Pampanga Food Guide: Aling Lucing

Hello, dolls! Hello, Monday!! <3 Who else is braving this long week? I know it’s just Monday but I already feel like I’ve been hit by a truck — welcome to third trimester! Spring is right around the corner and I am truly excited for all of the great happenings lined up for me and my tiny tribe. First off, I have 2 great collaborations that I am thrilled to share with all of you soon (if you follow me on Instagram you probably know about this already). Second, A and I are going on a weekend trip in less than 2 weeks!! It’s bittersweet because it will be my first weekend away from little A but I know we will have our well-deserved time 24/7 shortly after that so I hope I won’t cry at the airport this time lol (otherwise A will start thinking I am being “extra” again). Third, spring is going to be extra beautiful starting this year because of my baby girl!! I am almost 31 weeks pregnant, can you believe it?

So yeah, that’s life lately. Moving on to my Pampanga Food Guide, let me talk about Aling Lucing again — my all-time favorite restaurant in Pampanga.


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Manila Diaries: XLB and Noodles

September 2014: Hello again, Manila!

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 Aaaah, Manila! It’s almost a week since we’ve been home and about 2 weeks left until our big day! If there’s a chance for me to stop or slow down time, now would be the perfect time to do so. A and I have been taking afternoon naps because of jet lag, not that it is important, but it’s something that we have not done before! RELAX and not worry about work the next day. Although I must admit, my decision is kind of making me nervous about the first 3 months of my return to Baltimore. Ugggh. Why do I have to overthink everything?

Manila means food tripping everyday for A and I. Whether it be home or somewhere A would get stared at haha. I am only have a few posts left from our trip here in Manila last year, and I hope I could finish all of it before I say I do.


Before A and I would go on a trip, we would make a list of ALL the things/places that we want to do/go to.

Being a person who makes lists on almost everything, this has been really effective for us. The deal is to go out for lunch and check one thing off our list, then come home for dinner with family. Easy.


One of the places that A wanted to go to last year was Lugang Cafe.

It’s a restaurant by Bellagio Group based out of Shanghai and Beijing. Lugang Cafe specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine.  Continue reading “Manila Diaries: XLB and Noodles”

Daddy’s 50th


09.03.2014: Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Hello, dolls!! Happy almost weekend 😉 7 weeks — that’s what I have been telling myself all day. I need redemption, I need something that will make me feel stronger to where I am at now…something that will deviate the thought of change. As much as I want for time to freeze, I can’t wait to be home and get married to the love of my life!!! During the last week of January, I had this feeling that February is going to be a scary month to deal with – big opportunities and decisions are in order and sometimes I wish “yes” is not a factor for my family and I to be together.


The main reason why I went home in September last year was my Dad’s birthday. I’ve missed missed a good number of special moments with my family already, but I can’t go on life knowing that I missed my Dad’s birthday, so I did everything to make it happen.


We went to Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza for Daddy’s birthday. It was the perfect place to celebrate is birthday, and give A the freedom to eat whatever wants. haha

His first stop? The Asian station.

Spiral is huge! I wish I was able to take more photos but A, jejekid,and I had a game plan — and that is to try everything!

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Best Sunday of the Year

09.14.14: Only beautiful memories

Psalm 30:5  “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”. When I was a kid I used to think that once I am in my 20s I would be strong enough to handle losing a loved one. I was so scared to experience loss that I even said “just let me be 20 first before it happens”. Who was I kidding? I don’t think anyone can be strong enough to lose someone. It’s the worst kind of pain. For the past few days, I’ve mustered up the “art of drifting away”. I drift away from the sad side of my situation now and shift to the brighter side of life —- I move on every time pain pulls me back.It’s hard…. It’s hard to be away from my family during this time. All I can think about is how I wish I stayed longer, or I was ever a good granddaughter, did I ever tell him he is one of the reasons why I love to cook?

This is the most recent that I can get…as of now.


