How To Survive Long Haul Flights With A Baby

Hello, dolls!! Hello, weekend! <3 Less than 3 months left and I will be on my way to the Philippines…with my kids! Am I worried about the flight? A little I would say. Some of you might think I am being too facile about this, but after traveling 36 hours with little A when he was 6 months old, I feel optimistic about our upcoming trip with baby C! Traveling with a baby is A LOT of work and exhausting — if you hate packing, you will hate it even more once you have kids! Luckily, I enjoy packing so this does not bother me at all.

Anyway, A and I have been traveling internationally with little A since he was 6 months old. Believe me, when I say, I will do it over and over again because the flight does not bother me. Maybe I am lucky that my little one is a good traveler or the fact I prepare for our trip like it’s the armageddon.


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Hello, dolls!! Hello, school season! <3 I know school doesn’t start for another 2 weeks but I can already sense the “back-to-school” vibe everywhere in Maryland! I honestly can’t hide my excitement anymore. Last week, A and I went to our first school-related event as parents and boy, I AM JUST LOVING IT! ūüėõ Truthfully, I couldn’t say I LOVED school¬†so much, I had my fair share of¬†I-do-not-want-to-go-to-school days¬†and deliberately not¬†put any effort into things that did not interest me. However, I worked extra hard on things that made me curious.

Little A and I have one full week left until we go into our new routine. I am not sure how things will be once I have a preschooler, all I know is watching him learn new things and make new friends will bring so much joy to my heart. Anyway, I am trying to make the most of what’s left of our summer break which includes eating out!

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Being A Mom Should Be Enough

Hello, dolls! This weekend has been the hottest it has ever been this summer — it’s the kind of heat that makes you want to jump in a pool filled with ice. This heatwave did not stop me from going out with my kids though.¬† It’s the weekend and we’ve been cooped up in the house for days so it’s either melting in the heat or waiting another week to go on an adventure.

Baby C is going to be 2 months old in 2 days! Meaning I’ve been dealing with the changes in my life for almost 2 months now. I have expressed how challenging being a Mom of two is here on my blog a million times and somehow I still find myself starting every blog post with the same statement. I feel fortunate that baby C does not give me a hard time! In fact, I feel like she is just so over the daily chaos that she sees between her brother and me that she would rather be in her own peaceful space than join in the mix by crying. LOL

Anyway, if you are to ask me what makes my new plight challenging, I would say it’s the emotionally and mentally draining days. I am used to the hustle and bustle of being on my feet all day so running after my toddler and dropping everything to feed my newborn every 2-3 hours are things I can physically handle. So what’s making it hard? I don’t know….maybe the fact that¬†I am a different person now¬†and I am trying my best to keep up.

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Philadelphia Eats: LE VIRTU

Hello, dolls!! Hello, JULY!!! 7 months down, 5 to go! This means 5 months left to work on our goals for 2019. My main goal this year? Be a better Mom. I sometimes feel like my frustration gets the best of me. I hate how I get impatient with little things like not having enough time to clean our bedroom. I feel guilty for not knowing how to handle my emotions sometimes and letting Little A see me be so vulnerable.

6 weeks of being a Mom-of-two and I know I still have a long way to go. If there’s any consolation from this, and truthfully what’s really important — my kids are healthy and happy. They get fed multiple times throughout the day., get happy baths before nap time and we read books in the afternoon. So let me end this loathing before I start sounding like I am not doing anything.

I am so happy I am home with the kids this summer (thank you maternity leave!) because it’s easy for us to plan fun adventures every week. We went on a lot of road trips with Little A and as tedious as it is to pack things for all of us, it wouldn’t compare to the happiness that we felt each time. Being a working Mom means losing time from your baby, in my case…a LOT of time during the week so I make sure I am available for him every weekend.

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Pirate Nursery

Hello, dolls! Hello,¬†LIFE!¬†So let’s be real here…being a Mom is not easy — these are words that I thought I would never say before. How do Moms do it? How do YOU do it? Cause for real, I sometimes feel like I am back to zero now that I have two kids. A lot of people warned me that having 2 kids feels like you have 4, and man how I wish this one is not true — cause it is! My toddler’s energy is through the roof and I find myself feeling guilty for being impatient at times when I know all he needs is my attention. Baby C is 4 weeks old — 1-month-old tomorrow! It means we are closer to regulating our new normal. I think a part of me is just anxious because¬† I feel like I should be doing more.¬†Oh, the rewarding reality of Motherhood! My heart is full but my mind is busy juggling a million things every minute lol ūüėõ

Little A is going to be 3 in 5 days!! How crazy is that?? There have been many changes in our home since the beginning of the year, one of which is Little A’s room. March and April were busy months for me because I spent most of my free time working on Little A’s room and Baby C’s nursery. I felt nostalgic as I updated Little A’s room because it’s a validation that he is indeed growing up. His room is no longer the nursery in our house, and although that meant we are welcoming baby C, it also made me want to freeze time and enjoy Little A’s¬†babyness¬†more.


