Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

Hello, dolls! Hello, #QuarantineLife! Does anyone else feel like this lockdown is starting to feel like our new normal now? Like going back to how life was before this virus is a far reach since there will be many changes. I have so many questions in my head that I dread because I know things will transition differently after this. As humans, we are trained to adapt, and though I know we are going to be okay, it just makes me sad to think our lives before mid-March of 2020 is going to be a thing of the past.

Just like everyone else, our kitchen has become the busiest room in our house during this quarantine. We’ve been cooking and baking a lot which makes me feel like I’ve gained at least 20 pounds. But hey! Who is counting at this point?



If you are like me who has a toddler with so much energy, easy recipes like this are great. There are a couple of steps that are kid-friendly like mashing the bananas which little A enjoyed.


His favorite part was adding the chocolate chips, and he added extra so our chocolate banana muffins turned out extra chocolatey! Just how I like it.



A couple of bloggers inspired me when I started mine 10 years ago. I remember religiously following every blog post and saving articles that I really liked. I felt so inspired to learn how to cook even more.


Even with years of experience working as a Chef, I can truthfully tell you I have not come up with a baking recipe. Baking desserts is more than just mixing flour and sugar, science and mathematics are a big part of the best baking recipes out there.


I followedย Buns In My Oven’s Double Chocolate Banana Breadย and it is the bomb! It’s honestly hard for me to try any other banana bread recipe because hers is SO GOOD!


Get the best double chocolate banana recipeย here.



A likes banana muffins so I just put the banana bread mixture in a muffin pan with cupcake liners. They are the perfect size for him to take to work.


I have one happy toddler who enjoyed our baking time and a house full of happy bellies! <3

Here’s to the banana bread craze and a reminder to BE SAFE and WEAR YOUR MASK! <3


R <3

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