Mom Picks: Best Website For Birthday Invitations

Hello, dolls!! Hello, June! One of the things that devastated me during this pandemic is Baby C’s birthday party getting “rescheduled until further notice”. Look, there are plenty of big issues that we are facing now but as a Mom, this my story today. When I found out I was having a girl, I knew what theme her birthday was going to be. It was easy to plan because I had a clear vision. I jotted down every idea and collected anything that could make the party successful. Just like everyone else, when each country announced the lock down, I thought it was only going to last two weeks. or a month tops. As we learned more about the virus, I started feeling nervous for all the things that “might not happen” — Little A not going back to school, our trips, and Baby C’s first birthday.

There are many things that we adapted to since the first day of quarantine that we love doing now. I still can’t help but feel a bit of longing for the things that I wish we can do. One of many is having our friends and family around when celebrating special moments. Every week I would read articles about the virus and intently listened to the Governor’s announcements wondering when I can send Baby C’s birthday invitations. When April rolled around and there was no clear sky in sight, I knew had to hold off on the invitation and wait for the right time.

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Mom Picks: Best Baby Books

Hello, dolls!! Hello, June! So my greatest fear during this lock down has happened, I am starting to feel like this is normal. This life where my sole responsibility each day is to make sure we are okay, no servicing other people but us. Waking up to my kids fully energized hoping a cup of coffee would magically appear in front of me to get me off my bed. “It’s another day” I like to say — another day of never missing another moment with my children. So this is what it feels like, to fully submit myself to Motherhood and be home all day.

When I found out I was pregnant with Little A, I shopped for books I could read to him. I had no idea which ones to look for but somehow I bought The Little Prince because the title seemed fitting. A and I did not have an idea what kind of parents we were going to be, but we knew we wanted our children to grow up loving books just as much as we do.

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It’s okay, Mom.

Hello, dolls!! Hello, Mother’s Day weekend! <3 May is blooming beautifully like the flowers as we are starting to see some normal changes. Things are not going to be the way it used to be, and it’s okay. I have learned to accept this new reality after 8 weeks of being trained to take a step back from my aggressive go-getter self to a more conscious individual. When this is all over, I know that the stronger and better version of me is going to be ready to face the world again.

One of the things I realized as a Mom is the pressure Moms go through on a daily basis. I hate seeing Mom-shamers on social media because I know that everyone’s situation is different, I have come to fully understand this after having my second baby. Little A and Baby C might have similarities when it comes to their physique and some tiny details but the way Baby C’s growing habits are very different from Little A. I guess where I am going to is, A and I have to adapt to Baby C’s system so our parenting style is contrasting. Same parents and lifestyle, different kid and behavior. 

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Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

Hello, dolls! Hello, #QuarantineLife! Does anyone else feel like this lockdown is starting to feel like our new normal now? Like going back to how life was before this virus is a far reach since there will be many changes. I have so many questions in my head that I dread because I know things will transition differently after this. As humans, we are trained to adapt, and though I know we are going to be okay, it just makes me sad to think our lives before mid-March of 2020 is going to be a thing of the past.

Just like everyone else, our kitchen has become the busiest room in our house during this quarantine. We’ve been cooking and baking a lot which makes me feel like I’ve gained at least 20 pounds. But hey! Who is counting at this point?

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Hello, dolls! Hello, April! We all survived March, I think we all deserve a pat on the back. The past month seems like a blur to me. It’s astonishing how things have turned out because of COVID-19 for the entire world. Months ago, I would always look forward to getting an extra day off from work so I can pick up Little A from school. Now, we are still unsure if he will be able to go back to school anytime soon.

Baby C is turning one next month and I know we are not going to be able to throw a party for her. I have decided to postpone it since I know things are not going to be easy for most of our friends and families once this COVID19 situation is all over. Luckily, I am kind of a pro when it comes to simple celebrations at home so I know we can make it scrapbook worthy for her still.



Hello, dolls!! Hello, Easter weekend! Psalm 9:9-10 The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. One of the many things that gives me hope in the midst of this crisis is the assurance that God is with me through all this. A few years back I read this passage that said “God does not give us problems we cannot handle” and one of my favorites of all “challenges are blessings in disguise”. When I took to heart what those meant, it gave me a sense of relief knowing that I have God with me who is much stronger than any problem that would come my way.