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Hello, dolls! Hello, JUNE! What a week! With a newborn and a food festival I participated in, the first week of June felt like it just stopped by to say¬†hello.¬†Little A’s third birthday is fast approaching so I will be busy planning how to make him the happiest on his birthday. I am still trying to keep up with the demands of being a Mom-of-two so it’s been challenging to get any¬†me time.¬†So let me say hello again because it feels good to finally blog again!

One of the things I am truly grateful for during my pregnancy was having enough time to enjoy it. I was able to do pregnancy-related activities and prepare everything without feeling¬†rushed.¬†When I was pregnant with Little A, the only pregnancy-related activity I was able to do was to go to prenatal yoga. With baby C, I was able to attend a couple of baby events which helped me understand my journey as a Mother even more — one of which, the first¬†Baltimore Birth Festival¬†last month (May 19,2019).


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Hello, Amelia

Hello, dolls!! Hello, Amelia Caroline <3 She’s here!!! My baby girl is here <3 The past week felt surreal, are we really a family of 4 now? Everything has been pretty smooth (so far). Believe it or not, I’ve been getting enough sleep, long enough for me to not feel like a zombie and look forward to shopping ūüėõ Although I have to admit, I am kind of scared once A goes back to work. This “new world” that I live in now has been pretty serene and I know it’s because of the help I’ve been getting from A and my Mom. Hopefully, week 2 will be just as good, or at least bearable.

Let me officially introduce you to the newest member of my tiny tribe — baby C! <3 My pregnancy with her was not easy. From food aversion to physical pain, I think I’ve experienced them all! I dodged the severity of pregnancy symptoms with Little A and had a looooong labor and delivery. With baby C, it was painful but short! It’s amazing how different both experiences were, I feel like a new woman each time!

I shared my¬†birthing story with little A¬†a couple of years ago and it’s one of my most favorite entries so far! I love sharing my story — especially if I can make a Mom-to-be know that childbirth is not so bad at all!

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Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower New York May 2019

Hello, dolls!!! <3 I am 38 and half weeks pregnant now and I am so ready to meet my baby girl! It’s funny how anxious I am to get the next phase of this journey started when I know I am also going to miss being pregnant¬†(oh you know, just a typical day in my brain lol).¬†¬†

My pregnancy with baby #2 did not start well. I had¬†morning¬†sickness ALL DAY and felt really weak during my first trimester. When I felt better, I told myself that I have to enjoy this journey in every way I can. So I looked up activities and events that I could participate in and made sure I would give myself enough time to prepare for baby girl’s arrival. I am happy to say that I can look back at this moment in my life and know that I have wonderful memories….finally.

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First Mother’s Day // Laduree, Washington DC

Hello, dolls!! Hello, Mother’s day weekend! <3 So I just came back from New York for the Big City Moms’ Biggest Baby Shower event and boy am I still on cloud 9 because of it! My body is definitely exhausted but my heart is so full because of the wonderful experience I had. It was the perfect pre-Mother’s day gift and I am so happy I had the opportunity to be part of it this year.

Mother’s Day has always about me doing something special for my Mom so when A asked me how he can make my first one memorable, I was lost for words. Being a Mom changed my life in so many ways, one of which is my perspective about celebrating¬†holidays.¬†I am better at doing things for my family than telling them what to do for me. I feel like, it’s either I take over the planning or I should be surprised completely (total Mom thinking lol).

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Baby’s First Trip to the Philippines

Hello, dolls! Hello, last day of April!! Who is ready to embrace the month of May with positivity? I have so many exciting things in store for me, little adventures I can’t wait to take on. I can officially start counting the days until I become a Mama of two now — how time flies! Despite the morning sickness and exhaustion, I have to say that I am truly enjoying this pregnancy. In fact, I feel like I am going to miss having her in my belly and going through the waves of changes.

