Mom Picks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Shopping Guide

Hello, dolls!! Hello, weekend! <3 The best part of my week was going to Nordstrom for their anniversary sale. One of the perks of being a card member is the early access to the awesome Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. A and I have been in the influencer level for the past 3 (or 4?) years now and I am very very happy with all the little “gifts” that come with the status.

The public sale for Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale is on August 19th and I know there are a lot of you who are wondering if it’s even worth waiting for. I honestly think that it is because their anniversary sale is just insanely good! Most of the items are discounted at at least 50% off and for Moms like me, this is a great way to stock up on clothes for the kids! Here are a few of my favorites from this year’s sale. 90% of the items below are already in our closet so I can attest to the quality and style.

1.MASK ON! One of the basic things you can do to stay safe wile shopping during a pandemic is to wear your all times! I literally go in a corner or wait until no one is around us when I have to drink.

Making Little A wear his mask was a challenge at first, but our main rule is unless he sees someone not wearing a mask, that’s the only time he can take it off. Luckily, we have not seen anyone not have a mask on (maybe because we really haven’t been out that much since March? and when we do, I pick places that I know are not crowded).

2.Another tip is to avoid the weekend shoppers. Now that school is going to start, it is best to go during the week since the mall is going to be most likely empty.

3. Sanitize like your life depends on it. If I can bring a jug of sanitizer with us, I will. Even Baby C who is 14 months old asks for sanitizer now. I sanitize whenever I touch something, and if I can I really really try not to touch something unless I know I am willing to buy it.

4. Make it quick. I used to spend hours in the mall and now I literally just go to Nordstrom and two other stores (on rotation). I feel like the less places go into, the less chances of us getting sick. Lately, I’ve been planning my shopping trips to maximize my short leisure time.

Nordstrom Early Access at Towson Town Center!!

The main reason why I braved the mall with my kids that day, to get Baby C’s new car seat! She is due for an upgrade and Nuna is the only brand A and I wanted to get for her.

We originally wanted the gray and brown Nuna Mixx stroller when we bought baby C’s stroller last year. Unfortunately, it was sold out at that time so we had to settle with black. I was so pressured to get a stroller when we went to Nordstrom because it was the day before my due date! I was in the hospital 24 hours after. I felt at peace knowing we’ll have her baby gear waiting when she gets home. More than a year of using our Nuna stroller and we can’t love it even more!

Shop my Nuna picks above.

Can you sense a a pattern here? I know spring is two seasons away but I seriously can’t wait! I found the cutest dresses from Rachel Parcell and Ted Baker! The only thing I am waiting for is for this virus to go away so my husband can take me out on a date 😛

Shop the new dresses I purchased from Nordstrom above! <3

I stocked up on my favorite beauty items too! Nordstrom has become my go-to place to buy skincare essentials since they carry all of the brands I love (although I noticed recently that SKII disappeared from their website 🙁 — not sure if this is temporary or if they are going to stop carrying this brand). Shop the best deals on beauty above!

I LOVE dressing up my kids. Now that Little A is 4, I have noticed that the styles for little boys has gotten a bit simpler for my taste. Mostly t-shirts and athletic shorts for summer and lots of character long-sleeves for colder months. Nordstrom carries most of the brands that I love for little boys so they can stay stylish year round!

Shop my picks for boys! The Hunter boots is at its best deal right now!

Everyone warned me about the thrill of shopping for girls when I announced I am expecting one. I remember smiling and saying “maybe I won’t be that bad because I have Little A to balance it out”. Then Baby C came and her soft cheeks just swooped me away and her bald head made me want to get her every cute bow (especially for every time people think she’s a boy lol).

Shopping for my girl is so easy! I am currently eyeing on Mini Melissa for Baby C because she just started walking. Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale has cute sweaters too for fall! SOOO MUCH good stuff!!! Shop my picks for girls above <3

One of the few places my husband get s excited about when I tell him we are going shopping is Nordstrom. As long as there is Ted Baker or Ben Sherman, he’ll be happy. He loves getting his suits from Nordstrom and even purchased his wedding attire in store.

I may have gotten really excited to add my Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks for men because they have A’s favorite brand Ted Baker on sale. He is obsessed with Ted Baker suits and I cannot believe they are 50% off now!! SUCH A STEAL! He owns everything above and he couldn’t love them more (especially the travel bag we use every time we go on adventures).

Pro tip: A gets them altered at Nordstrom to make his suit perfect for him. As a card member, we get alteration points every year which is really awesome!

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xx, R

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