First Mother’s Day // Laduree, Washington DC

Hello, dolls!! Hello, Mother’s day weekend! <3 So I just came back from New York for the Big City Moms’ Biggest Baby Shower event and boy am I still on cloud 9 because of it! My body is definitely exhausted but my heart is so full because of the wonderful experience I had. It was the perfect pre-Mother’s day gift and I am so happy I had the opportunity to be part of it this year.

Mother’s Day has always about me doing something special for my Mom so when A asked me how he can make my first one memorable, I was lost for words. Being a Mom changed my life in so many ways, one of which is my perspective about celebrating holidays. I am better at doing things for my family than telling them what to do for me. I feel like, it’s either I take over the planning or I should be surprised completely (total Mom thinking lol).

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Hello, dolls!! Hello, MARCH!! <3 I am welcoming the third month of the year as a full-blown pregnant Momma! The third trimester is a validation that I should seriously start doing more for myself cause who knows when I’ll have time to do anything related to not being a Mom again? Not that I am complaining, I love the fact that I am so motivated to do things as a Mom!

Two weeks ago I was able to update my planner for the month of March and boy am I excited to do all the things we have planned for every weekend! I love being busy with personal activities, I feel like work takes up a lot of my energy so looking forward to spending time with family and friends is something I yearn for — especially with little A. I have awesome adventures lined up until May, like literally right before my due date. I can already foresee a very busy year for me, and I love how it is all centered around our family.


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Washington National Cathedral

Hello, dolls! Hello, snowy hump day <3 Anyone else cozying up with their favorite person in bed? Snow days are heaven sent to me especially during pregnancy. I get extra time to relax and spend time with my boys. Although I have to admit, not waking up at 4AM is the best part about it 😛 I had a productive day with little A! It’s my first official snow day with a toddler and I am happy I was able to keep him occupied with activities and made little chores around the house fun for the both of us. Today just made me more excited about my “break from work” — though let me tell you, I am just as exhausted! I feel like I worked a full shift lol.

Anyway, snow days mean spring is going to be here before we even know it! A and I already made a couple of Easter plans and I am so excited! I started thinking about the places we visited in the past and this spontaneous trip to Washington DC came to mind.

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Hello, dolls!! Hello, Sunday! <3 We are finally graced with crisp weather here in Baltimore. I can’t wait to see the green leaves turn into orange and brown soon! I’ve been busy packing for our trip and getting our house in order before we leave for vacation. As much as I want to say, I can’t wait, there is one thing that is currently bothering me right now…I hope this turns out to nothing SOON!

When my family was here during my maternity leave, I made sure we will spend each day doing something memorable. We missed a lot of special moments together since I live a gazillion miles away so when we had the opportunity to be together for 5 weeks, we felt like it was Christmas every day.


One of the places on our list was Washington, DC. I live about an hour away from DC so it’s always an easy trip for us. There are so many things you can do in DC! A and I go to DC a lot and each time in awe.

Would you believe me if I told you we spent less than $250 that day? Including lunch, dinner, and sightseeing! See below how my family of 7 (and a half) did it in one of the best places to visit in the US!

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Washington DC Eats: Daikaya

10.20.14: Ramen, DC, and Us.

Hello, dolls!! It’s almost the weekend again. Time really flies when you are busy! This month has been really good to me. I am learning a lot at work, my sister is here, A and I gets to spend time together and go on adventures — I couldn’t ask for more. Just one more day until I get to enjoy another Sunday — Sundays that are more meaningful now because we get to do what we have always wanted for the past 2 years, go to church – brunch – and spend the rest of the day holding each other’s hand! I prayed for this for a looong time! To have decent days off with A and now it’s happening!!!

So anyway, back when A and I could only have Mondays together (and if we’re lucky some other random weekday) we would make sure that we visit a new place. A couple of days after A’s birthday, we were still on “ramen high”. Since we do not have a lot of ramen places in Baltimore,we decided to go to Washington DC — our go to place when we are feeling adventurous. DSC_0411AWe decided to go to Daikaya, one of the restaurants in DC that we’ve always wanted to go to.


Daikaya is a Sapporo ramen shop located at the first floor, and Izakaya a Japanese restaurant at the second floor of the building.Both restaurants are owned by 3 Japanese men.What’s also interesting is that they also serve Filipino inspired dishes in Izakaya (which we have to try soon!)

