Mongkok x Morelli’s

09.25.2013: Win-Win

Hello,sweethearts! 🙂 I hope you are all enjoying my “LOVE in MNL” posts! It’s been a while since I last did this, but I would like to say… THANK YOU to everyone who followed my blog these past couple of days, and those who regularly views my page 🙂 Never did I imagine that I will get more than 200 WordPress followers,and readers outside WordPress, and from all over the world for that matter! 🙂

Anyway, remember how I said I tried my best to stay away from Asian food when he got here? Well that didn’t happen lol. A loves Asian food so much, and for his first 24 hours here,all he kept on talking about is how he can’t wait to eat delicious Chinese food. I tried so hard to convince him to just wait until we get to Hong Kong BUT his beautiful eyes just kept on asking for it. So wish granted! 🙂 Besides, the least thing that I can do (or maybe the best) for someone who flew 8554 miles for me is to satisfy his Asian cravings.


Tocilog for his breakfast. Very pinoy! 🙂

I will try to include his breakfasts in my posts. Cause I am happy that he was able to try different kinds of foods every morning (thanks to my Dad) and caaaause I love breakfast! Haha


We were originally supposed to go to TWG for lunch, but since like I said earlier, his eyes were too convincing that I just decided to S it up! lol

It took us a couple of minutes to decide where to go..but when he saw Mongkok’s  dim sum cart he just turned into this super “f”Asian mood!

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Anthony Bourdain: The Layover


I love Anthony Bourdain and I am jealous of him. I feel like if I could be a man for a day I would want to be him. He gets to travel to places and eat the best food there is! Just two of the things that I want to do forever — to fly and try all the amazing food in the world.

A and I recently went to Hong Kong during his 3 week vacation here in the Philippines. We went out everyday and ate our hearts out, especially in Hong Kong. Each day was so amazing that the feeling that I had during those trips is still in my heart.

So how excited am I to watch the last season of Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover?? So much I can’t even!!! I feel like it will remind me about all the wonderful things that A and I did whenever we travel. And keep me excited about the awesome things that we have planned for the future! You see, we both love food. And when we go to a place, we revolve our itinerary to the foods that we want to try. We skip the museums, and sometimes, even the activities that there is to do. Anthony Bourdain is such an inspiration to me.

Anthony Bourdain  The Layover 2 (1)

One thing that I hate about long flights is….layover! I don’t know about you but I HATE feeling trapped in the airport. I only give myself 10-15 minutes to go around and look for something to eat (I always tell myself to not expect too much).

I am excited to watch Anthony Bourdain explore different places again. And I know this is going to be more exciting as it is close to my heart (airport = my happy place) I can’t wait to see how he will spend his “layover” wandering around the city that he is in, especially the restaurants that he will go to!

P.S. We watched Anthony Bourdain’s Hong Kong episode before and took note of the restaurants that he went to. When we went to Hong Kong we tried to go to some of them! 🙂

Anthony Bourdain The Layover 2 (2)

There is also that feeling that I get everytime I see him go to the same place that we’ve been to, it makes me feel like I’ve done something right in my life (whuuut) or I could be as awesome like him.

My eagerness to travel again everytime I watch an episode gets too high I can’t even control myself sometimes (I tend to make rash decisions like telling A to take 2 days off in a row so we can go see something new).



But you know what’s more awesome??


And lucky for us, most Chefs will not have to worry about missing each hour long episode!!

You can catch the show at 10PM (I repeat, every Wednesday)

Are you excited???? Cause I am!


R <3

Forever21plus1: Petit Louis

11.29.12: Happy Birthday

This post has transpired almost a month ago. I know, I know.. I haven’t exactly been what I was supposed to be for the past few weeks. I even feel like I am still not myself up to this date. I will try my best to refresh my memory and share the itsy bitsy details about my birthday 🙂


I was scheduled to work from 9-5 that day. Someone made an extra effort in making my morning extra beautiful by giving me a bouquet of peach long-stemmed roses while having the mushroom soup that he made 🙂 Way to jump start my birthday 🙂

My morning before work became extra beautiful when I talked to my whole family. Who still celebrated my birthday. Thanks to my Mom who cooked yummy food 🙂 Can’t wait to try them all once I get back! 🙂