Our last Sunday back in MNL —- the best Sunday of the year.

We took Lolo and my family to M Cafe for Sunday brunch. I do not want this to be a doleful entry, and I want to remember Lolo with only happy memories and what better way to do it but to talk about food.

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April Showers

01.26.2014: 4 months

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Before I talk about my entry, can I just say that I had the most amazing Easter/Anniversary weekend! I still can’t get over how beautiful each day was and how I wish it never had to end. I can’t wait to share them with you all and talk about the awesomeness of this past weekend— no rush though, cause Instagram and Facebook did their part already. Anyway, it’s been 3 years already since I last spent holy week with my family. I always look forward to Thursday/Friday because of Visita Iglesia, and Sunday for our Easter lunch. We do not follow a lot of traditions for Easter, but one thing that we do not miss is going to church as a family, and I am so sad that I have not done that in a veeeery long time (next year, I promise!!!).


April is one of my favorite months we get “showers of blessing” almost all throughout the month.

It’s the official start of summer and we celebrate a lot of things — anniversary of our parents, Lola’s Birthday, Holy Week, Easter,  and our anniversary!

I like how April starts and ends with LOVE <3


We all woke up early that day cause we anticipated that traffic will be horrible going to Tagaytay, and it was. We were so hungry that we couldn’t wait to get to Tagaytay to have lunch so we stopped at Sta. Rosa, Laguna (a few minutes away from Tagaytay).


I can’t believe how beautiful it got there in a short amount of time — I mean I was gone for more than a year and seeing that they now have more restaurants and shops made me want to visit Sta. Rosa more! 🙂

Anyway, we went to Chubby’s Rib Shack for lunch cause my siblings are crazy about American food.

Chili Nachos with Cheese — Can I just say….yummms??

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Philippine Diaries: Palawan

09.29.2013: on to the next adventure

Happy Sunday, dolls!! 🙂 This is going to be my last post about our Palawan vacation (yaaaaay). So I feel a little different today, and I thought of not being too “personal” with this post. I gotta leave more for myself, you know 🙂

Before I move on, here re a couple of links related to this post that you might want to check if you haven’t yet. 🙂

Day 1

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Day 2

1.Underground River –

2.Elephant Cave –

3.Dinner –

4.#OOTN –


Ready for breakfast 🙂

While waiting for the girls to come out of the room, A took this photo haha 🙂 #TheLittleThings

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PalawanDiaries: Her Outfit

09.28.2013: Her new bestfriend.

Hey,sweets!! 🙂 Here is my last entry for our second day in Palawan.Only a couple of albums and this account will be up to date in no time!!! 🙂 So since I am not really that good with “outfit posts” this is going to be short. I hope the photos will deliver and make this post worth your time 🙂

P.S. To everyone who has been viewing my Palawan entries, thank you!!! I am trying to make it easy for you guys to navigate through my old posts.. and so far I’ve been working on classifying them. So just click any link at your right under the category tab  and see what I have in store for you 🙂


Some lovin’ before we went out for dinner <3

I  did not get the floor length memo.

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PalawanDiaries: THE Night

09.28.2013: …and so it happened <3

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 I am OVERJOYED right now. I am using a word that will have its fair share in the near future (indistinct as it may seem, someday this blog will know about it). So my words represent the true meaning of this blog, and how memorable 09.28.2013 is for me (and if this is not such a give away, i don’t know anymore lol). Before I go on with our last dinner in Palawan, let me share with you a glimpse of why I am ecstatic.


