How To Feel Less Guilty About Overeating During The Holidays | Holiday Menu Ideas

Hello, dolls! Hello, 2021! The first week of the new year was pretty heavy for most of us with everything going on but I hope you are still able to find little joys that could turn life around positively for you. The holidays may be over, but I know a lot of us are still dealing with the heaviness of every meal that we ate between Christmas shopping and embracing the New Year.

If you are like me who goes through phases of physical guilt, self-loathing, and a promising diet plan that will only last a month (tops), then your head is probably spinning now too. My body is experiencing some grown-up changes now that I am 30. I get it, 30 is not old but definitely I definitely do not function like when I was 18. Dealing with cheat days and especially overeating during the holidays used to be unbearable but with my healthy helpers, I am able to get some quick relief whenever I need it.

2020 may have been crazy in all sorts of ways but I am glad we were able to take family pictures and feel normal by getting dressed up! 😛

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I go all out when it comes to binging during the Holidays. I am always inspired to eat food that can take my breath away. Coming from a family who made big deal about every Holiday and being married to a man who loves food, it is hard not to go overboard when it comes to serving exceptional food.

Before I became a Mom, I was so conscious about everything that I ate to the point that I would feel guilty about every bite. I am still wary of what I eat but at least now I do not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable after a big meal.

Holiday Menu Idea:

You do not need 7 dishes to have your Italian seafood dinner! Here’s how we made it happen:

Lobster, Mussels, Clams, Crabs in Tomato Sauce

Squid Ink Pasta with Clams

Unicorn Party for my sister 😛
Fried lumpiang shanghai, chicken adobo, carbonara, crispy pork belly.

Filipinos love Christmas and we like to translate that into our food. “More the better” even if the dishes does not really compliment each other because what matters the most is having every family member’s favorite on the table.

No Filipino party is complete without roasted pork!

Do not leave dessert out on cheat days! I always look forward to my treat after a good meal I just wish it doesn’t make me feel so crappy after lol.

30 and bloated — this is me now every time I eat a full meal. Thank goodness for Boiron because they have everything that I will possibly need for digestive distress.

I thought heartburn was normal and goes away quickly. This notion changed when I experienced it while busy doing a million things and had to stop because it was super uncomfortable.

I used to “suck it up” and wait. With two kids, everything has to be resolved quickly. I felt comfortable taking Boiron’s Acidil Meltaway Tablets because they are plant-based and it can be taken on a full or empty stomach.

Now, my dirty-thirty secret — Boiron’s Gasalia! I get so bloated after a full meal and the pressure pain can be really discomforting. Boiron’s gasalia works so effectively for me and I love how I know I can take it without feeling worried about the side effects. Best of all, it gives me the relief that I need right away.

Boiron is perfect for heartburn, gas, and diarrhea relief. These products do not help in losing weight.

xx, R <3

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored collaboration with Boiron and Moms Meet. My experiences with the products are accurate and unbiased.

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