02.21.13: Happy 10th!

‘Cause even the stars they burn
Some even fall to the earth
We’ve got a lot to learn
God knows we’re worth it”

It is a blessing to make it this far. No words can ever describe how amazing you make me feel, every single day.


10th month present from the most awesome 🙂


The usual: His x Hers = Beer x Smoothie haha 🙂



We got crazy with oysters during the month of February!! Noms


Ended the night with friends! 🙂 Will definitely miss this, them.


OOTD: Forgive the bad lighting



Winter  = layers and layers of clothing


The most annoying candid shot ever, cause it looks fake. haha



I don’t know what has gotten into me. All I can say is, I want to get rid of a bunch of clothes in my closet and before I do so…I want to make sure that I at least wear them once. Haha 🙂

Seriously mentally drained due to over thinking. So pardon my lack of sense. :))

R <3 xx



02.19.13: Hello again, Frances!

One of the hardest things in moving forward to a different life is to build relationships.Relationships that can help me grow,learn more about life and not forget what I have been for the past 21 years before all these happened. It may be considered as a challenge,but I see it as a blessing. I once thought of listing down all the people that I know…or maybe just met. Crazy as it seems, but then I wanted to know if I matter, or how they stand in my life. I want to be part of someone’s life. I want to be the person that helped or gave meaning into something that changed an aspect in their lives. It is a blessing to be in a place and find people that made me feel like I am not alone. People that made me realize that when I comeback, I have someone that I can call a family. One of my dear friends that I can truly say that has made me feel like I am not too far away from home is, Frances. You can truly appreciate people more when you are in a situation where in you feel like the world is just going to turn on you in any second.


I was so excited to see her again! I know that her being near me again is going to make things a lot better. For one, I will have someone to confide with and understand what I am going through everyday. 🙂

Tooloulou is one of the best restaurants in the city! The man behind the restaurant is so good in making me feel hungry in every status update. his creativity when it comes to making simple food sound so divine is so admirable that sometimes the boyf and I wishes that we live right next to him.


Cutesy salt and pepper shakers! Gotta have ’em! 🙂


The menu….now drool.

Excluding the market specials


Duck confit pizza. 

I feel like he put this in an oven sent from heaven! This is so awesome it’ll make you cry.


Chicken Gumbo

A weekend special! It was spicy and savory. This dish is just so hearty it made me want to jump up and down. Haha



I am not a fan of sandwiches (weird cause for a year I’ve been making sandwich specials 3-4 times a week). But yeah, when I say I like a sandwich, I mean it! The bread is just so perfect that it made me love everything in it. I don’t know if I made sense but yeah…out of everything that we ordered,this was something that I did not expect to like.


Gator Po’boy



We love you tooloulou!!!!


So happy that she’s back!!!!! 602104_608427122506108_794517630_n

I redyed my hair don’t worry. Those were the “dark and horrible” days for my hair. haha




Top: Papaya

Skirt: Forever21





I have nothing much to say about this outfit…or maybe I am just in a state of shock as of the moment. I am once again blessed with another challenge in life that I know I will get through. Anyway, enough with the life lessons (AGAIN)…

I love how mustard and navy blue looks great together. It whispers classiness to my ears and calmness to the world. with a touch of sophistication.



And…when there’s a hello, there’s a goodbye.

Til I see you again, JT! Haha


This was a month ago..but I can’t thank you all enough, dear readers for making things like this happen!! It really warms my heart to know that someone appreciates my words and photos! 🙂

With God, I can get through everything…

R <3 xx

We Are Young

02.10.13 – eff-you-enn

One of the awesome things that I truly enjoy about my “somehow” independent life here for almost a year now is the fact that I get to experience different things. Things that I could never imagine happening if I did not decide to step out of the shell and move forward. There are things that I have sacrificed to be where I am right now and looking back, the past year has been an amazing journey. A journey that lead me in seeing a bigger picture of how I want my future to be, and why God directed me to this path.


I love celebrating life, in different ways. One of which is to, hangout with the girls and go our for some weekend fun! 🙂





It was yet,another f-u-n night for all of us! Nothing much to say buy yeah…you get my drift. haha!


Went to Quiznos after for some yummy late night sandwich x soup! 🙂




Lace Dress: Forever21


Tights: H&M


I like how you can transform a simple dress into something so chic when you wear it with tights. One of the things that I have always aspired of wearing in Manila is tights. I like how it shapes up your look.