So yuuuup. It happened. We made it happen <3

I can officially say that I am coming back to the US and I am going to be with the love of my life again! 🙂 But before the maarte girl in me takes over, I will keep in mind that I should set my priorities straight at all times 🙂

With the love,support and understanding from my family and his family 🙂 It happened!!! 🙂

…and it’s all because of God’s grace <3


For our last and special dinner in Palawan, Jho suggested Kalui. This has been set in stone even before we got to Palawan…and I couldn’t be anymore glad that we went here 🙂

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Philippine Travel guide: Elephant Cave in Palawan

09.28.2013: The Afternoon before “THE” Night

Hello, sweets! 🙂 It’s the first Sunday of the year, how are you spending it? I hope it’s as meaningful as mine. I am getting closer and closer to my first big day of the year.I can already feel the butterflies in my stomach….raging. Honestly, I am not too worried about Tuesday, I know everything will be perfect. My faith and trust in Him are so much bigger than anything that can possibly put me down. I can’t believe that it’ll be only less than 50 days until I open that big chapter of my life!!! (aaaaah!!)

Before I go on with the part 2 of our day tour, here are some entries that I posted for the past 2 weeks (I think) about our vacation in Palawan (for those who haven’t seen them yet, or missed one)

Day 1

1.#CebuPacProblems –

  1. The Wild Life –
  2. Baker’s Hill –
  3. Dinner x OOTD –

Day 2

Underground River –


After our Underground River adventure, we went to Gusto Grill & Restaurant for our lunch (yay). After waiting and hopping on & off the boat, all I wanted to do after was to eat something good.

Luckily, our package includes a buffet lunch. A pretty good deal indeed!

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Philippine Travel Guide: Palawan’s Underground River

09.28.13: The beauty down under

Hello dolls! 🙂 I am back with a not-so-fresh start. I am not the  type who likes to say “new year, new me” or “I promise I will change this year yadda yadda”. I remember when I was in 4th grade our teacher asked us to write down our resolution for the coming year, and I thought it was more difficult than our Math quiz. I don’t why but I just feel like if someone needs to change or wants to, they can do it anytime they want. Why wait for the new year when you can be more awesome year round?

I am only a few posts away from my 300th, and I realized maybe I should try and work on something quite different. Before you think it’s something big or whatsoever, let me just remind you that I am no blogger so chances are it will be just another blog post…or maybe not (I really like to shoot myself down when I talk about my blogging skillZZ don’t I lol).

Moving on, before I get too caught up talking about stuff that is not related to the photos below, I am going to share with you our 2nd day in Palawan.


The main reason why I chose Puerto Princesa over Coron is because of the Underground River. I thought it would be cool for A to see this beautiful subterranean river.

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Palawan Diaries: KINABUCH’S x OOTD

09.27.13: ….and that’s a wrap


I can’t think of a better intro than this.

I am lost in translation. My head is seriously going to burst any minute now. and I wish….I wish people can be more respectful and selfless.

I have reached my boiling point, and you know how I hate to turn this blog into a drama-fest, BUT when you give your all and spend n days working on things THE LAST MINUTE, and make everything perfect, it sucks when someone makes you feel like you did not do enough. It sucks when the work that you’ve done is not being reciprocated well…especially when the only thing that you asked for is not even going to cost them a dime. I worked like a machine for days while being sick, and sacrificed time for my future. I think I have every right to lose my temper. I am physically and mentally exhausted, is it too much to ask for some ME time?

Anyway, before I suck the life out of this blog…here is my last entry for our first day in Palawan (yaaaay).I did it!!! So here’s a food x fashion post! A little bit of both 🙂




Kinilaw na Tanigue (Mackerel Ceviche)

 I love kinilaw/ceviche! I grew up eating kinilaw with my Dad. I know A would love this, and I am glad he did!!!! The fish was so fresh…yumms!


I forgot the cocktail that we ordered..but I think it was weng-weng cause they can’t do sex-on-the-beach.

A had Jack and Coke. I remember him not really liking it.

The drinks were okay…I had better.

