Philadelphia Eats: Ting Wong

Hello , dolls! Hello, summer! Are you still in vacation mode or currently busy getting ready for the new school year? Our family is in between vacation plans and getting Little A ready for Kindergarten. How we are able to squeeze in fun adventures is still a shock to me — how in this crazy summer season as a business owner, content creator, Mom-of-two, and an employee? Needless to say, I am just grateful that I am able to create happy memories with my family.

Philadelphia is an hour and a half away from Baltimore so the drive is not too terrible for us — aka easy to plan a trip anytime. I say easy because truthfully, A and I are always willing to drive one to two hours for great food! “Philly here we come” is a line I always love to say.

It was love at first sight, 9 years ago we went to Ting Wong for the first time. A and I loved it so much we made it a point to visit at least once a year.

I can’t tell you how many times A asked to go to Ting Wong for his birthday or Father’s Day!

We are so glad Ting Wong is still able to operate during the pandemic. They do not have dine-in right now but carry out is still just as good!

Some of our favorites in Ting Wong — pan fried noodles, beef with lobster sauce, and of course their fried rice! YUM!

The main reason we go to Ting Wong is for their Peking duck. A loves it so much we cannot go back to Baltimore without him ordering more to take home.

Little A loves Ting Wong too!

One of my favorite things to do in Philadelphia is to go shopping. The Nordstrom Rack on Chestnut street is amazing! I’ve seen Valentino shoes, European brands, and even Gucci in there. A happily takes me because they have an abundance of Ted Baker items.

A few doors down is Di Bruno brothers. This Italian style grocery is full of artisanal items I literally go into full Chef mode whenever we go. They have pates and every item you would like on your charcuterie board. Their desserts are to die for and there are a lot of European brands that you won’t find anywhere.

Little A ready for his nap after a full day in the city of love — Philadelphia!


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