I spent the entire weekend with my¬†Filipino¬†crew here in Baltimore. It was nice to catch up with everyone and talk about anything about¬†home,¬†the Philippines. There are so many things that we miss from home — the simplicity of life, the warmth of family and friends surrounding us, and food of course! My trips to the Philippines have changed ever since A and I got engaged. Before, I would come home and not plan anything because my main purpose was to retreat, spend time with my family, and eat my heart out. With A, I love how I am rediscovering things in the Philippines without compromising time with family and friends.

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Hello, dolls! Hello, weekend!! <3 It’s an exciting Friday because I get to announce the winner of my¬†April giveaway.¬†I am so happy with the number of entries I received which makes me more inspired to host more giveaways in the future. It’s nice to be connected to more Moms here in Baltimore because of it! Speaking of¬†Mom, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I’ve been wondering if I will be celebrating it with two babies in my arms or anxious if my water will break any minute.

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and surprisingly, I am 80% done preparing everything for baby girl! Her nursery is looking great, I did 3 loads of wash (and just 1 more batch to go), and our supplies are stocked — enough to last until the end of the year if I may say! So am I ready? Maybe…


Baby’s First Easter

Hello, dolls! Hello, Easter weekend! <3 I know this week has been pretty¬†mellow¬†for most of us but¬†I hope everyone had a chance to reflect on what the true meaning of Easter is! ūüôā Holy week makes me miss the Philippines more because of all the things my family and I used to do especially¬†Visita Iglesia.¬†¬†It gets really crowded and hot but my siblings and I did not mind it at all because we knew it would make our parents happy and do something that can strengthen our faith. It was never really about going on a vacation or easter eggs for our family, so I feel like both little A and I are learning how Easter is being spent here in the US.

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and I can’t believe our baby girl is going to be here in about a month! This week was my first week working fewer days cause I am mentally and physically starting to breakdown so I know it’s time to focus on myself and my growing family. It’s already helping me a lot because I am able to work on being strong for childbirth, get things ready for baby girl, and spend more time with little A before he enters the world of¬†sharing Mommy, Daddy, and everything else.

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First Pregnancy Flashback + Baltimore Birth Festival 2019 GIVEAWAY

Hello, dolls!! Hello, APRIL!! <3 Ever heard of the quote “April showers bring May flowers?” cause that’s exactly how I can describe my April. There are so many things in store for me literally every week and I am just excited to bask in the goodness of this month. ¬†I am now on my 33rd week of pregnancy and I can’t believe how much my belly is growing! It is starting to make me think baby girl is going to be bigger than her big brother little A when she comes out in May.

I literally feel like all of the beautiful things lined up for me this month will bloom beautifully in May — just the thought of finally meeting my baby girl is more than enough for me to look forward to the month of May with so much positivity.

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Struggles of a Working Mom

Hello, dolls!! Hello, SPRING! <3 I am so excited for warmer weather!! Mainly because I can’t fit in my pants anymore —¬†I only wear pants when it’s necessary and during winter lol.¬†¬†The good thing about being pregnant during the majority of the colder seasons is the fact that I do not have to buy any maternity clothes. I can get away with wearing my sweaters without feeling like a giant sausage ūüėõ

I am aware that I sound a little dejected lately whenever I talk about my job. The exhaustion that I feel on top of my pregnancy has not been easy for me, and it’s causing me to be negative about certain things. I really need to shake it off, but I guess it won’t be until I let myself understand that it’s okay to step back.

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Max Brenner

Hello, dolls!!! Happy weekend! <3 I just had the most relaxing week since Christmas — what a treat! I had my first¬†snow day this year and it was nice to stay home with my A boys and not be at work for two extra days this week. It was our mid-week weekend! ūüėõ Spending more time with little A is something I crave as a working Mom. I always try to squeeze in activities for us to do between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, and every week I always feel like we just never have enough time.

I wanted my first snow day with my toddler to be fun and relaxing. Both A and I needed the extra hours of sleep, the afternoon nap, and just be in our PJs practically all day. For the productive side of our snow day, little A helped me in the kitchen — the best part was our baking session which I will be posting here soon! Snow days should not be boring of course, so for the fun part, little A asked me to read a couple of books to him and play some of his favorite toys with him. Best part? Our snacks throughout the day.

