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TheHolidays: The Season of Giving

12.24.2013: Old Stories for the New Year

Hey dolls!!! Happy New Year! 🙂 So I meant to work on this blog yesterday (January 1st here in the Philippines) but since family comes first, I had to delay this for a little bit. But hey! It’s still January 1st somewhere, right?:) Anyway, so after this I will take another breather and work on our “day-2-in-Palawan-diaries” (cause this blog is just out of the rhythm like that).


I had an AMAZING first day of the year (told you my 2014 is going to be just as amazing as 2013!).

This status pretty much sums up my night, and I feel like it will be a better intro than me trying to find new words for a beautiful moment. I feel really blessed that I had the opportunity to listen to my Dad and his siblings’ childhood. All the stories were beautiful and moving that I find myself promising that I will do everything that I can to make each day for my family just as lovely as it is now. All my life I looked up to my Dad, but after last night, I feel like I can do so much more for him and give more. I feel like I am the luckiest daughter for having him as my Dad <3


My Dad is the most generous person that I met, and Christmas here at home is not complete without seeing boxes and boxes and boxes of presents.

These are just 1/3 of the presents, and every year my Dad would giveaway these beautiful calendars straight from China.


White Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter



Palawan Diaries: KINABUCH’S x OOTD

09.27.13: ….and that’s a wrap


I can’t think of a better intro than this.

I am lost in translation. My head is seriously going to burst any minute now. and I wish….I wish people can be more respectful and selfless.

I have reached my boiling point, and you know how I hate to turn this blog into a drama-fest, BUT when you give your all and spend n days working on things THE LAST MINUTE, and make everything perfect, it sucks when someone makes you feel like you did not do enough. It sucks when the work that you’ve done is not being reciprocated well…especially when the only thing that you asked for is not even going to cost them a dime. I worked like a machine for days while being sick, and sacrificed time for my future. I think I have every right to lose my temper. I am physically and mentally exhausted, is it too much to ask for some ME time?

Anyway, before I suck the life out of this blog…here is my last entry for our first day in Palawan (yaaaay).I did it!!! So here’s a food x fashion post! A little bit of both 🙂




Kinilaw na Tanigue (Mackerel Ceviche)

 I love kinilaw/ceviche! I grew up eating kinilaw with my Dad. I know A would love this, and I am glad he did!!!! The fish was so fresh…yumms!


I forgot the cocktail that we ordered..but I think it was weng-weng cause they can’t do sex-on-the-beach.

A had Jack and Coke. I remember him not really liking it.

The drinks were okay…I had better.


Palawan Diaries: #CebuPacProblems

09.27.13: Cebu Pacific = “we guarantee you that your flight will be DELAYED” 

Hello, sweets! <3 I know we are all still on that CHRISTmas vibe! I am not going to write a separate post for it this time as I want to finish all of our first-day-in-Palawan entries before we kiss 2013 goodbye 🙂 I had an amazing Christmas this year, one of the best I must say! So I’ve decided to do another take on my “recent-for-recent-in-between-my-lazy-backlogs” again. I’ve had an amazing year, and I just do not want each memory to fade away just because I can’t devote enough time on this blog. Anyway, I wish you all had an amazing Christmas just like I did. AND remember Christmas is not about the presents that we get under our tree, it’s about the big guy up there 🙂


Let me share with you the first part of our Palawan trip.

The girls and I have been wanting to go to the beach since..forever. A trip that doesn’t involve my driver driving us to some place 2 hours away from Manila. We need a SOLID beach trip. So months before A got here, we planned to go to Palawan,cause we feel like Boracay is too mainstream..especially when someone is visiting the Philippines! Pluuuus, my girls are too adventurous and Palawan has so much to offer.


Kenji Tei

09.26.2013: Gelato = Reward

Hello dolls! 🙂 So it has been more than a week since I last update my page 🙁 I have been extremely busy…and I will be AGAIN starting tomorrow. My Mom and I just finished our Christmas Eve menu and I am excited! I am so excited to make my family happy with the food that I will be making for the Holidays! 🙂 In between my crazy kitchen sesh (orders here and there and family dinners) another blessing came my way after I heard mass with my family (for those who do not know, there is a tradition here in the Philippines called Simbang Gabi). The fastest answered prayer happened last night! We were so stressed out for the past few days and we have been praying hard for things to turn around, and it did!!! I don’t know how I can express it even more on this blog, but LIFE GETS TRULY AMAZING WHEN YOU BELIEVE IN HIM! The word “amazing” is an understatement even, with all the blessings that he has given me, I don’t think I can ever thank Him for…eternity! Last night is an epitome of miracle 🙂

Anyway, so I am totally backlogged with all the heaps that I want to post here (#uhh). This blog just turned another year older yesterday (yay!).I pondered about random stuff earlier (you know during my wee hours) and I can still say the same since I started this “” thingy…I am not a blogger, and will never be. 🙂

Riannas Seafood Ramen

I don’t know why we ended up in Kenji Tei, but it was in my “okay slash s0-so” category. I’ve had better ramen, and I know there are far more better ramen places here in Manila. But,since we met up with his long time friend (who also visited the Philippines) we had to compromise with the place that we were going to.