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Palawan Diaries: Baker’s Hill

09.27.2013: The best part is….hopia

Hello,sweets!! 🙂 Here’s the last part of our day tour in Puerto Princesa (yay!)A glimpse of my awesome Christmas at home will be posted soon. We are only 3 days away from kissing 2013 goodbye, and honestly, I am not too excited in seeing it go by yet. A lot has happened this year,amazing things for that matter. I want a little bit more time with my dear 2013…and just take it all the memories in once again. With how my 2013 has been, I know for sure that my 2014 will be more amazing!

Anyway, enough with the very premature New Year introduction. Since we started our tour late (thank you Cebu Pacific!) the tour guide had to revise our itinerary and cancel some of the destinations that we were supposed to go to, and make each trip quick.


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Palawan Diaries: The Wild Life

09.27.2013: “I did not sign up for this”

Hello,dolls! 🙂 So I am going to stick to my plan of working on our PalawanDay1 entries. This blog will have a different rythm before the year ends…and I am kind of happy about it!

We arrived in Puerto Princesa at around 1PM.. with no decent food in our bellies! We were picked up by a private shuttle with a tour guide holding a huge placard with my name on it. Kudos to Edward’s Place for making us feel special 🙂 We were expecting a 10 minute drive (at least) to the hotel, but to our delight EP is only 2 min away from the airport…which made us all laugh (cause we can all be weirdos like that). So yeah, we were all so hungry and we thought we have enough time to have lunch somewhere, but the front desk advised us that we only have 30 minutes until our tour starts! yikes.


We are all pleased with our’s not a 5 star type hotel, but it was really decent.

Puerto Princesa,as we were told, does not have a lot of luxurious hotels. They are still in the process of developing things,and there are only a few (and I can only remember one, and we didn’t find out about it until we got there). So yeaaap, staying in a lovely place like EP is pretty comforting, considering that it is in a very safe area AND it is near all the awesome local restaurants.

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Palawan Diaries: #CebuPacProblems

09.27.13: Cebu Pacific = “we guarantee you that your flight will be DELAYED” 

Hello, sweets! <3 I know we are all still on that CHRISTmas vibe! I am not going to write a separate post for it this time as I want to finish all of our first-day-in-Palawan entries before we kiss 2013 goodbye 🙂 I had an amazing Christmas this year, one of the best I must say! So I’ve decided to do another take on my “recent-for-recent-in-between-my-lazy-backlogs” again. I’ve had an amazing year, and I just do not want each memory to fade away just because I can’t devote enough time on this blog. Anyway, I wish you all had an amazing Christmas just like I did. AND remember Christmas is not about the presents that we get under our tree, it’s about the big guy up there 🙂


Let me share with you the first part of our Palawan trip.

The girls and I have been wanting to go to the beach since..forever. A trip that doesn’t involve my driver driving us to some place 2 hours away from Manila. We need a SOLID beach trip. So months before A got here, we planned to go to Palawan,cause we feel like Boracay is too mainstream..especially when someone is visiting the Philippines! Pluuuus, my girls are too adventurous and Palawan has so much to offer.

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Baguio’12: Last Night

Backlog: Continuation of my Baguio trip with the family. Second to the last Baguio entry (yay) 🙂  I just woke up and my mind is screaming for wings and milk tea 😐 Eek. I hope my words could give life to this entry towards the end *crossed fingers*.

Last night in Baguio 🙂

Had dinner in Everything Nice with my Sissy and Renzo.This was after our Mr. Beans experience and my brother’s double hit mishap. Haha

Renzo’s Fish and Chips

My Asian Salad.

I loved the vinaigrette and how fresh the veggies are! The serving was enough for two which made me think I should’ve not ordered another dish. Eek

Chicken Parmigiana

Non’s better and I miss it like hell 🙁

Spa bonding with my Sissy and Mom <3

Oh how I miss going to the spa and have my body scrubbed or have myself pampered! 🙁

The Manor Spa’s receiving area 🙂

I love going to The Manor’s spa every time we are there! Everyone’s very courteous and the service is always amazing! 🙂

Light dinner at Le Chef’s Piano Bar with the family. 🙂

Le Chef at The Manor serves amazing food! Dining in there is something that I look forward to every time we are in Baguio 🙂

Bread and Strawberry Jam

One of the best Strawberry Jams you’ll ever taste is from Le Chef’s delicatessen! 🙂 They get sold out easily so make sure to have yours reserved, just like what my parents did 🙂

Just because my Dad and I loves mushrooms 🙂 <3

Rib-eye salpicao 🙂 Very flavorful and tender! <3 Nomnomnom

My calamari salad.