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First Birthday As A DAD

Hello, dolls!! Hello, Valentine’s day! ūüėõ Most of you are probably busy finding the perfect gift or¬†Instagrammable¬†surprise for that special someone. But, here I am reminding my readers again that¬†Valentine’s is not my thing (lol).¬†¬†A and I don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day for one reason — we are used to working on Valentine’s day (which is actually one of the busiest weeks in the food industry) so we are always exhausted. The first two years that we were together, we celebrated it just like every other couple — dinner and presents! After that, I realized that I am not really a “VDay” person but more of a “let’s just make sure we have each other for the rest of our lives”¬†kind of girl, no special presents needed (although a box of sweets won’t hurt ūüėõ )

Anyway, celebrations have evolved for A and I since little A (yep! we will start calling him little A on this blog now haha). Since we both work full time, I often get this¬†Mom guilt¬†that we should be spending our free time with him — A and I are still “young” when it comes to this parenting thing so I think I get pretty emotional when it comes to time.

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It’s A Girl!

Hello, dolls!! Hello, February!! <3 Anyone else have this short month packed with awesome plans? I have fun activities and events lined up every weekend this month and it’s pretty exciting to know I am going to have a fun (and busy) February. There is something about making the most out of my weekends that makes me realize how blessed I am to be happy and make someone else happy.

Early last month I found out the gender of baby #2. I was more nervous this time because A and I talked about the changes in our setup at home if it would be a boy or a girl. It wasn’t a big deal really, it was just something that we both felt like we needed to discuss. Every time someone would ask me which gender I prefer, I always felt like I needed to answer so during the first weeks I would just say “well, I wouldn’t mind having another boy since baby A has so much stuff they can share”. It was the practical Mom in me talking!


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Hello, dolls!! Hello, hump day! Another week, another chance to get things sorted before my due date. I can’t believe that in just 3 months, I will be a Mom of two! I feel like I am competing with time when it comes to accomplishing everything I want to do for our growing family and myself. Today, a coworker said something that struck me — I should enjoy this pregnancy because it might be my last.¬† Whenever people ask me how many kids A and I want, I always shrug and give a vague answer. Truthfully, it’s still up in the air and with the number of things we have to consider (and duhh! it’s too soon to think about that at this point).

When I was pregnant with baby A, I devoted all my time and energy to work that the only pregnancy-related activity I was able to do was to go to yoga class. I wasn’t able to document my pregnancy as much as I wanted to or even get his nursery done before his arrival. I remember going to Target the day that we came home from the hospital because I knew I am missing some important stuff that we will need during our transition. I spent my 39th week of pregnancy feeling anxious because I knew I could have done more to prepare myself. This time, I am going to do things differently by choosing to focus on appreciating this journey, prepare myself and our family, and also to spend more time with baby A before he officially becomes a big brother.


Family Picnic

Hello, dolls! Hello, weekend <3 I know it’s unlikely that I am going to share a post about our summer picnic when my neighborhood is completely covered in snow. Baby # 2 is due in May, a month before baby A’s birthday. so I know our summer 2019 is going to be eventful! I am trying to line up some family activities that I would like us to do and one of which is to go on a picnic! I love picnic dates!! The food, setting up our mat, and escaping reality for a while. When A and I¬†went on a picnic date for the first time¬†I knew it was something that we should do every year — it’s a great way to disconnect and talk about things because you are in that beautiful moment! ūüėõ

I honestly don’t know how I am going to be during my maternity leave. When A was born, my entire family was here so I was able to cope with postpartum pretty easily. The activities that we did helped me so much and the fact that I had a “team” to support me with anything 24/7 meant so much. Since I will have fewer hands this time, I am not sure how I will fare with a 3-year-old and a newborn, so what is my mantra for this summer? Take my time, live in the moment, and survive!! LOL

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Road Trips With A Newborn

Hello, dolls!! Hello, snowy week!! <3 It was another exciting week for us because we found out the gender of baby #2! If you are following me on¬†Instagram¬†you probably know the gender by now. If not, then wait for my next post cause I think it’s just right to write a separate blog for my special one! <3

Anyway, I just came back from Williamsburg, Virginia to spend time with family before my brother went back to Manila. I can’t believe that it has already been a month since he got here and now we have to start counting down the days until our entire family is complete again. We are very positive about our reunion this year though because we know we will have more time to spend together and it’s very exciting.


Anyway, going on road trips with baby A has been part of our lives since he was less than a month old. It was not a walk in the park but we definitely got the hang of it after a while. I remember Googling¬†“what to do when a baby cries during a long drive”¬†prior to our first out of state trip and asking myself if I can actually handle it. LOL Continue reading “Road Trips With A Newborn”