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Hello, dolls! Hello, warriors!! Challenging, hard, and unbelievable — these are some words that come to mind when I think of our current situation now. Who would have thought we will be going through a pandemic like this? Something that could affect everyone in the world so rapidly. I am not here to repeat everything that we’ve been seeing on the news about COVID-19, but merely reminding everyone that we as humans will always be stronger if we just do things right — don’t panic!

Having two lovely kids that I would do anything for, you might think my anxiety level is through the roof. In some ways, I am concerned about facing our temporary reality. If it was just me trying to adjust to this lifestyle, I would be okay — but I have kids, and they don’t understand any of this. My toddler does not understand why we don’t go out on weekends to go about our leisurely activities. When we do go out, only to buy what we need for the week, I am extra careful with everything he touches — and he can’t understand why I have this look of horror whenever he does it.

I had to alter our routine especially since Little A is out of school (which means I have to be his teacher for a while — but this story is for a later time 😛 ). Every day is a different story and just like everyone else, I can only hope we can get out of this dark hole soon. We are all trying to combat this virus in our own ways, and for that, we are all warriors.


Emporiyum Baltimore

Hello, dolls!! Hello, leap day! <3 How are you planning to make this extra day meaningful? I feel extra inspired because leap day is going to fall on a Saturday — my favorite day of the week because I get to wake up and know I do not have to think about work at all! I look forward to spending time with the kids and I plan to go on an adventure with them. Little A is growing up to be really appreciative of everything that we do with him and for him, it is truly rewarding to put my kid’s happiness first!

Before A and I got caught up in parenthood, planning our weekly adventures was easy. We just wanted to eat good food. We could go anywhere and not think about highchairs or if we can bring our stroller in, or if they have anything on the menu that is friendly enough for Little A, most importantly if we can have a peaceful meal.

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Baltimore Eats: Valentine’s Date with Baby

Hello, dolls!! Hello, February! <3 Oh January, what have you done? The past month was definitely challenging, but I survived! Challenges are good because they help us grow so I can’t say January was that horrible for me. In terms of all the happenings in different parts of the world that broke our hearts, I can only wish that the people affected will find the healing that they need.

One of the best ways to stay positive is to focus on the love that surrounds my life. There’s so much clutter in my head but whenever I realize all the opportunities I have in front of me, I get this sense of relief and gratification with where I am now. The possibilities are endless because I have all the inspiration and support that I need.

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Hello, dolls! Hello, 2020!! Can you believe it?! It’s the New Year and for the first time in a long time, I feel refreshed about starting over. For the past couple of years I would always say things are so good I don’t think I want to change anything. This time, I am ready to take on new challenges and be open to every opportunity that will come my way.

Being a Mom during the holidays is like running a marathon. I feel like I haven’t stopped running since Thanksgiving. From packing for our family’s trip to Asia for two weeks, then coming back two days before Baby A’s Christmas party in school — which was five days before Christmas! I knew my schedule was going to be hectic as soon as we landed in New York! I only had our naked tree up until the 18th so I spent my days splitting my time unpacking 7 suitcases, decorating our house, Christmas shopping, and be a Mom to Little A and baby C! Just typing all these made me exhausted already lol.

So I am ready to start over but not the kind that makes me want to erase everything. I just want to…grow. The difference between starting over to restart and starting over to grow is the outcome we want to see. Restarting means (almost) completely changing things, whereas growing is to encourage change by letting go to make room for new ones. As happy as I am now with my familial situation, I know for a fact it’s time for me to grow as an individual — and 2020 is the year for it.


Baltimore Eats: Afternoon High Tea at Lord Baltimore Hotel

Hello, dolls! Hello, December! I am baaaack! Our trip to Manila was nothing short of amazing. A lot of people were worried about A and I getting too exhausted because of Little A and Baby C. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad because we booked one of the best flights that can accommodate our family during this long journey to and from Baltimore.

