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Hello, dolls! Hello, December! WHAT A SEASON! Anyone else ready to take their Santa hat off? Because I sure am! Every year, for the past 5 years, the Holidays have been exciting and exhausting for me. I love being my children’s Santa but coupled with the fact that I also wear a couple of hats throughout the year– as a food industry worker, small business owner, and content creator, it sounds like I need a break! But being busy is something that I am grateful for.

This is definitely my busiest year as a #BossWoman. I know I’ve been saying this a lot in the past two years but seeing everything unfold in front of me leaves me speechless. Success does not come easy, and I learned at a very young age that it takes a lot of hours and effort to make something happen.

I also know that it takes a lot of support to feel motivated and inspired. In my case, I sometimes seek help from tools that can make my business grow.

I am very loyal when it comes to technology — in the sense that if I find something that works — I won’t change it. The first laptop my dad got for me, I made sure I would be able to use it until the very end. I used it for 11 years and I made sure to look for the same characteristics that I loved about it when I purchased my new laptop. The same goes with the applications and software I use — if I know it works, I will not change it.

Though it may seem like I am afraid of change, I just dislike the thought of unnecessary tasks to make something work. Productivity and understanding the importance of time are two key factors for me when it comes to utilizing tools that can help me daily.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been having a problem with my disk space. Even with two hard drives and an external drive, I still get the dreaded “low disk space” notification in my main drive — and it can get pretty annoying. I had to go through every folder and see which files I no longer need. Somehow, the option to clean up my drive from the basic options of my computer only gave me less than 1GB of memory space. Needless to say, I was getting stressed out because I would have to go to great lengths technically whenever I had content due.

However, I discovered Solve iQ which has become my new best friend! Let me tell you now, installation is not a big problem for me — but if a simple software needs at least 3GB to work efficiently — I am out! Also, don’t you just hate waiting hours for something to finish downloading? Luckily, installing Solve iQ on my computer was a breeze!

I did not have to ask Google what every step meant which I love because anything user friendly, is a yes for me!

First thing on my list? SYSTEM CLEANUP… a much needed one! After a quick disk cleanup by SolveIQ, I was able tho free up 11gb worth of memory space, which is beyond amazing.

I have way too many files that are important to me — espeically family photos. If I can keep every picture safe forever, I would! So here you go, an extra layer of protection trough SolveIQ!

With my busy schedule, I am honestly not able to keep up with everything. This tab where it tells me what I need to update soon is vey helpful. SolveIQ’s device update service is giving me AppStore vibes only that, it’s for computers.

Having software to keep my laptop’s performance in top shape, especially during this busy season is very important to me. The peace of mind of having Solve iQ makes me more productive because now I have the extra time and tools to keep me going, plus it’s only $9.99!

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