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Cherry Blossoms


04.14.2014: FOURever date <3

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Is it weird that I am not completely happy about being back in Baltimore? I just had one of the best 3 days of my life this past “weekend”!! To round it all up, I spent an amazing day in New York ,and was able to cross off 2 things from my bucket list. Theeeen we had the loveliest 2 days in New Jersey, just like always! I wish it never had to end, but chores and work are waiting for us here in the big B so yeaaaah. For those of you who follows me on Instagram, you would have an idea of what is coming up…and AAAAH I can’t wait!!!!


My favorite season is spring. The weather is perfect — not too cold like winter and not too like summer. I also love it because everything is prettier, flowers start to bloom and trees are green and not scary looking anymore.

One of the things that people here in the US look forward to during spring is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. Lucky for me, we are only less than an hour away so yeaaaap…cherry blossoms every spring is such a sight to see!


This is going to be another lengthy post. Lately, I’ve been  only posting one entry per week, so to make up to you dear readers, I will add a little extra to each post 🙂

Travel. Food.Fashion

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Washington DC: Spring OOTD

03.11.14: Picture Perfect Kind of Day

Hello, dolls!!! A and I are just 12 days away from celebrating our second year together and I just can’t sit here and hide my excitement cause I know it is going to be ah-mah-zing! On top of that, I am also going to see my family again and I honestly could not wait to travel with my siblings! Lastly, I just accomplished something for school yesterday!! It really is happening!!

Read my post about our awesome lunch in Duke’s Grocery here.


It’s been a while since my last outfit post. I mean, let’s face it, friends, I am not too good at it. LOL

But yeah, I will tryyyyy my very best to make each post worthwhile.


If there is anything that I can’t give up from my closet, that would be this H&M jacket.


I remember it as my first splurge after being here for only a week 2 years ago. I just can’t help it, the soft pink color and the gold buttons (I have this thing about gold buttons).

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Washington DC: Duke’s Grocery


03.11.2014: FOURever plus 1

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Today has got to be my most laid back Sunday here in Baltimore. Weather was too beautiful that I wish A was off today so we could be out on the porch chilling. I find myself falling asleep on the couch several times today, I am pretty beat I must say. The past 6 weeks has been a roller coaster ride, and now things are slowing down a little.

Yesterday, I witnessed LOVE and COMMITMENT happen right before my eyes. The two people that A and I love were joined together by God in Holy Matrimony. I am so glad that A and I are a part of it. I am going to save all the cheesy details about them – us – and the wedding next time (with photos included!). But let me tell you upfront that it is such a blessing to be part of each other’s lives. I am dedicating this post to the people who made “us” possible for A and I.


Food is our common denominator.

First time we all hung out, first time we all drove an hour away from Cockeysville, and the reason why we are all in this State — food has always been there for the 4 of us.


Double Date in DC <3




I love how there are a lot of awesome restaurants in DC. It’s always a treat for A and I when we go.

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02.12.13: His Princes

Hi lovelies! Before I talk about the last part of my awesome VDay date. I would like to once again, express how grateful I am for all the blessings that has been coming my way since…God knows when! I could’ve been on my way to the airport now..or maybe spending my last remaining hours here in a restaurant or somewhere that I’ve never been before. But God has been nothing but amazing to me for the past 22 years that he opened another opportunity for me. An opportunity to make things possible and for my life to have a direction until the coming year, 2014. It amazes me how one day I can be clueless about things and be excited about my future the next day. I love appreciating and loving life, it’s my obsession.


Curled my hair cause it’s a special.

An obligatory shot since I am really happy that I can curl my hair without asking for help! Hahaha. #LongHairJoys




I am a “gold accessories” kinda girl! I love how gold makes an outfit look so chic!


It was still freezing cold when we went but it won’t keep me away from dressing up! 😛


My modern “Alice in Wonderland” look. I only realized that when I changed my profile picture on Facebook. The tights and the shoes just makes perfect to be in character that day. Haha


Tights: Urban Outfitters

Heels and bag: Forever21


DSCN7337 DSCN7338

I love paring this blue dress with my favorite lace blazer! It’s not the first time that I wore them together! It just looks perfect for a nice occasion like this! Not too formal and not too simple. Just the right amount of simplicity and elegance 🙂


One of my favorite necklaces from Forever21


See you in a month MNL!!!!!

R <3 xx

VDAY: Restaurant Nora

02.11.13: My Valentine

Hey there loves! Here’s the second installment of my lovely Valentine’s day celebration. My first and real Vday has got to be one of the best dates that I have ever been. I never thought that a day like this would come so soon in my blessed life. 🙂 The first time we passed by “Restaurant Nora”, 10 months ago, we told each other that we would one day, eat there for dinner. I told him the place looks nice and it seems expensive. Black shiny cars and men in suit are just some of the few things that I noticed after passing the premises of Restaurant Nora. So yeah, I was like “maybe in 10 years lol”.

