Easy 4th of July Menu: Cheddar and Jalapeno Chicken Burgers

Hello, dolls! Hello, July! Beach season is here and here I am looking at every possible place I can take my family BUT too scared to push through with anything due to safety reasons. Two weeks ago we went to New Jersey to spend time with my in-laws and it felt really great to be out of state again! Not to mention see the kids spend time with their grandparents and auntie after so long. So I’ve decided to keep myself busy with a big project to keep my mind off escaping. However, the exhaustion is making me miss going away even more. I like to reward myself (and now my family) a little getaway whenever I work on something big like this but there are so many concerns right now.

So if you are like me who prefers to stay out of the crowd and relax at home, here’s an easy recipe for you to try! A’s Cheddar and Jalapeno Chicken Burgers — so easy to make and almost guilt-free! 😛

I have to be honest, I don’t get too excited about “4th of July food”. The thought of eating a hotdog makes me feel guilty, and hamburgers make me feel like I am 300 pounds after.

Every 4th of July, I would always have my burger with no bun and a hefty serving of salad. Over the years, it has gotten boring so here’s a great compromise — cheddar and jalapeno chicken burgers.

Give me something I would feel less guilty about is what I would always tell A when he starts asking me about our 4th of July menu. So when we went to the grocery I picked up a pound of ground chicken and checked what’s left in our fridge to make this a burger worth serving to our friends.

I honestly thought the boys will skip this one but surprisingly they liked it. I mean, how can they not? Each patty is filled with so many flavors!

Shopping for 4th of July is easy and I love it! Unlike other holidays where A and I pretty much run around all day looking for everything that we need. I go to Costco, get a pack of hotdogs, buns, ground beef, corn and I am done. When people say have a relaxing 4th of July..they mean it!

What’s your favorite 4th of July side? Corn looks great on the table and tastes delicious with butter! I like mine with old bay mayo and feta/queso fresco or as they call it, elote style!

Love seeing my table bright and happy!

I found these watermelon picnic set from Costco two years ago and the moment finally came for me to use them. They look so pretty with my Kate Spade strawberry tablecloth.


My Mom looks forward to Old Navy’s annual 4th of July shirts every year. She loves matching with all her grandchildren — so adorable!

Hard to believe she was this tiny!! My baby girl!! <3

Before I start talking about all Mommy stuff again. I am just going to leave this picture here and move on to A’s cheddar and jalapeno chicken burger recipe.

Cheddar and Jalapeno Chicken Burger Recipe

Buy the recipe now! 🙂



R <3

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  1. Oh what a good idea! I have not tried chicken burgers per se, and would not like the jalapenos, BUT my hubby has tried several variations on turkey burgers, with and without cheese, and I love them! Will have to have him try chicken next!

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