So I took a break for two weeks and it was glorious. It wasn’t the kind of vacation that I was just excited to leave work behind but also a mental break from all the clutter in my head. It was the retreat that I needed and it was great to step back to see a clearer view of what I want to happen in 2020.

We went on a trip pretty much right after my birthday so I took it as the best birthday gift this year lol. I used to make a big deal about my birthday and plan so much. Now, I am all about relaxing and spending quality time with the people I love. I still love getting presents from my husband here and there but nothing can beat the joy I feel knowing I put more effort in securing my children’s futures and our family’s stability more than anything else.

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Hello, dolls! Hello again, New York! When I said I look forward to our adventures every weekend two months ago, I really meant it. We’ve been on 4 road trips since then and now I am working on my giant packing list for our trip to the Philippines and Taiwan. I started preparing for Christmas too since I will only have a week to get everything ready after we come back from our trip. It’s going to be a hectic month but I look forward to wearing my superMom cape all month long! 😛

If there is anything I learned about being a Mom in the past three years, it is the fact that no amount of lists can prepare me for the adventitious days Motherhood will bring my way.  Perfect example? A and I planned this weekend trip to New York more than a month ago but my toddler, Little A came home with another round of germs from school on Friday so the four of us are currently sniffing and coughing like we are some cracked up boy band. Luckily, I have a list of great baby products I use whenever the kids are sick. Thanks to Big City Moms for connecting Moms like me (who are still learning) to great brands that can help make things easier.



Hello dolls, Hello New York City!! <3 So the kids and I are currently in New York for the Big City Moms event. I usually stick to our work/school week routine but since this one is very special to me, so I decided to treat myself to a “midweek trip”. This is totally giving me all the weekend vibes that I need!

I can’t believe November is finally here! Less than 60 days until we kiss 2019 goodbye. For all the hiccups I had to face this year, I still consider this year as one of the best ones because of baby C. I went through a lot of downs during the last quarter of the year but seeing my husband and children happy makes me feel blessed no matter what life throws my way.

November is the season of realizations and gratefulness for most of us. I look at this month with an open heart — ready to take on new opportunities for the coming year. I reevaluate myself and think of ways to improve my relationships with other people, myself, and my craft. The past couple of months have not been easy for me, but November has been really really good so I feel like things are slowly turning around for me. What better way to keep the positive vibe flowing? Talk about Thanksgiving!


Baltimore Food Halls: Cheap Eats + BIG CITY MOMS GIVEAWAY

Hello,dolls! Hello, Halloween week! <3 I can finally breathe easy now because Little A and Baby C are all set for Halloween! We went to our first Halloween event at Little A’s school and I spent an hour convincing him to put on his mask. I sometimes can’t keep up with my toddler, he wore his costume at home almost every day for two weeks and refused to take off his mask during mealtime. Then all of a sudden, last night at his school’s trunk or treat event, he would not wear his mask for the life of me! Thank goodness I was able to convince him after he saw another kid wearing a spiderman costume lol.

Anyway, cold weather season is officially here and I am slowly starting to feel like hibernating! I am not a big fan of freezing out with the kids, it’s not fun when my toddler starts sniffling the day after. But who am I kidding? I have a big trip to prepare for and holiday shopping to do! With two big things coming our way before we kiss 2019 goodbye, I thought of restaurants that we went to that did not cost me $25 per plate!

Most of my friends think A and I just eat at date-worthy restaurants and spend too much when we eat out. It is a fact that we love to eat out, we did it more when we were dating since we both worked hard and food was our number 1 expense. Now that we have two kids with a toddler in private school, we are more conscious about the things we spend on. I like to have “easy dinner nights” with A and our kids once in a while — easy menu, kid-friendly, and inexpensive.

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Baby’s First Halloween

Hello, dolls! Hello, perfect fall weather 😛 It’s officially crunch time for me! The holiday season is finally here and as a Mom-of-two, every day seems hectic with our daily routine, holiday planning, and vacation in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas! I get into this super Mom mode around the holidays because I need to — and I love it!