So happy cause I was able to curl my hair nicely!!!! MY sister would be so proud of me when I get home. Hahaha 🙂

P.S.. It takes time and practice for a “used-to-be-short-hair-girl” like me!


VDAY posts, coming up!

R <3 xx

Superbowl Champions

02.03.13: Fresh start

Don’t you just love the feeling that you get when something unthinkable happens and you feel renewed after you have been blessed with the perfect answer to fix it? Having the opportunity to have a fresh start once in a while in life is a gift. If there’s something that I would always be thankful for from the past (almost) 3 years of my life, it would be the day that I got my heart broken and got healed with God. It’s really different when you submit your life to God and just let Him draw you to the path of happiness and trust Him in everything. After the beautiful thing of me getting my heart broken and being healed, it made me realize that some of the most beautiful things in life come from the most painful events. I may sound vague but yeah…life has continuously blessed me with amazing things and I just can’t stop talking about it. I AM TOO OBSESSED WITH LIFE.

Today is Sunday, and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to go to church and reflect on life on a different level. The overwhelming feeling that I get every time I step in the church is just too priceless. Much more when I get to influence someone in having a better spiritual life. Today is a blessing, it’s another day and I know that I started my day right..with him,and Him. 🙂


The last 2 weeks of January was a total roller coaster ride for me. It really shaped up the capital R in my life and I am just thankful that I got through that with joy and a whole heart.

The first Sunday of February was a celebration of life for us. A celebration of how we got through something horrible,and a celebration for the city that I have learned to love.

Wings ; Spinach dip ; Beer battered onion rings ; and chips for my first Superbowl game! 🙂

I feel lucky cause the Ravens made it to the Superbowl during my first year here! How awesome is that? For 21 years I have never cared anything about football. And in just a matter of few months, after I watched my first football game in the M&T Stadium, I became a Ravens fan.

Wings ; spinach dip ; beer battered onion rings ; and chips for our Superbowl XLVII night! 🙂


And since we are lucky, we got sushi to make the night more awesome! 🙂

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

It was a great game but I won’t blab about it cause it’s just not me… HAHA! But all I can say is… Joe Flacco is too hot for my life and the Ravens is lucky to have him as our quarterback!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I am so ecstatic, until now, that we are the Superbowl XLVII champions!!!!!!! 🙂 Woopee


I don’t have a jersey yet, I keep on #SMH for not buying that awesome jersey in Victoria’s Secret during the first month of the NFL Season but yeah…someday! I wore my “touch down” Old Navy shirt instead! Haha



St. Joseph’s Church! 🙂 Where I usually go when I’m not working for brunch or if not with Mr. and Mrs. Angel on a Sunday 🙂


Tikoy to celebrate Chinese New Year! 🙂


Happy Sunday everyone!!! 🙂

R <3 xx

Happy 19th,Sissy! :)

01.29.13: Happy Birthday, Boobie!

Probably the last birthday that I will miss this year. It’s so hard to let my family’s birthdays to just come and go. I may be 8,000 miles away from them but I see to it that I always do something to celebrate their birthdays even in a small way.  I might have failed on the Dad part since I am saving it for the best,though it’ll be a gazillion months late, I just want it to be special..just like him. Anywaysy, missing out on my sister’s birthday was really saddening for me,apart from the fact that she makes sure that I get something special from her on my birthday, I feel like I have not given enough to make her feel that I am really blessed to have her as my one and only sister. I don’t know how to express how much I want to make my sister happy in every way possible. It kills me inside every time we talk and I can’t pull her hair or squeeze her or just be the silly big sister that I am to her. It’s been almost a year and it still feels like I have just been here. The loneliness in my heart will never go away when I’m away with my family. But one thing that keeps my life moving forward is the blessings that God has been giving me. One of which is the gift of understanding. Understanding why I am here and my family understanding the path that I chose. It was never easy, it never will be. But that fulfillment that I feel everytime I go to work and learn something is just priceless. And the look on my Dad’s face everytime I tell him stories about work is a gift.


It was a cold Monday and a bowl of soup is just too perfect . Lucky for me, the both of us were blessed with Monday-Tuesday off again. Perfect to celebrate my sister’s birthday for 2 days! 🙂


Summer Rolls for our appetizer. The peanut dipping sauce that came with it was just to “AHHH-MAHHH-ZANG” (As Penny of Happy Endings would say it lol)


Side of veggies for our bowl of awesomeness!


