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Hello, dolls!! Hello, June! One of the things that devastated me during this pandemic is Baby C’s birthday party getting “rescheduled until further notice”. Look, there are plenty of big issues that we are facing now but as a Mom, this my story today. When I found out I was having a girl, I knew what theme her birthday was going to be. It was easy to plan because I had a clear vision. I jotted down every idea and collected anything that could make the party successful. Just like everyone else, when each country announced the lock down, I thought it was only going to last two weeks. or a month tops. As we learned more about the virus, I started feeling nervous for all the things that “might not happen” — Little A not going back to school, our trips, and Baby C’s first birthday.

There are many things that we adapted to since the first day of quarantine that we love doing now. I still can’t help but feel a bit of longing for the things that I wish we can do. One of many is having our friends and family around when celebrating special moments. Every week I would read articles about the virus and intently listened to the Governor’s announcements wondering when I can send Baby C’s birthday invitations. When April rolled around and there was no clear sky in sight, I knew had to hold off on the invitation and wait for the right time.

I spend a lot of time designing the perfect invitation for the parties I host. It doesn’t matter how many people we are having or how simple the party I am hosting is going to be, a formal printed invitation is always in order.

Mom confession: I sometimes spend days looking through pages and pages of invitation options online with at least ten tabs open until I find the perfect one.

I take every detail seriously and I want it to reflect the personality of the person we are celebrating with my own creative style of course. My favorite online invitation maker is Basic Invite! I feel like every design is tailored for me that’s why I love it so much.

I am sharing some of my favorite designs today — hoping this positive energy will attract whatever we need to safely gather with our friends and family again.

This design is making me more excited to throw Baby C a birthday party! All the ideas come rushing through my veins as I look at this birthday invitation.

This is very perfect for Little A! I had fun decorating his pirate nursery and I am so thrilled that he loves it until now (even if he is into Disney Cars and Marvel). Someday, I would like to throw Little A a pirate themed party and I know this one is going to be the perfect birthday invitation to send.

I am turning 30 this year!! How crazy is this? Truth be told, as much as I love throwing parties for my kids and other people, I get iffy planning one for myself. But thirty is a big one so maybe I’ll consider it. Otherwise, I still have A’s birthday to think about hi, I know there are perfect 40th birthday invitations for him too!

I would love to hear/see your social distancing friendly gatherings!! Share them below <3

xx. R <3

Disclosure: My honest opinion remain unbiased in this sponsored post.

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