Marriage With Two Kids

Hello, dolls!! Hello, August!! I am finally getting a little break from my slightly chaotic life. Earlier this month I was in awe when I saw my calendar this summer. Seeing all the opportunities for my business to grow all planned out seems surreal. One year ago I was hopeful about the success of pursuing something big, and scared of how it will affect me as a Mom most especially. Being a Mom gave me the ticket to master the art of multitasking. I was pretty organized growing up, but not at this level of daily mental challenge. If there is anything I learned deeply as a Mom, it is to know when to step back and assess things.

At the beginning of the year, I felt sentimental seeing Baby C grow out of her baby stage. As I was preparing myself for the emotional roller coaster I will go through, Frisco Baltimore blossomed into a new baby I would watch grow. Now how does this relate to me being a Mom-of-two? I think the bold answer would be is, I almost lost myself when I had Baby C.

Life was easier when it was just Little A — there I said it. I had more time for myself, feeling guilty about going to work was not as strong, traveling was a breeze, and most especially A and I argued less. Things were more manageable before, but I wouldn’t trade the life we have now over an easy weekend. Believe it or not, life now is more rewarding for me now that I am a Mom-of-two.

I was very scared before we had Baby C. Will I be able to handle two kids? How can I make sure Little A will not feel left out? Oh the postpartum life…don’t even get me started.

I loved being pregnant, but the anxiety I felt throughout my pregnancy was through the roof. I had so many questions and I knew no book or Mom group can make me feel better until I experience everything myself.

A is a great Dad — sometimes I’d joke and say “I wish you are as good as a husband to me”. He is, truthfully. During Baby C’s first month we had to navigate how to parent two beautiful babies. For a while, we had to learn how to treat each other as partners and not count who changed the most diapers that day and who got up in the middle of the night to feed our newborn. It was a journey to see my husband as my partner in parenting, but once we made it — I swear, it was one of the most gratifying moments in our marriage.

Finding time was the hardest adjustment of all for me. It takes a toll on my mental and emotional health whenever I feel pressed when completing tasks. At some point, I would even question myself why I can’t find the time to do my nails or workout. I was so focused on making sure my children are okay without realizing I am abandoning my well-being.

A and I don’t have ground rules in our marriage, but we know how to respect each other’s aspirations and boundaries. He knows that one of my simple joys in life is to focus on myself when getting ready — taking time to pick an outfit and put on my make up. The little things that I get to do for myself each day alleviates the pressure I feel from Motherhood.

In turn, I know A feels the same way too. I remember dreading it whenever he would say “I have to cut the grass today”. Baby C was born in spring meaning lawn care season. I depended on A during Baby C’s first month — how can I nurse and watch two kids at the same time while bleeding? If I can keep him with me at all times, I would have. He was my safety blanket.

Anyway, I knew A needed a break too — from diaper changes and house chores like lawn/tree care so we looked into ways to make simple tasks for our home done. Daniel’s Lawn Tree Care LLC is one of the best options out there in making your outdoor space beautiful and family-friendly. I don’t know anything about yardwork truthfully so getting professional help when needed is always a go for me. Especially if it can give us extra time for our family. They offer a variety of services including landscaping installment and  tree care in  New Castle County

I yearn for date nights with my husband. I feel fortunate that we are able to plan anything whenever we want or need to because we have childcare covered — well we still get into our childcare woes during the day but somehow nighttime just works for us. Anyway, if I am being honest, date nights give me a bit of separation anxiety. I love having dinner with my kids and knowing we will be indulging in great food without them kind of makes me….sad. On the other hand, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how A and I can eat in peace. I don’t think I can ever express enough how happy I get if I can sit through a meal without asking my 5yo to stay seated.

Doing something without my children is always an emotional battle. I feel like we are always connected, that everything I am now is because of them.

A and I see eye-to-eye when it comes to parenting Little A and Baby C. I truly believe this helps when it comes to strengthening our bond. Knowing that he will have my back in every decision that can benefit our children makes me feel confident in parenting.

As I mentioned above, this partnership with A was a journey. We had to learn things together — know what’s best for our children, how to change a diaper, understand our little one’s mood. Going through bumps together and knowing our marriage is stronger than anything makes parenting two lovable babies easier.

I always tell my friends this — you can never prepare yourself for parenthood. No matter how many piles of diaper and wipes you have or books to read. Life with children is unpredictable and you have to take every situation with a heart full of love to be successful.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Daniel’s Lawn Tree Care LLC. However, all statements remained unbiased.

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