It’s okay, Mom.

Hello, dolls!! Hello, Mother’s Day weekend! <3 May is blooming beautifully like the flowers as we are starting to see some normal changes. Things are not going to be the way it used to be, and it’s okay. I have learned to accept this new reality after 8 weeks of being trained to take a step back from my aggressive go-getter self to a more conscious individual. When this is all over, I know that the stronger and better version of me is going to be ready to face the world again.

One of the things I realized as a Mom is the pressure Moms go through on a daily basis. I hate seeing Mom-shamers on social media because I know that everyone’s situation is different, I have come to fully understand this after having my second baby. Little A and Baby C might have similarities when it comes to their physique and some tiny details but the way Baby C’s growing habits are very different from Little A. I guess where I am going to is, A and I have to adapt to Baby C’s system so our parenting style is contrasting. Same parents and lifestyle, different kid and behavior. 


For the past four years, I shared my Motherhood journey on this blog. I have been vocal about my struggles as a working Mom and feeling overwhelmed as a new Mom. Four years of trying to balance my life and the kids I gave life to, some days I just say “it’s okay” more than I intend to.


It’s okay to let your baby learn.

Let him fall to learn how to stand.

Let him cry and learn how to say “I’m okay”.

It’s okay, Mom. He is okay.

It’s okay to let your baby sleep on your chest once in a while for you will never get this moment back. 

He is not going to be little forever.

One day, he won’t be able to wrap his hand around your finger.

One day, you won’t be able to wrap your arms around him all day.

But it’s okay, Mom.. cause your hearts will embrace each other forever.


It”s okay to let your emotions out.

Frown when you’re upset.

Cry when you’re hurt.

Raise your voice when you are frustrated.

It’s okay, Mom. Your warmth will make him see the beautiful Mom he has.

It’s okay to put things behind.

Dishes can wait.

Laundry can pile up.

Order take out.

It’s okay, Mom. Give yourself a break, you deserve it.


It’s okay to ask for more time for yourself.

Take that long hot shower.

Take a nap while he is asleep.

Take a picture and post it on social media — scroll through your newsfeed while you are at it.

It’s okay, Mom. You do so much for everyone, this is YOUR time — make it count.


It’s okay to feel scared and worried.

To want to protect your baby from harm.

To shield him from pain.

To think about his future.

To hope that the world he will grow up to is safe.

It’s okay, Mom. The life that you create with him will give him the strength and passion he needs as he grows old.


It’s okay to be not in control.

Let him pick his own outfit.

Let him decide what he wants for lunch.

Let him be him.

It’s okay, Mom. He is yours no matter what. The baby that will run to you when things are not okay or laugh with you when his spirits are high.


For all the times that you think you are not doing enough, there’s a baby that thinks you are his world. When you think life feels heavy, take a moment and know that it’s okay, Mom. 

You are appreciated.

You are his everything.

You are the best.

Thank you, Mom.




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  1. I feel like I could read this every day. There are so many nuggets of triggering statements in here. I do a lot of these things and these are amazing reminders to let it be!

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