Spring Cleaning 2022: AGent+

Hello dolls, hello spring! 2022 is a big year for our family as we navigate through this crazy real estate market. A and I kept quiet about our plans for almost a year but now, with our excitements growing each day, I am so glad to put in writing that we will be moving!!!

The market is really competitive right now and we are taking advantage of it by selling our current home and purchasing something that can check more boxes for us as a family of 4. Saying this out loud and knowing that it WILL HAPPEN makes me proud as I look back to all of the things we did to come to this point. As what A and I tell each other everyday, make smart choices all the time.

Whether it’s a big decision like buying a new house or simple things like cleaning agents, we always pick what’s best for our future, especially for our children.

There will be lots of cleaning for us in the next 6 months as we pack everything in our current home and then make our future house feel like home — which will involve more cleaning!

As a germaphobe, I am very particular with the way I clean. My husband would often give me the look — you know, the one that says “there she goes again..freaking out about that one drop”. Having children made me more cautious about sanitation. Amelia was a mover and crawled everywhere around our home, that made me realize how important it is for me to keep every space clean at all times.

As a busy Mom, finding time to do everything will always be something I will continuously work on. Most weeks I feel like I have everything under control, and then some weeks I just get so overwhelmed that I feel like I just need help in every aspect of my life. So whether it’s me or someone helping me clean the house, I know I can get the results that I want with the help of AGent+.

Here’s why you should by AGent+: women owned. eco-friendly, and they’ve been around for more than a decade.

Would you believe it if I said AGent+ can protect the cleaned surface from the growth and cross-contamination of harmful causing bacteria for up to 3 days after cleaning? This an amazing quality for a cleaning agent that surely puts my mind at ease.

AGent+ comes in a nesting kit which is a great option to live sustainably. It greatly reduces plastic and fossil fuel consumption. I love reusing bottles and this is one of the reasons why I will continue to support this amazing brand!

Where to purchase: AGentPlusProtects.me

Price: $32.95 for a kit nesting refill is typically $21.95

Discount code: Get 10% off on your first order PLUS get an additional coupon for a FREE nesting refill. Use code MomsFreeRefill (offer expires 07/31/2022).


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