaning, and disinfecting supplies. I felt a sense of relief knowing that I already have all those at home and that my family will be okay for the next coming months.


5.  Don’t Forget The Kids

If there is anything I can truly say I hoard, that would be necessities for Little A and Baby C. Number 4 (stocking up) is my favorite method when it comes to diapers, wipes, and toiletries so those are things that I also do not worry about during lockdown or weather-related emergencies. For Little A, I stock up on snacks — different kinds! My toddler asks for a snack every 10 minutes (I kid you not!) so I have to make sure I have enough for him.

Check your supplies especially formula and baby food when something like this happens. Unfortunately, people tend to hoard these items recklessly without thinking some parents will end up with none for their babies.


6. Prepare Yourself To Take On New Roles

When Little A’s school sent an email about his school closing, I knew A and I will be his teachers for the next two (or so) weeks. Aside from being his Mom, Chef, dishwasher, baby sitter, cleaning lady, best friend, I also have to be his teacher.

As happy I am to spend lots of time with Little A, I also know it would be challenging to keep him focused and excited to do his homework. To help me make things fun for both of us, I ordered some learning supplies and bought him extra art supplies. There are also a lot of free printable activities online (Pinterest is my go-to!). Can I just say I have a whole new level of respect for parents who homeschool their kids especially teachers!!


7. Busy Baby

Being home with the kids all day without thinking about work is something I yearn for. As excited I am to be a full-time Mom to them for a while, I also know I need to plan activities for Little A so I can stay sane. Between the million questions that tickle his curiosity and the level of energy that makes it seem like he is ready to run a marathon, I know have to keep him busy.

There are a couple of challenges when it comes to keeping him occupied. First, his attention span and distraction from gadgets. Little A is turning four in less than three months and I am proud to say his screentime is still monitored and he knows he can’t watch anything during mealtime. As easy it is to just give him the tablet during confinement, I know it is only going to relieve me from actually attending to him for a short period of time and the result is not going to help us in the future if we allow him to do it excessively — case in point, I want his screen time to be educational.

Second would be the limitation of going out. Believe it or not, with the number of toys Little A has, he still gets into this “what can I do next” moments. One thing I noticed that would keep him interested when he gets bored from playing with legos/cars/robots are puzzles, coloring activities, and reading books. I also love to keep him involved when A and I are in the kitchen and he loves it too! Funnily enough, doing chores is a great bonding activity too.



8. Family, Friends, and Financial.

I believe that God will never put us in a situation we could not handle. Although going through something unfathomable is hard, there are so many things we can learn from the situation we can take with us once the weather gets better/pandemic is over.

Instead of focusing on the negative side of the situation, appreciate the time that you have with your family especially if everyone is safe and healthy. One thing I also like to do is to reach out to friends, relatives, and neighbors and let them know that A and I are here in case they need anything. We are fortunate to have the resources we have now to connect to everyone that we care about wherever they might be.

Calamities could be very hard for some employees since it also means there will be no work. I may not have the right solution to appease your worry about paying your bills but I know big corporations are willing to help. Try to call your bank and see what they can do with your monthly payments. Utility companies are also willing to make some changes especially if they know a lot of people are found to be in a very hectic position. There are ways to lighten the burden on your part, but never forget to put your focus on your family’s safety and health — always.


9. Vitamins

In case you are like me who tend to forget about what I really came to Target for, here’s a reminder for you 😛

I can’t tell you how many times I looked at the kid’s medicine cabinet and told myself “we will run out by the end of the week, I need to get another bottle”. Then I walk into Target and get distracted by Bull’s Eye corner, then grocery, and of course baby and home departments. I come home and I have no vitamins with me. *palm on my face*.


Luckily, I discovered a product I can order online! Even more perfect because it is also available on Amazon. This is Little A’s first school year, and as much as I love everything about him going to school, I hate the fact that this is also the year that his immune system is getting used to a different environment. I lost count on how many times he got sick and it really bothers me when he has to miss school. Thank goodness for Little DaVinci because I have something that addresses his immune, digestion, and inflammation support.


The ultimate best part? Little DaVinci’s ready-to-eat multivitamin powder. I can simply add it to his juice and he doesn’t even know it’s there. Lol

These products can be purchased on their website.


What are some fun things that you do with your kids during confinement? Share below! <3


R <3

Disclaimer: I received products from Little DaVinci in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. Great post and encouraging words! I like that you were stocked up prior to the crisis. I was also already prepared with many of the items that are hard to find now. Although we can’t prepare for every possible situation, it was relieving to know that I already had things my family needed on hand.

    1. Exactly!! Knowing I do not have to run to the grocery several times a week and risk my family’s health gives me comfort <3

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