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Hello, dolls! Hello, NFL Season! As much as I want to say I am very excited to see the Ravens play again, I can’t help but feel indifferent about my husband planning life around the games again — I say this with love but we are not going to tell him that 😛 Now that Little A is bigger, game days seem to be more relaxing for us. I love seeing my boys in the basement hanging out together whether Little A is busy playing with legos or jump up and down as he yells “Ravens” when someone scores a touchdown.

It’s the simple moments like this that make me more motivated to stay safe and healthy for our kids. I know one day, Little A will say “Dad, remember when this happened during the game?”.

Literally my face when I first watched a football game. I am from the Philippines so I hardly know anything about American football. The year that I was an intern, the Ravens won the Superbowl which ignited my likeness for the team. I remember A jumping up and down in my apartment while I enjoyed my plate of wings. I did not understand anything but somehow watching the game together made me feel like I’ve been a fan for so long!

Now that I am a Mama to a little boy, I am very inspired to learn all the “cool boy” stuff he will possibly love. Little A adores A so much!! Like he literally copies everything his Daddy loves — from legos, sneakers, to what kind of sandwich they’ll have for lunch! I want to understand his interests especially since he’s been asking so many questions, a simple “I don’t know” is never a satisfying answer for kids. lol

When Little A was younger, I would dress him in Ravens baby gear on game days and get the energy flowing in our home. He may not understand the game yet, but he is dressed to cheer on our favorite team!

I actually thought it was pretty difficult to find NFL baby gear that won’t hurt the pocket so I linked some of my wallet-friendly Ravens baby outfits below! Shop away! <3


The pandemic made me realize how badly I want to stay healthy and safe for my kids. I remember sometime in April, I started feeling so anxious and devastated about this virus that I started feeling scared for A. He was working away from home 6 days a week and sees a lot of people on the regular. I started to think about all the negative what ifs and prayed harder every night.

We made some lifestyle changes to ensure none of us will get sick. Because what if we do? I can’t fathom the idea of our kids wondering where we are and why we cannot hug them.Just the thought of Little A asking for me and I can’t be there. It breaks my heart already/ Some may think my routine now is too much or extra, but I honestly think I can never go overboard when it comes to my family’s wellness.

I thought A would feel iffy about the gummies because he is very picky with anything health related! It took me months to get him to regularly take our vitamins everyday (I literally had to put it on top of his work computer every day so he wouldn’t forget). Surprisingly, A is very pleased with Sambucol’s Black Elderberry gummies.

This may not be a cure for what we are fighting out there but knowing that A and I has the best immune support gives me some peace of mind every night.

It”s definitely going to be an interesting NFL season for Ravens fans not being able to watch the game in M&T Stadium.

A and I have great memories of watching the game together and I can’t wait to see him create new ones with Little A!

Although if I am being honest, 80% of the time I am munching on something while everyone screams on top of their lungs!

My little family dressed up in Ravens gear! #Ravensnation

xx,R <3

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Sambucol. All images are owned by me and only my honest opinion about the products is shared.

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  1. Oh gosh your little one is so cute in his Ravens onesie! I am from the US and I don’t really “get” football either – my mama is a HUGE Patriots fan, though, so has bought my daughters Tom Brady shirts in each successive size over the years – not sure what she’ll do now that he’s defected to FL!…

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