Avocado shake for  a very cold weather. Nothing can stop me! Haha


Beef Brisket for me!!! Made me feel like I am home again. This was rally good! We’ve been to a couple of noodle bars already and I must say, this was the bomb!


Got myself a new baby from Forever21! Yay! <3 🙂


Jon, chorv’s bestfriend brought us some cuppy cakes from Georgetown Cupcake!!!


YUMMMS! Happy tummy! <3 Perf for my Sissy birthday! 🙂


Made Italian chopped Salad, Carbonara (made with pancetta,eggs,parsley), Lamb Chops with Pan-fried Veal Kidney and mushroom ragout for an awesome sissy birthday celebration! 🙂




Red Skinny Jeans = Birthday! 🙂


\Wore this top cause to me, my sister is a Princess! 🙂


Top: delia’s


Flats: Tory Burch



Mustache accessories from my siblings!! 🙂



Almost a year and a month ago 🙂

Happy happy birthday to the best sissy ever!! I can’t wait to bully,shop and do silly stuff with you soon!! Ate Inday should prepare herself for us now cause the best tag team ever will rock her world like boom-boom-shakalaka again! Haha! Me loves you so!!! <3 🙂


R <3 xx


01.15.13: Things that I love doing with you

Some people think it’s silly that I like doing things that are out of the norm. The stuff that they expect me not to do, are most likely to be the things that I would be happy about. If there’s one thing that I would hate when I look back at my life, I would hate to realize that my life has been nothing but a routine. I hate doing the same thing over and over and over again (I hate saying over 3 times but I did it anyway just to express how much I dislike having a routinized life). I do not enjoy going to the same restaurant in 3 months. I just need to be out there,and go place. That’s part of who I am. I walk, I look, I observe — I’m a traveler. I love how my life is different. How I can go with the flow of my own wave, how I have my own wave. And most of all, I love how God blessed me with a very blissful extraordinary life. A life that I am always grateful for. So yeah, that’s me getting caught up about life. Once I start talking about it, I just can’t stop. I JUST LOVE IT!


Spent the first half of our afternoon downtown. Federal Hill brings joy to my eyes. It never fails to make me feel like I am somewhere in NYC. Weird but hyeaaah, that’s me. Haha


We finally tried Stuggy’s. A quaint restaurant that serves specialty hotdogs. YUM!


We forgot what this wild thing is called (boohoo) but this was a special. 😐


Chili with cornbread for me! 🙂 I love how moist their cornbread is!


Went home to this! 🙂 My roomie Charm made “lugaw” / rice porridge! 🙂 YUMSS!


Best part of my day!!! PITANGO!!!!!! <3




Since we do not have any plans for the day, and all I know is we are going to the dentist I’ve decided to wear something comfy and simple. Jeans and a white tank top! 🙂


I chose the colors tan and brown to give accent to the world’s simplest but still stylish pair.


This bag is so me! It scrams travel!


White Tank Top: Forever21

DSCN7129 DSCN7130

I love this layered satin blazer! Not entirely perfect for the winter but I like how it made my simple look still stylish! I basically revolved my accessories on this blazer! 🙂


Happy love week!

R <3 xx

The Little Pig

January 2013: Random Random

Just like the usual, I am lost in translation again. All I can think about right now is how psyched I am about the Ravens!! Superbowl XVLII #hellyeah! The song ” thrift shop” is on repeat and all I know is, the past week has been nothing but amazing!! I am so happy and nothing can pull me down… nothing! It’s been a week since I made a big step for my future and I wake up each day with hope and faith growing in my heart. So yeah, the month of love started in a very amazing way! 🙂


Some Mondate with Charm in TGIFriday’s! 🙂

The pot stickers and chicken flat bread were equally amazing!!! #TotallyCravingRightNow


Shrimp x Chicken with Mashed Potatoes for moi 🙂

Korean Beef Tacos for the chorvs and some C & D for our appetizer! 🙂


Wore the polo that my Sissy sent me!! 🙂 Yay!



