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Hello, dolls! Hello, snowy February! It’s been snowing a lot here in Maryland and for the first time, I am not complaining about it. Having kids made me look forward to the fun and beauty snow brings as we watch it fall from our window. A and I were driving home the other day and everything just looked beautiful with snow piled up on every tree branch that day — what used to be an uneventful view for us set up the mood and me look forward to traveling somewhere again (whenever that may be). Lately I’ve been asking A “how crazy would it be if we travel to (insert country/city/place/town)?”.

I love being on a plane and the adrenaline I feel when I know I am about to see somewhere beautiful. It’s been more than a year since our last plane ride and as much as I want to continue my little travel traditions, I just could muster up the courage to book a flight and feel comfortable about it.. not just yet. Any tips from people who have traveled in the past year?

So for now, I will just enjoying this freezing weather and think about spring time. When things seem to fall right back in its place, feelings get stronger, and my inspiration becomes bigger.

I am the kind of person who makes sure we celebrate every moment in life through food…and outfit photos! 😛 Putting on the right outfit sets the mood for me and makes the occasion feel extra special. I pretty much plan our family Easter outfit months in advance and start collecting possible pieces throughout the year!

Shop A’s Easter outfit below

Shop my Easter outfit below

Every year, I look forward to Easter brunch. Our two favorite places to go to are Johnny’s in Roland Park or Cunningham’s in Towson. If I can go to both I would! 😛

I love seeing my A boys in matching outfits! I always have A’s wardrobe in mind whenever I am shopping for Little A. Over the years, Little A is the one who would often tell me “Mommy, Daddy has the same shirt/sneakers/jacket”. He loves it when they match too! #AdorbsAlert

Shop Little A’s Easter outfit below


Our house won’t survive a day without snack time, which happens every 30 minutes when the kids are awake. Between goldfish, yogurt, and some Costco finds, I am always looking for something new to add to our snack basket.

I was surprised to see Baby C LOVE this! She specifically loves the barbecue flavor which is on the sweeter side and reminded me of the barbecue flavored corn snacks I used to have growing up in the Philippines.

Mom approved: Resealable snack bags! Love Corn guarantees freshness every step of the way.

You can be creative with the Love Corn — I was browsing on social media and saw some people use them as a garnish for their chowder and even add them in their salads.

Quick Facts:

• They are made with plant-based ingredients, and are vegan, gluten
free, Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, and sugar free.
• LOVE CORN is a healthier alternative to chips, pretzels, crackers, and
corn nuts.
• LOVE CORN comes in four flavors including Sea Salt, BBQ, Habanero,
and Salt & Vinegar.
• A 1.6-oz bag of LOVE CORN typically retails for $2.49–$3.99.

#LoveCorn is available for purchase on Use MOMSLOVE at checkout to get a 25% discount offer
on all LOVE CORN products. Offer is valid until 10/31/21.

xx, R <3

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