Cutesy note cards! <3


Petit Louis Dinner 🙂

I thought we were just going to have dinner at their house (which would still be perfect) but his family once again surprised me 🙂 His Dad decided to take us to Petit Louis, once of the best restaurants in this state if I may say 🙂 A lovely fine dining restaurant that definitely made me feel special 🙂


My food:


I love escargot!! It’s hard to pass on this one so I divulged myself on this buttery appetizer ! YUM

Entree: Steak Frites

Minus the fries, subbed with mushrooms (my fave side) Treated myself with some red meat!! 🙂

His food: Ris de Veau (Sauteed Sweetbread – YUM) and Lotte Rotie (Monkfish)


So sweet of them to give me a complimentary homemade vanilla ice cream  with candle!! 🙂 2 candles for 22! #IDontThinkItMadeSense


My birthday was not the same without my family around. But God turned around things for me still and made me feel special in a very beautiful way. I will always be grateful to everyone who took an effort in making sure that I am extra happy on my special day, especially his family 🙂

Thank you Lord for another blessed year! <3 🙂


Birthday Dinner Outfit:


Dress: Charlotte Russe

Heels: DAS


Ring: Garage

Bracelet: Charlotte Russe


Necklace: Forever21

Bracelet: Charlotte Russe


Another wonderful present 🙂

I won a hundred dollar gift card from Wasabi (one of the best sushi place that I’ve been to) Yaaaay!!!



Young, Wild, and Free #ForReal

R <3 xx

Ten Ten

07.17.2012: – Another Awesome Monday Off 

Hello World! WordPress is acting up lately, I’ve been trying to finish this entry for almost 4 days already 😐 The annoyance that I feel right now is just too blah for words! I want to blab and share more photos, but since this site is too slow for my life, all my creative juices are being sucked up. So yeah, don’t hate me please! 
1st part of our our day: HaHa food market! 3rd Asian Store that I’ve been to (discovered another 2 Asian Stores a few days after this visit)


Hopia for me!!! #HappyKid


2nd part: Gelato x Shopping in White Marsh

Third and best part of our day: Dinner in Ten Ten

Ten Ten is one of the top restaurants in Baltimore! So just imagine how excited I was for this 🙂

Love how the “alley” resembles of Harry Potter’s awesome London-ish scenery 🙂 

Pinot Noir

Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates

Stuffed with goat cheese and almonds, red pepper- chorizo sauce

This was AMAZING! This was filled with awesomeness I swear!! 🙂 I would have this any day!

Charcuterie Plate 
Selection of house made, imported and local charcuterie items, pickled vegetables, assorted mustards, smoked olives, crostini

Grilled Octopus Panzanella
Local red and green romaine, arugula, tomatoes, peppers, capers, focaccia croutons, olives, pepperoncini vinaigrette

– My firs time to try octopus!! Oh yeah NOM NOM

Grilled Shrimp and Grits
Maple braised greens, crispy pork belly, organic three cheese-poblano grits

I am so glad I ordered this! It was a battle between Grilled Lamb Steak or this, but since his Dad ordered the Grilled Lamb Steak already, I figured I should order something that is not from the land. Our server told us that this is a popular dish, and I agree! I love how they combined these simple ingredients to make a grand dish! This is beyond awesome. The grits is to die for! Very risotto-ish and creamy! And yeah, I ordered this because it has shrimps! Need I say more?:)


Asian Market finds!





Floral Dress: Forever21

Floral Heels: Journey

Pink X Black X Florals = Super girly look!

Wore them right away after paying. Haha

Obviously bought this dress because of the back detail. Haha :))


It was another amazing Monday off! I love how it gets better each Monday! 🙂

So excited for tomorrow and TUESDAY!,

R <3 xx

One Down

04.03.2012: Today is my first month here in the States! (Yay! One month down, eleven to go). My first 31 days here is like riding a roller coaster that never goes down. Fast and exciting are the perfect words for the month of March. I couldn’t really think of a moment that really  putted me down. God has been really amazing to me for the past month, being guided and protected by Him each day makes living away from my family bearable.I don’t know why but I felt really giddy knowing that I have already downed a month, just the thought of going back home and living the better life that I have are just some of the things that keeps me going forth.

Anyway, here’s a short random rundown of how the March of month went for me 🙂

Outside our apartment 🙂 I bet this would look better on Summer! 🙂

Posted this on our mail box. Haha :))

I am reminded of Sims 3 every time I see a yellow school bus. So cuuute!