Location wise, I really want us to be in Greenbelt that day. I love Greenbelt and I can recall all those times my family and I would be there every week (until traffic became to unbearable for us that we learned how to value proximity). But yeaaah, if only I can bring Greenbelt 50KM closer to us, I would be okay with that haha

One of Greenbelt's MallsA

Anyway, going back to my ramen story… I’ve read a lot about good ramen places here in Manila, but most of them are not in Greenbelt. And such a shame cause we were such in a hurry to find out about a ramen place in Greenbelt that I just googled “ramen house greenbelt” and Kenji Tei came up!

It wasn’t disappointing, it’s just that I feel bad that the only ramen that he had here in Manila is not as good as the ones that we had in the US! 🙁



His Curry Ramen

Just 2 of the things that he is crazy about… curry and ramen!

Curry Ramen from Kenji TeiA

This came in a very very big bowl (one of the good things about KT! Their servings are good enough for 2)


Gomoku Shio Ramen

My Seafood Ramen

Riannas Seafood RamenB

“everything that I love in one bowl….seafood x veggies and a slice of pork”

This was really good, though I kind of wish that the broth is a bit thicker than this. I don’t know but, the broth was not too amazing for me 😐


Extra toppings for my hungry man

Dalandan JuiceA

Fresh Dalandan Juice

I made him drink fresh juices that he won’t be able to drink in the US when he was here. Calamansi, Buko,and dalandan are his favorites 🙂





We went to Glorietta for a little while cause I had to check something for our Palawan trip.

He said the view from the bridge looks nice comparing to the streets that he saw in some areas outside Makati…so he took a photo of it haha


..and since we had Asian food beofr eour Hong Kong trip…

I got rewarded again!!! Gelato fo me <3


Coconut x Lime for A

Pistachio x Verones Chocolate for me!! 🙂


The breakfast series:


My breakfast from ChowkingA

Since he really wanted to try Chowking… and cause he can’t have enough Asian food in a day.

breakfast delivery for A!

…all for him!



Filipino delicacies!! YUMMS

Cause my Dad is so crazy about making him try everything that Filipinos love <3 haha


R <3

Of Turning 23

11.29.2013, Friday

Hello, 23!

To all of you who remembered my special day, THANK YOU 🙂

I can’t put into words how I happy and grateful  I am to everyone who made sure that it will be nothing but perfect.

I am going to do my acknowledgements here cause a memorable day like this deserves a bigger page than a small box on Facebook 🙂


My ultimate wish for my 23rd was…TIME.

I only wanted one thing for my birthday,and that is to spend time with my loved ones here.

Nothing big…nothing elaborate.

Cause the best part of my day was waking up and knowing that I have my family to spend the rest of the day with.


And even if we were miles and miles away from each other,

 A was still able to make my birthday just being the most awesome man one could ever have 🙂

The video call with everyone greeting me..the letter..and the TIME.

It all paid up for his presence during my day

…and I know someday soon,I will be able to celebrate my birthday with him and my family.


Today, I am officially 23.

I can’t believe how time flew by. I have learned and experienced so much when I was 22. I made each day count and as I look back to my 22nd year, I am very satisfied with the lady that I became of since that Hello Kitty party! 🙂

I am so grateful to all the people that I have in my life now. And I will make sure that I will never let a day go by without telling my loved ones how much they meant to me.

I couldn’t be any happier about my future, it is looking so bright that everyday I am just getting more and more excited to do things.


(shameless birthday selfie haha)

I wouldn’t have my birthday any other way. I got everything that I wanted, everything that I could possibly ask for. It was perfect.

To everyone who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and who took an effort in sending me a private message..THANK YOU 🙂 Each wall post, comment or message made me smile.

To my friends, who gave me an awesome Saturday night.THANK YOU! For supporting my introvert”ism” (#HAHA) — me not wanting to be with a crowd and my love for intimate dinners! It was yet another perfect night that ended into a “memorable” sleepover.

To my loved ones in MD, who made me smile on the first hour of my birthday, and made me feel that I am loved. THANK YOU 🙂

To my love, who did everything just to see me happy. THANK YOU 🙂 You are my purple balloon <3

To my family who made sure that I will feel loved and special, THANK YOU. I was the happiest daughter and sister this past November 29 <3

I will rock 23.





Melbourne Prime: Test Kitchen

Cause life couldn’t be better <3

Hi dolls! 🙂 So remember the girl who almost talked about the darkness of life? She’s gone…and let’s hope that she’s not going to be back until (never).

Disclaimer: this is a series of the beauty of life.

Just like most of my posts, I will yet again, talk about LIFE. A few weeks ago, I’ve been wallowing in complexity, We all have those moments in life, wherein we feel like we are stuck inside a hole that we can’t seem to find a way out of. That the moment you realize that you are your own enemy, it makes you feel more trapped. Have you heard of the phrase “God can turn mistakes into miracles”? Well it’s true..and it has been proven to me for a billion times already, just like today.