So yeah, I was sorting old photos from my Multiply account (yes, still not done with this sort thingy). some of the photos made me smile or say “aww” but most of it made me laugh! Especially when I saw how much of a pig I was before! Haha. Oh yeah, I’m a proud “oink oink”! :)))

Say Hi to the fatty version of me! 😀


…and this is me now! I still have traces of being a pig. But whatevs! :))

P.S. Decided to make this photo sillier by adding a bow on my head! HAHA


Top: bebe


Pants: Papaya


Flats: Wetseal


R <3 xx

4712 Club Road

01.07.13: Lucky to be part of the family

If I have to say all of the beautiful things that I love about my workplace, it would take me all night. Going to work happy every day, and loving what I do more each day are just some of the reasons why I thank God for blessing me with an opportunity to learn and be with a group of people who brought out the best in me. It is a blessing to find a place in this world where in you would feel like you are home even if you are away from your family. Work is amazing, I can’t express how happy I am to be part of this family. I get excited to go to work everyday and it’s one of the most awesome feelings ever. To love what I do, to be happy about what I do.


Dinner party for the staff 🙂 It’s nice to be able to know what it feels like to be a member. Haha! Although the food is nothing compared to what we serve every night, dining in a lovely room, rich in beauty and history is exceptional 🙂

Staff Holiday Party 058

with my favorite homie,Alyza! Haha 🙂


with Jamie!!!!!! The person who keeps me sane at work when everything gets too stressful for me haha



Uhmm.. I am pretty sure I was trying to say something! Hahahaha



Went for a simple look with a touch of feminine colors 🙂


Decided to wear this lovely necklace from  Forever21 to cover up the low see through neck line of the dress 🙂


I love everything about this white dress from Love Culture!!! So glad that I was finally able to wear these awesome babies that I got for my birthday! Some killer heels I got here!


Heart ring from my Sissy x Gold bangle from Forever21



Gotta love gold!!! 🙂


Wore this military styled coat that I got for Christmas!!! Love it!!!!



The 100th restaurant that we’ve eaten to!! 🙂 Yay!!


Since we all felt that the night was still young, we’ve decided to go to Ryan’s Daughter! A really nice place near our workplace!!! 🙂


I died!! I love spinach dip and this was definitely one of the bests!! The dubliner cheese just made this even tastier!!!! Most of them thinks otherwise, but hyeah…gotta love my spinach and cheese! Haha 🙂

Someday, they would understand,

R <3 xx

Million Possibilities

01.11.13 – Oh,happy days

How do you begin when your thoughts are trapped into a place that you don’t want to be into. How do you begin when you just want to move forward and continue with all the happiness that God has blessed you with for the past year. With everything that has been happening, how do you begin? How do you begin to say, this is enough. When would you know, this is enough. I am a stress ball right now, juggling all the anxieties and upsetting shenanigans that happened in just 6 days. The first 2 days were the hardest, the feelings were bigger than me that my sanity just left my own body. The third day was all about waiting with a hint of day 1. The 4th and 5th were all about feelings. And today, it’s about decision making. Most of you might think that these words doesn’t make sense at all. But see, I have learned something about life recently – life is fair in it’s own unfair way. I am blabbing like  a crazy girl again.  — this was me, 2 days ago.

After everything that I have been through for the past decade, I have learned that life goes on and people change – for the better or for the worse. It is your choice if you want to feel trapped, unhappy and be a failure. You can choose to have freedom in your life, be happy and successful. See, no matter how hard a situation is, when you feel like everything that has been going around you is unfathomable, or when you just see yourself on the ground, remember that, God is with you all the way. I have been blessed with a very dire situation last week. I felt awful and I was in a position where in I just want to escape. But, having God in my life made me realize that this is nothing. I resolved to talking to him more often than the usual. My faith is now bigger than my anxieties and I learned how to defy hope without questioning his ability to make things better in just a snap. I am still amazed, and forever will be, on how God can turn around things for us. In ways that we do not expect. Today is Sunday, and I feel blessed for having the opportunity to go to church and cast all of my prayers upon him. Today is Sunday, and I miss my family more than ever, but God showed me how beautiful my life is. Today is Sunday, God bless you all 🙂


Random Fridate 🙂

Had lunch in The Cheesecake Factory! YUM!!!


For the apartment! Yay 🙂


New issues has just arrived and I still have 2 out of 4 to read from my December issues! Whaaaaat




Orange is not really my color, but I love how these 2 colors screamed “this-is-a-good-day” 🙂


..and yes, I’m a robot! Haha


Steve Madden studded flats! Me love <3 Looks really good with jeans!


What I have on my bedroom wall 🙂 A reminded of how amazing my family is. The people who gives me strength and the courage to go through each day with a smile 🙂


R <3 xx


12.31.12: Crossed out

A New Year is an opportunity to start fresh on life, to tell yourself to be a better version of you for the next 365 days, and to let the whole world that you exist. I am not perfect and so is my life. It’s funny how people would give me that look once I start blabbing about the miseries in my life. But, as what I always preach about – there is beauty in pain. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t dwell with the negativity of life, whatever situation I am at.