I loved the dressing that came with it and how the freshly grated parmesan makes the flavor of the calamari pop-out! 🙂

Taro Chips

My “studious” brother. Haha 🙂

Out of words again,

R <3

BAGUIO’12: Solibao

Backlog: 02.24.2012 – Dinner

Here’s the second installment for our first day in Baguio 🙂 I am really out of words right now, this sore throat is becoming too viral that my whole body is starting to reject everything that I want to do! I just hope this entry will end nicely.

Modest fireplace in The Manor Suites! 🙂

c/o Chella

Blogging about this is suicide to me actually! Looking at these photos makes me miss everything about my life in the Philippines! Especially the FOOD! 😐

It was our second time to dine in Solibao. The interiors were very different when we first dined in there. Kudos to them for revamping their restaurant beautifully 🙂

One Filipino dish that I am missing right now is Pancit!I love having it on a cold weather, while it’s still piping hot! Pluuuus, pairing it with Chicken Liver Adobo is just too divine! Uhhh. Take me home now!! :))

Lumpiang Ubod

Fresh veggies x Sweet Nutty Sauce = LOVE!

I miss eating veggies without worrying if it’s “massacred” with chemicals or something!

Fried Vegetable Lumpia

Just because I can’t get enough of veggies! Heehee

This one’s really GOOD! *drools*

Apple Pie

I had my dessert served immediately! I just like having anything sweet in the middle of my glutton fare! 😛


*craving right now* uhh

More veggies! Woopee

I love how the vegetables are not mushy! I dislike eating overcooked veggies, it gives me a notion that the nutrients are already gone when I eat them.

Platter of grilled food!

This is really torture to me…. 

I would do anything just to have a platter of grilled food now! Most of the grilled food here in the States are steaks huhu

I love grilled squid, but Solibao’s is a huge disappointment! 🙁



Sinigang sa Miso

One of my favorites!! Seeing this photo made me die inside.. eek

Ze Parents <3

OMG…Remo’s hair. LOL

Will really try to keep up my phase,

R <3

BAGUIO’12: Up and Away

Backlog: 02.24.2012 – Road trip to Baguio with the Family

I’ve been itching to go to Baguio since November of 2011, mainly because of The Manor in Camp John Hay. We originally planned to drive up to Baguio last December 2011, but since the month of December is really not ideal for long family trips, we had to put it on hold. I really thought we wouldn’t have the chance to go there before I leave, but God once again blessed my family by gracing us with a beautiful schedule on the month of February. Fortunately, Remo and Chella had a 3-day class suspension because of some school event (yay). I immediately reserved those dates for a Baguio trip 🙂

Since it was only a 13-day gap from our Cafe France breakfast (Subic trip) I asked them to eat in Kenny Roger’s instead. It’s been ages since I last ate in Kenny Roger’s so I was really excited to have their roasted chicken for my breakfast! Nom

c/o Renzo

Only had 3 hours of sleep! Big HI to my BIG eye-bags!

Lunch @ TJ’s Steakhouse in Camp John Hay

Not too excited about their steaks cause I know it would only disappoint! :)) I dislike going to undear steakhouses because I feel like it’s not worth the calories at all!