I’ve been feeling restless for the past few days, and I all I wanted to do earlier was to hit that 8 hour mark of sleep. But, there are things that I am willing to sacrifice my sleep for, and that is….that piece of paper that we got in the mail today. I still can’t believe that we are step closer, which is ironic cause all this time all that we have been doing is to BELIEVE in the power of His love for us. We stood by our faith and we got rewarded by an amazing early birthday present.


I know I do not post that much about what I do,but here’s a glimpse of me…doing what I am passionate about.

The second thing that I am celebrating today, is the gratification of being appreciated. I will never ever forget that time I prayed to Him and said “I want to be great at something”. And though I know I have so much to learn (and I am so excited about it), I am deeply overwhelmed with the people who notices my talent, those who appreciates the things that I can do…and those who believes in me.


Anyway, before I turn this blog into a reflection paper, let’s move on to….FOOD.

He are some of the things that we did at work. I work at a company that imports meat from Australia, so as much as we want to try all of the recipes that we have on hand, we had to focus on the main star — the meat.


Cause I enjoy trussing beef. I hope that one day, when my Chef from our Butchery class sees this she will be proud….hahahaha

But yeaaaap, it may seem unlikely but trussing beef is one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen! 🙂






I am back in the land where “parsley” is the favorite garnish.


Tried two recipes for our meatloaf test day…



We thank Paula Deen for making our day easy.



Rochelle’s take on Crispy Tapa




My Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy

Will fly again soon,

R<3 xx

Tea, Wine..and some Greek.

08.13.13: Secret and lies

I am not the most sociable person. I get mistaken as a snob most of the time,and I can only blame it to the only thing that makes me shake when I meet new people…my extreme shyness. I do not know where this is heading, all I know is my heart is at this stable happy stage. I might have given away some hints ever since it happened. My anxiety has risen up to level 100 to the point that any minute now I can just tell the next person to me the…SECRET.

There are only a few people on my list that I want to hangout with over and over again. I may not be a picky eater, but I am very particular with the people that I hangout with. I have experienced the worst when it comes to people,and as years went by I have learned how to be cautious. It’s beyond disappointing when someone disrespects your existence, when they do hurtful things just to get their way. I am the kind of person that can forgive the biggest “butt” in the world. But lying…lying is just way off my league. I don’t know, once you lie to me I feel like everything that you do is just a big effin’ joke. I have heard lies that can make you flip, lies that made me laugh and say “seriously”…and there are lies that ruined my relationship, or friendship for that matter with someone. I don’t know where I am getting at this, but all I know is, it is heartbreaking (and yes let’s face it annoying) to know that someone out there is so convinced to make each waking day horrible for someone.

Anyway, despite of all that, I am blessed that I have a girl friend that I can relate to. Who I can hangout with in places that has no traces of jejemons (my annoyance to jejemons just skyrocketed when I got back, and I have been very vocal about since then lol). I only open up to a few people,and Alyza is definitely one of the few.


My first TWG experience was in Singapore. If you would go back to my SG posts, you would notice that I always take a quick trip to TWG for their macarons,every day that we were in Singapore.

It was a bit of a shock when I found out that TWG is coming here in Manila. I never thought of Filipinos having afternoon tea like English people.


Wine x Tea

I am fortunate that my love introduced me to the joys of having afternoon tea. I was too caught up with my addiction to milk tea that I overlooked the best thing.

Simpler is better…definitely.


Choosing a tea is not easy when you have more or less 400 choices in front of you. If it’s your first time in TWG, it is advisable to consult the “tea book” before you place an order.

I decided to try their Sweet Jade Tea for the first time, a recommendation from our server.

There are times that I would doubt a server’s suggestion, cause I feel like they are just up-selling the product or something, but boy…. I am so glad I trusted the server that day cause sweet jade tea is now a new favorite of mine…next to Matcha of course! 😛


I was so close to getting Matcha as my tea, but I can’t let the boring part of me win.

So to satisfy my Matcha addiction,I decided to have my tea with a Matcha macaron. 🙂

Honestly, it’s nothing like I expected it to be. I thought the texture would be as heavenly like the ones I had in SG, but it wasn’t.

Nonetheless it was still good and I can definitely say that I had my “Matcha Fix”


And since I miss my favorite Greek, I always welcome any opportunity that can make me feel like we are not really far away from each other.

P.S. And because I really really love Mediterranean food! 🙂


..and because I need to learn how not to make “the face” every time I drink anything with alcohol haha



My faovrite!!! Chicken Gyro!!! <3 

The tabbouleh was so good I can eat a full plate of it *no kidding*


I had to order more grilled tomatoes cause nothing is better than having my gyro with grilled veggies…smothered with tzatziki of course! 🙂

IMG_8221-tile IMG_8236

It will all happen,

R <3 xx

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