Crab Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Hello,dolls!! Hello, summer heat! I know it’s challenging to fully enjoy summer this year with everything going on but I hope there are more positive experiences in your life to look back to from this season. I would be lying if I said I wake up every morning with the confidence I had four months ago. I feel like as we get closer to the new school year and holidays, my anxiety gets heavier. With the uncertainty ahead of us, it’s hard to not feel worried about the upcoming changes in our lives. One of the biggest things that breaks my heart is the thought of not seeing our family for a very long time — cousins from New York, my siblings and my Dad in Manila, and friends that we love as family. This brings me back to all the parties I hosted over the years when everyone was able to attend. I had to cancel two parties I planned this year because of covid and though the kids don’t realize it yet, I feel bad that they don’t get to physically experience the love that a lot of people share with them.

It wasn’t easy deciding to cancel Baby C’s first birthday party. For weeks I would follow the news about coronavirus and hope that there is a way for me to gather everyone that we love and celebrate my girl. After two months of feeling concerned about the safety of our loved ones, I knew that hosting a party right now is not the best thing to do.

I am the kind of Mom who loves to plan everything ahead of time. I write down every idea and see where my mind takes me. I wanted something different for our loved ones to enjoy in the summer, so I thought what better way to celebrate a birthday in Baltimore than to have Maryland crabs?

Planning a crab-themed or nautical birthday party? I am attaching links to products that will make it easy for you!

I sometimes look at Little A and feel like he is still my baby. The little boy who gave a new meaning to what life means for me. When Little A turned one, we also celebrated our journey together as Mom and son and I think that was one of the things that I looked forward the most to.

Planning a party is easier for me when I have a theme. When I was trying to decide what I want to do for Little A’s birthday, I knew it would be nautical or related to pirates since that is our “theme” for his nursery.

What better way to celebrate a Baltimore baby’s first birthday than to have steamed crabs!

Since I was working as a Chef when Little A turned one, I was able to ask one of my purveyors to deliver two cases of fresh crabs at home! We steamed about 15 bushels of crabs for 30+ people and it was amazing!

One of my favorite things to do when hosting a party is to add a touch of me. Little DIY projects like this crab centerpiece is one of the many reasons why I enjoy planning parties.

Little A enjoying his pancit 😛

Menu planning is the most integral part of planning a party for me. A and I (well mostly A) enjoy cooking for our friends and family. Setting up the buffet table and picking dishes that compliments our theme gives me so much excitement!

Every detail matters! From cute napkins to decorations, I want every little thing to coordinate. I know it sounds crazy but I can spend days on my favorite party websites trying to decide which items to order.

I always order wooden cutlery for all my parties. They are eco friendly and way better than plastic ones.

Shop my crab decorations below! 😉

Kat has been making all of our birthday cakes since Litte A turned one. She can execute any idea I want which usually is “simple and straight forward”. For Little A’s pirate themed birthday cake, I told her I bought some cake decorations from the Philippines during our last visit. I couldn’t help but get these nautical themed cupcake toppers when I saw them! I knew they would be perfect for Little A’s birthday..and they were! We borrowed some of A’s pirate Legos to put on top too and it added it just made the cake even more fitting for our theme! I love how we were able to incorporate two things that Little A love now — pirates and Legoes!

Kat did an amazing job with the cake, not only did it look perfect the chocolate cake was super moist and delicious too!

Little A’s smash cake!! The cupcake toppers I got from the Philippines made the cake for our crab themed birthday party.

Our crab-themed dessert table! I found the cutest crab lollipops for the kids and I was so excited to out them in the middle of the table. Unfortunately, I do not have a better picture of was totes adorbs!

Little A’s cake smashing outfit! Ready to get messy, but easy clean up for Mommy! 😛

I got so excited when I saw this super adorable bow tie with crabs! Janie and Jack is my go to for all things nautical for Little A’s wardrobe so it was so easy to find an outfit for him there. I bought these crab socks in every size because they are so perfect for summer.

Little A did not enjoy getting his hands dirty, just like his Mama! 😛

He did enjoy his first chocolate cake though!

I love to spoil our guests! As my way of saying thank you for spending their time and celebrating with us, I make sure I have thoughtful goodie bags they can take home.

I bought sand buckets for the kids to take home. It was the perfect crab-themed birthday party giveaway! I filled each bucket with “under the sea” coloring books, treats, juice box, pencils, and little toys.

For the adults, I bought UTZ crab chips and crab mallets! I always pick giveaways I know our friends and family can use or enjoy so I thought there’s nothing more perfect than a bag of chips they can eat and crab mallet they can use.

Shop my giveaways above! Planning made easy by me 😉

I did not plan to have the kids swim that day but since Kat gifted Little A this super awesome pool, we decided to set it up! I purchased ball pit balls for a small pool I planned to have the kids use for entertainment, obviously this was such a better option for the occasion! Luckily, Little A had the cutest crab swimsuit in his closet, perfect for such a last minute decision. lol

I think I enjoyed opening his presents more! lol Whenever our friends/family ask me what they can give my kids as a present, I always say “no toys”. Little A and Baby C have enough to keep entertained until the end of the year. I always suggest something they can wear,learn from, or a sweet keepsake.

Little A’s 4th crabby outfit! The most perfect first birthday outfit for my baby boy’s crab-themed birthday party! I loved all the crab details! <3

Looking for outfit ideas? I found some crab-themed outfit online from Janie and Jack! See below.

One of my great friends Frances is a photographer. She captured Little A’s first birthday so beautifully! This is the kit she sent me after the party. Printed photos and digital copies in a USB. I loved all the creative touch too!

Planning a party is never easy, but I’ll do it over and over again because seeing my little boy smile like this is the best reward! <3

xx, R

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