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I am Rianna Galvez.  A 28-year-old adventure seeker, Mommy to an amazing boy (baby A), wife to the best husband (A) I could ask for, and a Chef.

I started blogging in 2010 to share what I am going through as a 20-year-old who was going through a bad break up. My blog became the outlet for my emotions that helped me see life in a different perspective.

For all food lovers and aspiring Chefs, this is a great place for you to be inspired! I started my journey here as a Culinary student with big dreams! My aspirations lead me to the United States as an intern in one of the best Country Clubs. With God’s grace, I was able to make my dreams bigger and after working hard with some of the best Chefs in Maryland, I moved up and now I am able to earn the title of a Chef. Working in the kitchen is not easy, so here I share with you my culinary adventures and places I’ve been to keep me inspired in the kitchen.

For the broken-hearted,  girlfriend, fiance, and the wife — may this be a great refuge for you to find great ideas to do with your man <3 I started this blog with a broken heart, sharing my “progress” here is a blessing in a disguise. Now, as I look back and reminisce about my early 20s, I realize how beautiful pain is. I met my husband when I stopped looking and waiting for the perfect man. I love sharing our adventures together from the US, Philippines, and every part of the world. follow us grow from a couple to parents building a beautiful home for our small family.

For the immigrant — ask away and see my life as an immigrant in the US. Coping with homesickness and living a new life miles away from home is not easy. May this be the place where you can find strength.

For the Daddy’s Girl. I believe that I am the girl version of him. While most of the girls were being guided by their Mom about the basics of womanhood, I was with my Dad, talking about life with any food that we see.When a book is being read to you to sleep, he was beside me teaching me how to pray. He was the one who taught me how to make my bed neatly and organize my stuff (proud obsessive compulsive right here btw lol). His influence on me was one of the greatest gifts, my passion for food and my undying devotion to the big guy up there.

My life doesn’t put up with normalcy. I always take the higher road and would rather take risks. Taking chances and give love. Falling and rising. Getting hurt and getting better.

For the fashion lover — shopping is my sport! I love dressing up. My style is pretty chic. I like to be relatable to most women so you will see a lot of girly looking outfits.

For the Best Mommies — I am a new Mom to a very sweet boy. There are no words to explain how full my heart is ever since I held him in my arms. See him grow with me and appreciate the new meaning of life as I share with you my experiences as a Mom.

I live to learn, to laugh and to love — also, to buy heels..more heels..and more heels. Lol

I have a soul of a wanderer. Traveling is something that I look forward to each day.

On the surface, I could be of many things – snob is what I mostly get. But what I really am is beyond description. My faith in Him, unconditional love for my family and values as a person are something that people don’t often see.

This is my love bug. I talk about everything and anything about my random life – hoping not to sound too conceited and lame.

I talk about life most of the time. Life with food, life with fashion and life with LIFE. Mainly because I want to inspire you dear reader, and the rest who views this blog to make the most out of yourself and life.

For haters, this could be the place where you could find yourself smiling (sometimes). But mind you that, PAIN IS BEAUTIFUL. So when I write about pain, its just a constant reminder for you that I AM ALIVE, and I EXIST. 🙂

I don’t post just for the sake of publishing an entry. I speak from the heart and every entry is rest assured to be poured with effort and love.

Lastly, let’s be friends!! Message me anytime about anything <3

You may contact me a: galvezstavrides@gmail.com

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