New Year’s Eve 2013 was really different for most of us. For me, I am used to a home full of people that I love. We welcome the New Year with loud firecrackers and beautiful fireworks with hot chocolate on our dinner table. This year, I started the year by crossing out one thing on my bucket list and then it was followed by craziness, loud music and good company.



Love these girlies!!!

I don’t know why I am hugging Charm like she is some tree. haha


Ordered a boneless lechon from a Cebuano! #YUM


So I really thought that orange is the color of the year cause that’s what I have been told. Boo. I should really research when it comes to this kind of stuff. Yikes


Bandage Skirt: Forever21


Wore a not-so-sparkly top since it’s New Year’s Eve! Yay 😛


01.01.13 – Hello, 2013!

Had a simple dinner with everyone. Cooked Filipino food – which I am not good at HAHA. But yeah, I’m really happy that everything went well and everyone was full after the dinner. Yay! 🙂


With Rizelle and Luana 🙂


We also celebrated, Jhade ; Dea ; and Kuya Alan’s birthday! 🙂


Hearts, bow and laces for the New Year! 🙂

Cant wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon,

R <3 xx

Christmas 2012

12.25.12: First American Christmas 

I have been blessed with a lot of opportunities again lately. Life has unfolded answers that I have been seeking for the past few months and I am just too overwhelmed with how God has been showing me how amazing my life is – every single waking day. Excitement is overpowering my entire soul. All I know is, I have my fingers crossed and my prayers and hope are getting stronger each day. Let this be it – I tell myself.

Anyways, I do not want this to be another sappy post about me not having my family beside me during the holidays. I feel like, I should look forward to what’s ahead of me instead of looking back to my not-s-good days. So yeah, I am looking forward to this coming Christmas, cause by all means – I will do everything that I can to be with my family 🙂


My first Christmas stocking 🙂


I do not know if  I have stressed this out enough, but yeah..Christmas 2012 was very different. 50% of what transpired was something that I have yearned for a long time.

Say hello to the delicious chicken liver terrine that Gerry made. Perfect 🙂



Presents from the Stavrides’!! I am such a lucky lass!! <3


Stocking goodies <3


Super duper soft and lovely gloves x scarf from Joe,Fran,Erica and Julia!! <3


The best pair of booties that I have! From Mr. and Mrs. Stavrides 🙂


Lovely headband from Mr. and  Mrs. Stavrides again 🙂


From Maria and Alex <3

Their presents really melted my heart. It made me feel like they care about me 🙂 Everything that I love!!


Presents from the girls 🙂


Presents from the Chorvs!! 🙂

I love everything!!! From the cutesy Paris stuff, to the cookbook and Vera Wang skirt!! I’m blessed <3 🙂


Awesome airplane ring from the sissy 🙂


Fab accessories from the Sissy <3


My family is awesome! They made sure that I will open something from them this Christmas!! <3 🙂




Red flats: Wetseal


another present that I got from my Secret Santa this year: Aldo Bag 🙂

Dress: Cotton On




Praying for the best,

R <3 xx

Christmas ’12: First Snow

12.24.12: Too much firsts in one day

I can’t believe how time just stabbed me in the back. I feel like I am just a blink away from the life that I have lived in for 20 years. Being here for a year made me realize how much I want to work hard to attain everything that I aspire for – as an individual, daughter,sister and a rightful person to be in someone’s future. My head is wrapped around the thought of me pursuing a future that is relevant to what is happening now. Sacrifices has to be made again and all I know is, if everything goes into plan, in God’s time – it will all be worth it.


A lot has happened that day. Playing in the snow was the mid-part of our first December 24,2012 in the States.


It would’ve been more fun and memorable if my siblings were with me. The excitement of my first snow experience just passed too quickly because my siblings were in my head the whole time. Somedaaaay.





Karen & I


Games x Booze x Great company


It was a different Christmas Eve celebration, but it was still, just like any other Christmas Eves – FUN! Minus the fambam..




One of the 2 photos with the back of my dress in it. Such a shame I forgot that my dress has a nice back detail while I was taking an outfit shot. Lol




It was a very unexpected night. The night ended with a first and I give all the credit to Rizelle, for being an awesome human being! 🙂 Haha




Wore this lovely dress from XOXO21

Peplum x Lace..how can I not fall in love?


