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Hello, dolls!! Hello, June! So my greatest fear during this lock down has happened, I am starting to feel like this is normal. This life where my sole responsibility each day is to make sure we are okay, no servicing other people but us. Waking up to my kids fully energized hoping a cup of coffee would magically appear in front of me to get me off my bed. “It’s another day” I like to say — another day of never missing another moment with my children. So this is what it feels like, to fully submit myself to Motherhood and be home all day.

When I found out I was pregnant with Little A, I shopped for books I could read to him. I had no idea which ones to look for but somehow I bought The Little Prince because the title seemed fitting. A and I did not have an idea what kind of parents we were going to be, but we knew we wanted our children to grow up loving books just as much as we do.

With two kids we read to everyday, here are 10 books that we learned to love for the past four years.

1 & 2: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?

Why We Love This Book: Babies can easily follow the pages because of the bold structure. I like to read these books with my kids and make animal sounds for familiarization. Little A loved this so much, after he turned one he would flip the pages and make animal sounds as well (goldfish excluded, of course lol!).

Despite the few repetitive words , my kids doesn’t seem to ever get tired of these books.

3. First 100 Words

Why We Love This Book: When I became a parent, I started thinking of all the firsts we will embrace with Little A. His firsts are our firsts too so every moment was extra special. I’ve always wondered what his first word would be and truthfully, I was okay if it’s not “Mom,Mama, or Mommy”. Flap books are great in keeping babies engaged, they love touching everything! Even better because this book has 100 basic words your baby can learn.

There’s also a pocket size style of the book which is just as awesome as the flap version.

4. Sheep Go To Sleep

Why We Love This Baby Book : Raise your hand if you ever counted a flock of sheep and your baby is still wide awake. Though this is not a magic bean that could make your baby fall asleep (or who knows, maybe it will work for you) I like that it’s a bedtime story about sheep.

Mom Tip: Make it a fun learning time too by counting sheep on every page 🙂

5. You Are My I Love you

Why We Love This Baby Book: The title says it all, YOU are my I love you. The kids probably don’t get why I get a little emotional whenever I read sweet storybooks like this but I just love telling telling . I love how it depicts the bond between a parent and child.

6. Guess How Much I Love You Little Library

Why We Love This Baby Book: If you have not noticed by now, I am a sucker for sweet books. This was such a perfect baby shower gift for Baby C! Aside from the beautiful pastel colored covers that look so perfectly on Baby C’s wall shelf, I also love that these are pocket size books. I bring a couple of books with us whenever we go out of town and these are great to take along anywhere.

Each book covers some education topics too like colors, shapes, and even look and find. It’s a total win for everyone.

7. Goodnight Moon

Why We Love This Book: How can you not love this classic bedtime storybook? After reading this book a million times even before Little A was born, I have learned to say “goodnight, goodbye, and hello” to anything when I am with the kids. We love all the rhyming words that make reading this book extra fun.

8. On The Night You Were Born

Why We Love This Book: Whenever people ask me about the night Little A and Baby C were born, I relieve those nights with so much joy in my heart. I think about June 28 and May 24 whenever we read this book. There are not enough words to describe the feeling I had when I held my babies for the first time, but this books sums it all up.

Though the context goes deeper than a storybook, the illustrations are pretty straight forward. When Little A got a little older, he would ask about the farmer, the polar bear, and the moon.

Buy it here!

9. Dear Zoo

Why We Love This Book: I don’t think I can express enough how much we adore this book. We make it fun by trying to guess the animals on each page and we have a giggle or two after. This makes a perfect gift too! I’ve given this book to some of my favorite Moms and I’ve heard the same positive feedback.

10. Love You, Hug You, Read To You!

Why We Love This Book: Little A won’t sleep until we read to him. There are nights when I am just exhausted and I honestly can’t sit and read 10 pages of Disney Cars’ 5-minute stories or three books waiting next to him. Whenever I see this book, I remember all of the nights I read to him when he was still tiny and couldn’t ask a questions. Nights that I promised him I will read to him whenever he wants.

The illustrations are great and I enjoy asking Little A questions like “how many ducks do you see?” “what does the owl say?”. There are books that make me say I Love you to my kids after reading it, and this one never fails.

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader” – Margaret Fuller

I would often catch Little A surrounded by books. It makes my heart happy to see him engage in things other than toys. I feel like somehow, I am winning as a Mom.


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  1. Such great book picks! I love On the Night you were Born and all the other books that she wrote!

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