1st shoe purchase! Getting ready for Spring and Summer! Heehee 🙂

Pink Clogs for me!! 🙂 So in love with my work shoes!

Shopping here in the States is really ohhhh-some! I get crazy online shopping because of their free shipping service,and get crazier in the malls!

With  the people I’d be living with for a year 🙂

I don’t really like eating in Fast Food Chains, but I just couldn’t let myself go home without trying McDonald’s in America (lol) 🙂 I still stay on the healthy side! Good thing they serve salads and healthy stuff like non-fat drinks & low-carb meals! 🙂

My first McDonald’s trip! 🙂 I tried their Shamrock and it was sooooo good! Kudos to them for using non-fat dairy (I hope they really did) 🙂 <3

My hits just sky-rocketed when I left the Philippines! Lol :)) Thank you guys, especially to my 20 followers!! <3 <3 <3

Another awesome feature in WordPress! 🙂 I just love how legit “hits” are in WordPress! It doesn’t count my page views when I view my site! So I know all of the hits that I accumulate each day are from my awesome readers 🙂

Thank you everyone!!! 🙂

Too cute for words!!! 🙂 <3 This is why I love being an Ate 🙂

I ended the month of March in poor health. This is one of the things that I am very afraid of, getting sick without my family around.  God was really amazing to me for providing me strength to go to work during my days of being feeble and people who are physically here to take care of me.

Having a fast phased life here is a gift from above. Knowing that I am another day closer to being with my family and loved ones again really gives me excitement and something to look forward to each waking day! 🙂

Will upload photos on Facebook,

R <3

100th Post: Valentine’s Lunch Date in Villa Cafe

I am not the kind of person who looks forward to Valentine’s day, I celebrate it but I don’t get too excited. Maybe because of the lack of fascination and adornment that I find when it comes to receiving flowers, or MAYBE I am just not really into the whole idea of how couples nowadays feel that making Valentine’s day special is an obligation. I have felt this way ever since, even when I was still committed to someone #SoHindiAmpalayaBreakfastKoOkay? :)) I also have to say that my Dad has always made this day special for me, so I never expected anything from anyone.

Valentine’s day fell on a Tuesday – a school day. So I had my parents for the whole afternoon. I brought them to Villa Cafe and treated them on a lovely lunch date 🙂

Villa Cafe is a bantam restaurant located in Makati. Chef Sau del Rosario was one of the great minds behind this Kapampangan restaurant so I knew it would not disappoint. #FanGirlModeOn

It’s hard not to fall in love with this restaurant, from the open kitchen, scrumptious menu, to the very calming and lovely interiors.

The personal touch in every corner of the restaurant gave me that feel-at-home vibes.

Tinapa Pate 

The perfect appetizer for my Dad and I! We finished this in minutes.

Mocha latte for Mom’s pick me upper.

Mango Lassi

You can never go wrong with a mango drink when in the Philippines.

Native Chicken Sale

We did not expect it to be this huge. Villa Cafe’s portion size is good to share with 2-3 people. Something that we did not expect because the prices were inexpensive.

We really liked the hearty broth with a hint of lemongrass. Perfect for the rainy day.

Fresh Pacu and Prawn Salad with Coconut Vinaigrette

We were quite disappointed with this. The fern leaves that was served to us were not fresh anymore 🙁 The coconut vinaigrette was very tasty though! 🙂

Chicken Galantine

One of my favorite dishes. The galantine was delicately made and full of flavor. Being a fresh culinary graduate, this made me excited.

Daddy’s favorite dish is callos and he is very particular about it. I would be lying if I say I was not a little nervous when he said he is getting this as I did not want him to get disappointed.

..and I am happy he was not! He loved this dish so much he said it reminded him of the callos my late grandmother used to cook. Yay!

Baked Oysters x Fresh Oysters

My Dad went crazy and indulged these oysters from Aklan.

Quick Tip: When you want FRESH and MOUTHWATERING oysters, go here at around 2PM. That’s when the oysters are delivered straight from Aklan. My Dad is an oyster lover and has ordered from lots of different restaurants already, and he said that Villa Cafe has the best oysters in the Metro!  🙂

Pandan Sans Rival

Velvety buttercream with delicate layers of cashew. This is such a great end to our meal!

Homemade Cashew Tart

Villa Cafe’s second floor 🙂

It was really fulfilling to take my parents out on Valentine’s Day. I can do this every year and be the happiest!



R <3