Thanks to Charm for putting her finger on the flash,. Hence,the crappy lighting :)) Lol

Will try to keep up with all the back logs,

R <3 xx

Christmas’12: The Oregon Grille

12.24.12: First Snow

Hey Dolls! I know it has been a while AGAIN. I was,and still, caught up in between life and life. It’s really hard for me to step foot into the world of requiescence. Most of the time I find myself wishing for another hour of sleep, or more time for me to go shopping and devour myself with beautiful stuff for my closet..but on top of all that, I wish I have my family with me while I experience all these. To have them beside me when I go through the beauty of life. Christmas 2012 has been very different for me, first time in my 22 years of existence that I was away from my family. No Christmas hugs and kisses from the parents,and silly quality time with the siblings.And above all, hearing mass together is something that I terribly miss.


Got picked up by a stretch…..awesome! 🙂




Our HR arranged a very lovely lunch day for us. He mad reservations in The Oregon Grill. 

One of the best restaurants here,definitely! 🙂


I’ve got no words but “wow” when we arrived in the Oregon. It was beyond beautiful. And ideal place for a romantic date or special family gatherings.


We were given a private room, made our special day more especial 🙂


I chose to sit with the fireplace behind me so I would be warm all day 🙂


Nothing better than a warm bread and good butter to start our meal 🙂


Ordered Seafood Tower for my appetizer

Lobster, Shrimp and Oysters! <3


Reminded me of my Dad.  He is such a seafood lover! I have always eaten whatever he tries to make me eat. Whatever he likes, I like. I’m like his mini me when it comes to food…and discipline! 🙂 This for you, Daddy! Hope I would get to share this tower with you someday 🙂


Since I know there are big meals that are coming way for the next 2 days, I’ve decided to lay-low on my entree. I went for Chicken Madrilena.

I can’t entirely say that I wish I ordered something else, but this was definitely not for me.


Mushroom x Parmesan Fries for my sides! 🙂


Best Creme Brulee I’ve ever had!!! This was the BOMB!! I swear.





It started snowing while we were having lunch. It was really lovely watching the snow fall 🙂

Thought to myself: How can this day get any better.


Our first snow <3




Wore this asymmetrical skirt with my DAS heels again 🙂


Aztec printed corset, bought somewhere in New York <3 🙂


Will do better in posting,

R <3 xx

Forever21plus1: Material Girl meets the Stalking Horse

The Word Too Much is an Understatement

Hello, dolls! Life has once again shocked me with another surprising blessing. With details that I will not fully disclose again, all I can say is “I never thought that this day would come” 🙂 The occurrences in my life lately has tickled my soft bone in a big way and I can’t help but wonder, what have I done right to deserve all of these?

Anywaysy, here’s another post about my awesome birthday week! 🙂


(1) Card and Amazon Gift Card from Tall Mike (2) Cards from the Stavrides’ (3) Card and Forever 21 gift card from Jon (4) Keep Calm cards that I bought a few weeks before my birthday! Haha 🙂


Birthday Surprise from Mi Familia!! <3

22 presents from Manila! <3 🙂

P.S. Yes dolls, my Dad sent me a  mighty bond cause I tend to break a lot of stuff when I’m in the zone. Lol :))

– MY sister sent me a lot of awesome stuff! Tops and accessories that I cannot wait to use!! 😛

– My sent me a fab top that is too perfect for winter!!! 🙂

I love how they bought most of the stuff in Forever 21 and wrapped the presents in Forever21 bags! They just know me too well! 😛



Loooovely shoes from my Dad!! <3


Cutesy stuff from my brothers!! <3 🙂


Pretty bag from Daddy that goes perfect with the lovely shoes that he sent me!! <3 🙂


Presents from the Chorvs!! <3


Tory Burch, baby!! <3 🙂


Killer heels!!!! 🙂 Love how elegant this baby looks! 🙂



Miyabi knife!! Yaaay <3



Spa Soaps from Bath and Body Works! <3 So buttery!! 🙂

YSL lipstick!!!! <3 Need I say more?


Christmas ornaments from the Stavrides’


Pretty coat from the Stavrides’ again! 🙂


Night out with the girls! 🙂


Would’ve been a perfect photo if Karen and Jhade were with us! 🙂






Charm Lovin’


Went to Cross Street Kabob after! 🙂 Reminded me of how night outs used to be in MNL! Mister Kebab after a night full of fun with MZATC! 😛




Top: H&M

Animal Print Skirt: Forever21- present from my sissy <3 🙂

Tights: H&M

Heels: DAS


Jacket: H&M

See you soon blog world,

R <3 xx

Hello, birthday month!