Being treated like a lady is every girl’s dream..or should I say a smart girl’s dream.  It still feels like it was only a dream. Me being treated like a lady every waking day. Every day, I would wake up and say, “can anything get better than this?”. And yes, it can. Special days like this. Days where in cupid and God work together to make people like us happier and feel more blessed. 🙂


A glimpse of Restaurant Nora’s kitchen

I had no idea that we were going to Restaurant Nora. There’s something about a guy making a reservation in special moments like this.




Samuel Smith and some drink that he forced me to order cause it’s a special night. haha


Grilled Calamari with tomato and chickpea ragout, harissa, fresh arugula. 

I am so glad I ordered this! I am still having dreams about this appetizer. It was soooooo good!!



Something that we do not fail to order. YUMMS!


Braised Beef Short Rib with Polenta, Brussel Sprouts, Turnip and  Swiss Chard

The sauce was so good that I had to ask for more. Short rib, on the other hand, was too tender for my life. My entree was too delish I can’t even…haha

Spring Lamb Stew with Heirloom Vegetables

Flavorful and amazeballs! YUMM



Had dessert in one of my favorite places in the world, Dolcezza. Which was only a few blocks away from Restaurant Nora.

Don’t hate me for not blogging too much,

R <3 xx

Valentine’s Date in Washington DC

07.11.2013: First and Real

Hi dolls!!! 🙂 Especially to the awesome readers who never fail to make me smile every day 🙂 I know I really suck at the “consistency” part when it comes to updating this blog.So as I drown myself in embarrassment for leaving this page on idle mode. I hope you all had an awesome love month! Cause I sure did!!! 🙂


We started our day by waiting for almost 2 hours in the city for a dentist’s appointment. We visited this Peruvian restaurant to kill time and have lunch. For less than $10, it was so worth it! The serving was very generous that I only ate a third of the food that I had. Boo :))


It was a bit late in my clock to go to DC. But having the most awesome chorvs, he still insisted in going to one of the best places that we can ever be for my first and real VDay date.


The major thing that we sacrifice for the career that we love is time. Time for our loved ones and ourselves. We sacrifice the best days of the year just to make families, couples, friends, individuals, professionals and everyone else who loves food happy. It’s a blessing to be part of this industry, a lifetime commitment that I will always uphold in my life.


Hahaha lol


Valentine’s Day has always been a thing about my Dad and the women in his life. My Mom, my sister and I. Every year we would get the loveliest bouquets from him with a sweet letter and chocolates. This year,again, was different. Not a single flower nor a bar of chocolate from the Dad. Only a heartwarming text message from him that made me smile while I was working. Enough to make me feel like I am not too far from him. My Dad will always be my favorite Valentine. 🙂


I have never really had a decent Valentine’s day. No romantic dinner, no surprises and no dressing up. It has always been a family thing until this past month.


I am so lucky to have the most perfect VDay date with the most awesome person.



One thing that we do not miss when in DC, is to visit the African-American Art Museum for some scavenger hunt! Something that I really really love to do! 🙂



Decided to have a new “thing” that we can enjoy doing together, collect pins or prices from our scavenger hunts!!!  Yaaaay! 🙂 *nerd mode on*


Bubble tea after our museum trip. Something that we never fail to do every time. Haha 🙂

P.S. Wore the super soft and awesome gloves that my Sissy sent me for my birthday! 🙂



Tried Red Velvet’s cupcakes! Perfect for our Valentine’s week!





We messed up the cupcakes big time 🙁 but nonetheless we still enjoyed them!! 🙂

Flavors that we got: Southern Belle aka Red Velvet , Cookies and Cream , Peanut butter Cup, Carrot Cake , Summertime (our fave!) , flourless chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate shavings (their featured cupcake for Valentine’s Day)

I loved their frosting’s! I’m a frosting freak, I can eat a tablespoon of it just because haha. Anyway, I can’t help but compare RV’ from DC Cupcakes. I would still go for Georgetown any time of the day 🙂


Most girls got flowers during Valentine’s. I got 6 huge red heart balloons, the most awesome thing a guy could ever give me. 🙂



I love balloons!!!!!! 🙂






Asian Snacks for the Asian girl! 😛

Going home soon,

R <3 xx

Taste of DC

10.08.12: Celebrating Mom’s Birthday
Something that transpired last week made me realize how eager I want to some things to just work out and make everything that I have been aspiring for happen in God’s time. Knowing that I have been missing a lot of joyful moment is really pulling me down in a sad pit. Missing my family’s birthdays is one thing, but not being there on that special someone’s birthday is a different story..knowing that we are just in the same place at the same time and the same same same..I don’t know. It just really devastates me. And I hope there is still another year for us to celebrate..but all is left uncertain until the end of the year..maybe.
Anywaysy, God has turned around everything and blessed me with a beautiful Monday off to celebrate two birthdays in a lovely place at an awesome event! If there’s one thing that my Mom and I likes to is to attend events that are related to shopping and food. So this was a perfect way for me to celebrate her birthday! 🙂

Monday off in Washington, DC! 🙂 

Got super excited when I saw these food trucks!!

