How To CLEAR Your Head From Stress

Hello dolls, hello summer! What a season for my family. After 7 years of loving our first home, we took the plunge and bought a new home that checks all of the boxes for our growing family.

I would be lying if I say I did not have a breakdown or two during the process. The excitement is beyond what I can explain, but the responsibilities that come with selling a home and moving into a new one can be overwhelming at times. So here I am, feeling like my energy is running low and I am starting to push my health on the back burner again — or at least for the past 8 weeks.

Life feels like a marathon lately and there have been days when I felt so depleted. The cycle of going through mood swings and brain fog is no fun especially when things are a bit stressful.

3 easy ways to destress:

  1. Quiet time – I learned about quiet time from my children’s pediatrician. She told me that if/when my child skips his nap time, quiet time will suffice this helps our body regulate and most especially relax.

2. Treat yourself – treat yourself to a new playlist, a time to watch a movie, a dessert or two — really, anything that you’ve been holding back on getting/doing, just treat yourself! The thought of giving myself something I’ve been yearning for gives me instant elation.

3. Stay healthy — I used to think health is just about avoiding getting the flu or cold but it is honestly more than that. Our wellness contributes to our mood and mental health so it’s important to prioritize this. I’ve used Clear’s Brain and Mood Probiotic.

I used to be wary of taking anything but Vitamin C — then I turned 30 and my whole perspective about maintenance changed. Our body will require more for us as we age, and though this sounds tedious it’s very easy when you have a great lineup of vitamins or probiotics like Clear.

I’ve been using Clear’s Brain and Mood Probiotic and I can see how well I can manage stressful situations without breaking down.

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Disclaimer: This blog post is a paid partnership but my opinion remained truthful based on personal experience using the product.

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