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Hello, dolls! Hello, labor day weekend <3 After a very hectic week, I am so glad to be out of town and safely spend the long weekend with family. I’ve been really busy as a working Mom this week and felt guilty for not being present as much as I wanted to for the kids. After four months, I am back to working in-person and not just behind my computer so I feel like I am back in college again navigating my way around the campus. Little A went back to school and I still can’t believe he is now in Pre-K 4! So many changes to our quarantine routine this week but I am so glad to have more normality around the house.

One of my favorite “tasks” this week was redecorating Baby C’s reading nook. I am having so much fun making her room look pretty (shopping the main reason of course lol). When we had her closet remodeled earlier this year and saw this little corner, I knew instantly that it would be a reading nook. My main goal was to transform this space into a more relaxing and book friendly hangout spot for my girl, and I am very satisfied with the outcome.

This was my nursing corner in Baby C’s bedroom. When she turned one, I knew I will have to update it eventually.

I did a short video of Baby C’s room update on Instagram. Watch me redecorate below.

When my friends asked me what I wanted as a baby shower gift, I would easily say “anything but pink”. I really tried not to overdo Baby C’s room with pink but mauve and rose are my weaknesses so somehow Baby C’s nursery ended up with shades of pink more than what I intended it to be.

I call this my labor of love. I spent countless night looking for the right items for her reading nook. I want everything to have a purpose and still go with the theme of her room.

Shop Baby C’s reading nook below!

One of the reasons why I am so inspired to redecorate her room is because of her new Priddy Books. Her brother, Little A has a vast collection of books and I am so glad to see her love books too.

Baby C is very curious and loves to discover everything new around her. These books are great for sensory development, such a Mom win for me!

This travel suitcase from Meri Meri party is such an adorable way to store new books! I wanted to add a touch of traveling in Baby C’s room and this couldn’t have been more perfect.

Some of our favorite Priddy Books

I’ve never met a Mom who doesn’t own The First 100 Words book. It made teaching my babies words stress-free! This counting book is just as amazing and effective.

Baby C loved feeling the covers of these books! She enjoys listening to her brother make animal sounds.

This one is little A’s favorite! It’s so perfect for him because he is able to show me some of the things he’s been learning from school!

Activity books for toddlers is heaven sent!

Another engaging book from Priddy Books! I love how Baby C can familiarize herself with different shapes, textures, and sizes with this one.

One of the things we are started teaching Baby C is color familiarization. This books is helping us a lot! Even Little A is able to help me in teaching her sister because this book makes it easy for anyone.

I would love to see your little one’s reading nook! Share them below <3

xx, R

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Priddy Books. All images are owned by me and only my honest opinion about the products is shared.

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