Some of the foods that we tried:

Spicy Beef x Vegetable Curry Patty

Tastes better with the jalapeno salsa! 🙂

Chicken Banh Mi!!


Bought an authentic jamaican patty from a JAMAICAN!!! Whuut

Best beef patty I’ve ever tried! <3

Our favorite food truck 🙂

Because of this witty and kind American owner and his Fil-Aussie wife (who is very pretty)

..and of course because of this yummy lamb sausage!

My brother Remo will go crazy about their cookies!!!!

Gooey goodness inside!!! These cookies were AMAZING!!!!

Lamb taco..YUM!

Had thai food) no photos..there were a lot of thai food stalls!! Most people seems to be crazy about their food these days…

It was a super duper cold day for me! Went to Barnes and Noble to warm up for a bit and then headed to H&M and F21 to go shopping! This is why I love DC. It’s like my mini New York, only that it’s not crowded 🙂


OOTD: I can finally curl my hair with no help!! 🙂

Top: delia’s

bandage skirt: topshop

leggings: forever21

Embracing the cold weather,


p style=”text-align:center;”>R <3 xx

First: Chinatown

Second part of our DC trip last 05.21.2012 🙂

After our interactive visit in Smithsonian Museum/NMAH we decided to “abuse” the lovely weather by walking around the city. The weather was warm and the sun shined brightly which made our afternoon extra special 🙂

Random snaps while walking around 🙂

Went to DC’s Chinatown after a few minutes of walking 🙂

He is too fond of Asian food..while I am so tired of it! Haha. It doesn’t excite me since my Dad and I goes to Chinese restaurants a lot when I was still in the Philippines :))

We passed by this petite Deli shop! Got giddy when I saw their Boba Tea signs!! 🙂

Their Taro Bubble Tea is the best Taro Tea that I’ve ever had since I got here! I must come back soon!!! Haha

Chinese food for afternoon snack! 😛

Fresh noodle and dumplings!!

This bantam Chinese restaurant reminded me of the usual Chinese restaurants that we have in Ongpin, Manila!

Duck Noddle Soup

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings – nomnomnom!!!

My fortune cookie <3


Next Stop: French Dinner <3

Will rush myself to work (haha),

R <3

First of First

Finally! Time to finish this entry! Yay! 🙂 I will try my best to make this interesting and full of life (#echos). I feel like I am starting to suck at this blog thingy ever since I got here, all my creative juices are being sucked slowly by work! Hahaha :)) Anyway, here’s what transpired last 05.21.2012 – the best day for the month of May 2012! 🙂

Instagram knows the details about these photos 🙂 <3

Spent our lovely day-off at Washington DC! 🙂

It was raining in MD when we left. I really thought it would make our trip stressful and less fun but God was really amazing for giving us a lovely weather when we got to DC!  🙂

Pitango in DC! #Awesome

Our trip officially started  in Pitango! I swear I will never get tired of eating gelato!! Nomnomnom #TakeMeToPitangoNowPLEASE!

                                                     Spent a few hours in Smithsonian Museum! 🙂

Dumbo reminded me of Batutsy!!!! <3 <3 <3

Bradford Dollhouse 

I wish I could just take this home 🙁 I love dollhouses! This reminded me of my childhood and my cousin Ate Ruffa. #KidAtHeart


This is super duper hard!!!!!!

Got giddy when I saw this!! 🙂 This is for you my Sissy!

P.S. Forgive my haggard-ish look! 

Lego time!!! Spent most of our assembling this! :))

My favorite spot 🙂

I miss you so much, Boobie!!! 🙂

Got crazy in editing this photo since I look ugly in this photo! haha

For my sibs!! Missing them sooooo much 🙁

The main reason why I wanted to go at NMAH! Got super excited when his Mom told us about Julia Child’s kitchen!! 🙁

Harry Potter!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Next Stop:  After..noon!


Sleepy but excited for Tuesday,

R <3