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Hello, dolls! Hello, June 2021! It has been almost a week since I came back from Nashville and I am still on a traveling high. After 17 months of making sure my family stays safe, I finally mustered up the courage to get on a plane — vaccinated and masked up of course! I am happy to report I did not bring anything unwanted back home and the trip was successfully safe.

Anyway, getting the break that I needed made me realize how Moms find it difficult to seek time for themselves. Mom guilt is real and there will always be a part of me that will say “maybe I do not need this appointment right now because I just worked 40 hours this week, the kids need me”. Moms tend to put themselves last and unfortunately, it can spiral back to an unhealthy lifestyle.

I get overwhelmed.. a lot. Most days I honestly feel like I should just lay in bed and let the dishes pile up, skip dinner so I can put my feet up all night, or just let my husband take the reign at night so I can focus on running my business — but I can’t. I look at my children and I know they need to be catered to and hearing their voices while I am working makes me feel guilty…. way too guilty most times.

Love Your Job

My number one rule when engaging in something that doesn’t involve spending time with my kids, most especially working, is to make sure I love what I am doing. The thought of sacrificing my time with them over something that is not fulfilling seems useless for me and truthfully will only trigger guilt.


I have my weekday work/school night routine and our weekend adventure. No matter how busy I get with my job and business, I make sure we all sit together for dinner; have time to read a book or lay in their bed before they go to sleep; and most especially spend the weekend as a family.

Having a routine helps save a lot of time throughout the day and creates structure for everyone.

It takes a village

It really takes a village to raise a child, imagine how many it will take to raise two or more. Some days I just stare at my list and start feeling exhausted before I even start doing anything. I don’t think I can be as productive and calm about Motherhood if not because of A and our family who help us with Little A and baby C. Having people around us to take some of the burdens off my shoulders truly help me in days that I am just overloaded with things that can prolong my workload.

You are not a bad Mom

Being a working Mom does not equate to having less time for your family. It should not define the kind of Mom that you are or the love you have for your child. Whenever I see people debate about being a stay-at-home Mom vs a working Mom, I see so many valid points about both sides that make me realize there are infinite reasons for a woman to be considered a great Mom, but it will all boil down to a child feeling loved. Raising a child is a full-time job and only you and your family can define the kind of setup that will work for your family.

It’s okay, Mom

It’s okay to work, to feel all these feelings while doing it. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and ask for help. It’s okay, Mom because your child will love you no matter what.

Read this article whenever you feel guilty, Mom!

When Little A was born, one of the things A noticed was the lack of pajamas in his closet. It was such a first-time Mom moment and I remember going to different stores only to come home with one pair.

When I was pregnant with baby C, I had the opportunity to be invited as a guest at Big City Moms in New York. One of the awesome gifts in the loot bag was a Pact onesie and I just fell in love with it so much! The silky soft texture and perfectly stiched lining assured me that it’s a brand that can last in our family.

I love matching EVERYTHING for Little A and Baby C!! Especially pajamas when we travel. These Pact pajama sets are going to be so perfect for our family this year.

I had a little fun and did a little bit of mix-and-matching! I love how they can wear the set in 4 different ways.

As you can tell, Little A and Baby C are very comfortable in their Pact pajamas! You will definitely be seeing them in these in a lot of my content from now on 😉

xx, R <3

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