Mom Picks: Therabox Beauty Subscription Box Review

Hello, dolls! hello, fall!! <3 Aaaah don’t you just love the crisp weather that greets your face when you walk out the door? The beautiful leaves starting to turn to orange/brown and the positive aura the people around you exude because it is finally, fall. I loved fall even more when I became a Mom. The fun activities we get to do and the joy of planning their outfits is just enough to make my Mama heart full the entire season.

For some reason, this cuddle weather makes me want to relax at home more. I am always on the go during summer because I feel like the season is not long enough for us to enjoy the outdoors so our weeks are filled with activities almost everyday. Once the weather starts getting a little cool, I am more drawn to relaxing which means I can also plan some “me time” throughout the week — and what better way to welcome fall than to enjoy my Therabox beauty subscription box?

Me time for me could mean anything. Often, I enjoy the simplest ways more. Like sipping my cup of hot tea while writing down on my planner or putting on a facial mask to begin my skincare routine.

About two weeks ago I stopped breastfeeding Baby C. It has been such an emotional time for me as I deal with the hormonal shift associated with stopping our breastfeeding journey. For days, I felt so down and unproductive so bouncing back from that dark hole feels like a new beginning for me. I know one of the ways to fully recover from this emotional moment for me is to give myself extra love and my Therabox beauty subscription box could have not come at such a better time.

Read about my Instagram post about my emotional week below.

I was really excited to see what’s inside my Therabox September box. I knew there were some great stuff inside but I did not realize how satisfied I would feel after seeing everything in person!

I am actually hesitant about subscribing to any beauty boxes because I feel like there is too much stuff in the box which will most likely result in me not using them at all. I love how Therabox beauty subscription box has the right amount for what I will need that month and some items that I can keep for a long time. I know I can look forward to the next box without worrying about not being able to use any of it. #YayTherabox!

Relaxing Summer Treats

My favorite from this trio has got to be the round beach towel. I can just imagine us using it on our next beach trip — such a cute prop too for pictures! The electrolyte booster is so perfect for me since I went back to work recently and I am always moving. I think I am going to save the earrings for Baby C because they will looks adorable on her when she wears her cute summer outfits next year!

Green Goddess

Any beauty box is not going to be complete without a facial mask. Aloe Vera is a great ingredient for skin so I am very excited to try this on my next “me time” date. I am a sucker for anything with SPF because I LOVE protecting my skin from sun damage. Spraying on perfume is a part of my outfit, whether I am going to work or to the grocery, I honestly can’t stand the idea of not wearing something that smells good so I am very excited to have this roll on oil-based perfume from Inkling Scents because I can always bring it with me!

Goal Setter Duo

My ultimate favorite from the box — soy candle in ocean breeze scent. Since I’ve been busy juggling so many things right now, I constantly need little reminders to take it easy and set aside time to relax. Smelling the fragrance while writing down my goals on this sleek notebook definitely inspired me this month!

One of my favorite parts about Therabox is their free box program! You can win a free box by simply posting a photo on social media and tagging them.

Therabox has different subscription options and I love how adorable each plan is! Each box can be a s low as $30.99 with over $100 in value.


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