Hello, dolls!! Hello, Easter weekend! Psalm 9:9-10 The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. One of the many things that gives me hope in the midst of this crisis is the assurance that God is with me through all this. A few years back I read this passage that said “God does not give us problems we cannot handle” and one of my favorites of all “challenges are blessings in disguise”. When I took to heart what those meant, it gave me a sense of relief knowing that I have God with me who is much stronger than any problem that would come my way.



Little A gave a different meaning to occasions. Over the years we have little traditions for every special moment and one of my favorites is Easter. Sadly, this year is different because of coronavirus. To summarize what we are missing this year, we go to the Maryland Zoo, go Easter egg hunting, hear mass, and go to brunch (our favorites are Cunningham’s and Johnny’s in Roland Park). We may not be able to do all of that this year but I am still determined to make it special for all of us.



As much as I would love to be always prepared, there are times when I get swamped with so many things resulting in me following through with my plans. Every year I have an idea of what to put in Little A’s Easter basket, and every year I also say I’ll go to the store and get everything in one trip. 

That doesn’t always happen so I end up ordering some things online and have learned to buy a thing or two during my shopping trips in case I fall into one of my busy traps again.


Here are some of my favorite Easter basket treats for babies that are easy to find in stores or online.

I like to stay practical when it comes to occasional presents like Easter baskets. I do not want to overdo it that Little A will start thinking Easter is just all about it.

Baby Puffs – My kids love this! They come in sleek bottles so they don’t take up too much space in my diaper bag. They come in different flavors and each is packed with nutrients.

Baby Cereal – I am all about healthy treats. I like to keep a balance of good treats like this one and some fun treats like (see #3)

3. Animal Crackers — I am pretty stern about my kids eating chocolates especially when they are under 2 years old so we are skipping that in this basket. I am adding it to my toddler’s basket though since he is almost 4 now! 😉


Little A received 4 easter baskets on his first Easter (lucky boy!). Here are some of the useful and amusing Easter basket trinkets he got.

Toddler Bath Towel – It’s never too early to think about summer! Our cousins sent Little A a swimsuit set and hooded bath towel. It is such a perfect gift because he can use the towel daily too.

5. A Cute Outfit – an outfit is always a great present.

6. Dear Zoo  – the best Easter basket treat of all is a book! My favorite is Dear Zoo and my kids love it too. It is such a perfect book for my baby’s Easter basket! It may not be about bunnies but the animals and flap pages make it a year-round favorite.


A cute Easter greeting card makes a perfect Easter basket.


Pro tip: Truthfully, your baby will not care what you put in the basket or if he/she gets it late. Momma, it’s okay! 😉


The best Easter tradition of all is being together as a family <3



R <3


  1. I think you are so right to try to stay positive during this time! We loved the book Dear Zoo when my kids were little. I think books make great fillers for Easter baskets!

    1. Totally agree! Books are great keepsakes too. I like to leave a message for my kids, hoping they would treasure them when they get older 😛

  2. Some of the same things I included when my daughter was this age. She loved the puffs and I used them as a treat. I filled eggs with them for her to find as well as filling eggs with cereal. little candy was ok, you have to have a chocolate bunny, but she found the alternatives just as exciting.

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