Cause everyday is my birthday! <3

November has got to be my most favorite month of the year! For me it’s the most awesome and joyful 30 days (plus 10 days cause I usually have a hangover from all of the amazing things that happened during my birthday). This year, it’s going to be different. My family is not around and I know it wouldn’t be the same but I also know that it shouldn’t be a reason for me to make everyday amazing. 9 days has passed and all I can say is – I am grateful to Him for blessing me more and more and more each day!

Welcomed the month with this box from my family!!! <3


Some of the stuff inside the box! 🙂

Cutesy iPhone cases from Mama!! 🙂 BusinessIsMyThing is the best when it comes to cellphone accessories!! <3

Love it so much!! thanks Remo and Klariz!! <3

I am 🙂

Cutesy rings from my Sissy! She knows me too well <3

Thank you, Daddy!! xx

Look how cute my iPhone is!!! <3

Hahahaha LOL. Wattup

Cutie from Topshop!!!


OOTD: Greek Festival

Wore the top that my Sissy sent me!!! Look very lovely with white jeans!! <3

Awesome finds! <3

More awesome days to come,

R <3 xx


October Random Heaps

Here we go again.. capping off another month! But this isn’t it yet.. I still have 2 more entries piled up waiting to be shared. This is just a proof of how busy I was for the past month…too much backlogs and so little time! Anywaysy, just like the usual, I have been spending my free time wisely in the most awesome possible way for me, by dining and shopping.

Today, I will be hoping for the best, for some good news, for me to have a path from the One above and give me the anwers that I have been looking for. This is it!!!!! 😛

One of my favorite cutesy restaurants to date! I specifically love them for their….

Yummy Mushroom Melt

I loved how cheesy this sandwich was!

For selling awesome pastries!

Their dream bar was really DREAMY! It was to awesome for words!

..and of course! My new found love! their low-fat oreo smoothie! Made with vanilla yogurt!!! YUM! <3 <3 <3

Wore this outfit again…but changed the heelsy that I wore! 😛

Love this color so much!!! Obviously 😛

How cute are these kitchen finds?:)



Some random day before work! 🙂

My new faovrite place – IKEA!!!

Fell in love with their awesome looking restaurant 🙂

Their chocolate truffle fudge was to die for!!!! Wanna have it now…… please

“Embrace Messy Hair”

Something simple for a I-feel-lazy-to-dress-up-cause-its-cold day! 🙂

Praying for the best,

R <3 xx

Red Ribbon

10.11.12: Monday on a Thursday

I can’t remember the last time I have been this disappointed. I hate the feeling of not having enough time, the feeling of wasting time..or chances. Or just merely not live each day to the fullest. We only live once, YES. However, some circumstances make it difficult for us to do more important things. I have lived in a world where family is a priority; where a week is not complete without going to church;  where money is just a source of income and not something that would defy life; and life is celebrated everyday. This may come shallow or trivial, but it really is just frustrating when you know you’ve worked hard for something that will make someone..or people happy.  I know I have earned it..we earned it. We waited for almost a month and now,that weekend is nothing but a plan that never happened. I really wish and pray that I would have the chance to celebrate next year. Cause this year just screwed us..big time.

Richardson Farms after our Delaware shopping trip

A great place for awesome organic finds! 🙂

My Asian Salad from Panera for our light lunch! 🙂

Adored this lovely interior in Forever 21! 🙂

Paciugo’s Gelato! 🙂

MAC goodies!!!

Booties from the chorvaers! 

New Culinary books for usssss!!! <3

Hey Babies!

New neck charms! Too bad its not as good as it’s supposed to be 😐

A new baby arrived on our doorstep again!!!

Hey there beautiful!



Curled my hair again!! Yay! 🙂

Red dress: Terranova

Still praying for an awesome weekend,

R <3 xx

Stalking Horse

08.12.12 – Horse x Shoe(s)

I’m hungry and I feel bad for not updating this blog as often as I could. Anyway, my words are somewhere and I couldn’t seem to find it. All I know is, I’m excited to be off tomorrow!! I cannot believe how time flies, after tomorrow I’ll be embracing another weekend again. How awesome is that? And then another Monday!!!

Saturday habit with ze girls 🙂

Loving the background!

Always a fun night with them!!