Sissy Love <3

Welcomed by a beautiful weather 🙂 <3

The Manor Suites’ lobby

View from our balcony 🙂

Next Stop: Dinner

Out of sorts,

R <3

Aling Lucing

02.12.2012: Dinner – 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Continuation

Since the weather was not that friendly for the hot air balloon event, we decided to leave early. One thing that I was really excited about this trip was going back to Aling Lucing’s. I honestly do not mind eating anywhere else in Pampanga but Aling Lucing because of their famous sisig.

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First Timers

02.12.2012 – 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga (Part 1)

The main reason why we decided to spend our weekend outside Manila was this festival. It was our first time to attend and I am glad that we have another memory to cherish as a family 🙂 We drove down to Clark, Pampanga after checking out in Subic 🙂 I was the last one to wake up (lol) so as a result no brunch for me!! :))

There were a lot of people (and garbage) #CantGetOver

Remo and his girlfriend Klariz with the huge Canon SLR! Haha 🙂

I really really find this photo cute!! 🙂

First food for the day! Snow Cone!! 🙂

I was addicted to snow cone when I was in Cebu! Unfortunately, snow cones here in the metro always disappoints me! The ice in Cebu’s snow cones are finer 🙁

Renzo’s snow cone!

Grape flavored snow cone! 🙂 My favorite flavor! 🙂

Snow Cone aftermath! LOL

My Mom and Jollibee (Daddy) HAHAHA :))


Had Jollibee for lunch! 🙂 here were a lot of stalls but the choices were limited! 🙁 It was already in the afternoon when we saw the tent of Kenneth’s Catering 🙁 We should’ve ate there instead! The lines in Shakey’s Jollibee, Yellow Cab and Burger King were CRAZY!

How cute are these vintage bicycles? Me likey! 🙂

Heading out with the fambam again,

R <3

Subic: Lunch in Lagoon

02.11.2012: Lunch

One thing that we couldn’t miss every time we are in Subic is having lunch in Lagoon. There’s nothing not to love about the restaurant – the location, ambiance and the food are really commendable! We do not mind the slightly slow service because the freshness and serene environment makes up for it.

A group of Korean kiddos were fishing while we were having lunch! They cheered every time they catch a fish – cuteness overload!!

Starting off my meal with something cold again 🙂 — Melon Shake <3

Chella’s Chocolate Shake! 🙂


A Filipino favorite! 🙂 The sauce was sweet and flavorful!This is perfectly paired with shrimp paste but unfortunately I couldn’t consume it because of my wound! 🙁

Grilled Squid

I love grilled squid! Lagoon grills it perfectly every time 🙂 Tender + well-seasoned!

Goat Adobo

This was really good #daw! My Dad and Remo loved this very much! I would’ve chowed down half of dish if it weren’t because of my aching gums 🙁 I love eating goat, and this one’s really painful to miss 🙁


This was too acrid than the usual buro that my Dad and I usually other in other restaurants. Will not order this again even if it’s enticing 🙁

Fried Calamari

Beautifully deep fried 🙂 Tender and crunchy that it made us go for a round 2! 🙂

Baked Mussels

The cheese was seasoned with cinnamon for added flavor. Our table had mixed reactions towards this.

Tortang Talong

I really liked how fluffy and soft it was 🙂 It was not massacred with too much ground meat which makes me love it more! 🙂

The only solid food that I ordered! 🙁 Tomatoes + roasted eggplants will always be my favorite Filipino side dishes! 🙂

Such a dismay not to order anything other than this and the melon shake 🙁 #MolarExtractionSucks

Sizzling Sisig

Remo and Klariz <3

Remo played with ze NikonP7100 during the trip! 🙂 I really love it when my siblings borrow it! Makes me feel that my my money’s worth it! 🙂

c/o Remo

c/o Remo

Mama c/o Remo

I love carnivals! They are very festive and full of colors!! <3 <3 <3

We ended our afternoon by grabbing some Korean Ice Cream!! A must when we are in Subic! <3

Next Stop: Dinner 🙂

Happy Hearts Day! 🙂 ,

R <3