Cray cray night as usual!

Blue x Tangerine Peg!!!

Heels: Forever21

Top: Muffin clothing

Clutch: Accessorize

Bought this topbecause of the heart-shaped buttons! Lol


Shoe addiction

Oh yes!

Was so excited to open the box!!!

One of my favorite

After 203 months, I finally had a size! 🙂

Love the awesome box!!!

Can’t choose what color to buy, so I bought both!!! hahahah

colors of summer <3

Heading out for some sushi lovin’ now,

R <3 xx

Pasta Plus..and plus,and plus!

08.03.2012: Thursday Thur-gether

I’ve been on a minor hiatus for quite some time..again, I know! I’ve been juggling life and work lately (not complaining, of course!). I’ve been preoccupied with some last minute errands aka SHOPPING! I’ll be sending another box of love this week and I am very excited to see my siblings be extra happy again this week.

Anyways, here’s how I spent my day off last week. I am having another awesome week ahead! “We planned” a good amount of pig-out trips, I hope my body will not give up on me…. or loathe me. Haha

Baked Apple-Cinnamon Muffins for the first part of our morning. We did Ina Garten’s recipe and it turned out really good!

YUM!! Apple and Cinnamon are really perfect together <3 Definitely one of the best flavor combinartions 🙂

We went to Arundel Mills to go shopping. This mall is so HUGE you can find everything that you want. Did I mention it’s an outlet?? So yup! Cheap prices in every store.

Ever since we started dating, A has been telling me about Pasta Plus. Since we work together, we really can’t find time to go there for dinner. Lucky us! We have the same days off this week 🙂

Plus points for warm bread!! 😀

House Salad

Cozze with white wine sauce

The sauce was beyond divine!!! I swear I’m drooling now. The light but very flavorful sauce definitely jump-started our dinner.

Squid Ink Homemade Pasta with Seafood

Gnocchi Verde – Spinach with onions, peas, and mushrooms in cream sauce

This was OHHHH-some!!! I would love to have this any day.

Eggplant Parmigiana

This was humongous! Definitely good for sharing. If I was hungrier, I would have been able to finish the entire thing cause it was soooo good! Layers of mouthwatering tomato sauce, cheese, and eggplant. YUM!

Definitely one of the best dinner dates ever <3



Heels: Aldo

Skirt: Wet Seal

Necklace from the sissy 🙂 <3


The best part of my day! 🙂 The shoes that my brother designed on NikeiD.com has finally arrived!!! Can’t wait for him to get it!!! <3 <3 <3

Shopping Finds

More clothes = more hangers lol

For the siblings!!! <3

R <3 xx

Missing the Sissy

If there’s someone that I would love to be with right now, it would be my Sister. I would recently find myself wishing that she is with me here, being crazy together and just living the moment. She has always been my favorite partner, even though there would be times that she would get on my nerves or something (haha). Anywaysy, this would be throwback from the past and a random day from this month 🙂 So yadda yadda I have to type quickly or I’ll be late for work. Haha :))

Day-off with these girls! 🙂 It was awesome that we all have Tuesday off 2 or 3 weeks ago! 🙂 Sheila and Tara brought us to a nail salon! Oh how I missed getting my nails done!! Too bad I cannot go for a manicure… 😐

Fridays for lunch. YUM!

Shopped in Towson to end our day! 🙂 Awesome Tuesday off!!


This happened last 01.28.2012. Spent the morning of my sister’s debut in California Nails & Day Spa! 🙂

I love cutesy and girly nail salons!! It reminds me of how I love being a girl! Hahaha

Boobie and Lola

My Sissy and I loves getting our nails done together!! Nailaholics and California Nails & Day Spa are our favorite nail salons to date!!! 🙂

Favorite colors.. 🙂

I love Orly and OPI! But Chanel took my nails straight to happy land!!! 🙂 Too bad they don’t have it in CN&DS 😐

Beautiful location!! Overlooking KAtipunan and Ateneo!! 🙂 #KAtipunanRepresent HAHA

Way back when my hand was scar/torture free. I have granny hands now…I think :))

Spa the next day after my Sister’s debut! 🙂

…some random whatever photos while shopping with the Dad and the sibs 🙂

I miss opening a “star” every day with my Sissy! I would make her choose one and then I’ll open it!! Awww 🙁

I love you so much!!! I cannot wait to bully you again!!! Please go here next year!!!!!!!! <3

Missing the Sissy so much,

R <3 xx