The past couple of weeks have not been easy for me truthfully. As my role as a Mom gets a little easier, I find my self in this deep hole trying to figure out what’s next for me as an individual. If there is anything certain about being a Mom, I can say for sure that the sacrifices we have to make are endless — and most of them are unfathomable.

Anyway, back to being a fun Mom. Halloween is two weeks away and I am very excited for Little A! Although this will be his third Halloween, it will be his first time enjoying it dressed up as someone he really likes and understand what trick or treating is all about!


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Fall Festivals In Baltimore

Hello, dolls! Hello, fall!! <3 Is anyone else as ecstatic that fall is finally here? Although the hot weather this week doesn’t seem like it, everything fall is finally happening around me — pumpkin spice on everything is officially here. There is no doubt fall is my favorite season, spring WAS my favorite but after my horrible seasonal allergies this year, I think I am going to stick to fall — for a while. The perfect crisp weather, fun fall activities, and OOTDS (of course!) are some of the things I look forward to this season. This year is going to be twice the fun from the past years now that we have baby C.

The first time we went to Weber’s Farm for their fall festival, I was very overwhelmed with the crowd. Little A was 4-months-old then and I really wanted to go on the hayride but since it was the weekend, Weber’s Farm was packed. My goal this season is to finally do it — and post another blog about Weber’s Farm! :p

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How To Survive Long Haul Flights With A Baby

Hello, dolls!! Hello, weekend! <3 Less than 3 months left and I will be on my way to the Philippines…with my kids! Am I worried about the flight? A little I would say. Some of you might think I am being too facile about this, but after traveling 36 hours with little A when he was 6 months old, I feel optimistic about our upcoming trip with baby C! Traveling with a baby is A LOT of work and exhausting — if you hate packing, you will hate it even more once you have kids! Luckily, I enjoy packing so this does not bother me at all.

Anyway, A and I have been traveling internationally with little A since he was 6 months old. Believe me, when I say, I will do it over and over again because the flight does not bother me. Maybe I am lucky that my little one is a good traveler or the fact I prepare for our trip like it’s the armageddon.


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Baltimore Eats: Peko Peko Ramen

Hello, dolls! Hello, labor day weekend!! <3 Anyone else excited about this long weekend? My little family is going to keep it simple this time since we are busy introducing a new routine to Little A. He is going to start school in 3 days!! Can you believe it?? We went to two parent meetings this week and I am just all about being a Mom to a preschooler now!

I remember wrapping my books with plastic covers and buying school supplies with my Mom when I was younger. Was it just me or did anyone smell their notebooks/pads before? LMAO! The “smell” totally made me feel excited for the first day of school! I want Little A to have wonderful memories like me so I am determined to make it super fun for him in my own little ways — like sending him cutesy snacks and having our own tradition on Fridays to welcome the weekend!

Anyway, it is starting to feel like fall now (well, some days!) and I am getting excited about all of the outfits I have planned for myself and my two babies! Aside from our wardrobe, I am also looking forward to all of the warm weather food we will be eating! I say…ramen every weekend! 😛


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Hello, dolls!! Hello, school season! <3 I know school doesn’t start for another 2 weeks but I can already sense the “back-to-school” vibe everywhere in Maryland! I honestly can’t hide my excitement anymore. Last week, A and I went to our first school-related event as parents and boy, I AM JUST LOVING IT! 😛 Truthfully, I couldn’t say I LOVED school so much, I had my fair share of I-do-not-want-to-go-to-school days and deliberately not put any effort into things that did not interest me. However, I worked extra hard on things that made me curious.

Little A and I have one full week left until we go into our new routine. I am not sure how things will be once I have a preschooler, all I know is watching him learn new things and make new friends will bring so much joy to my heart. Anyway, I am trying to make the most of what’s left of our summer break which includes eating out!

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Things To Do in Philadelphia

Hello, dolls! Hello, last day of July! My last post was a little heavy so I am going o lighten it up a little bit this time. Can you believe August is right around the corner? Last full month of summer break before our new normal begins. Little A is going to start school in September and I am more excited than him I feel like. I am coming up to the conclusion of going back to work, so there will be A LOT of adjustments for us in September. One of my goals, before we go crazy busy, is to make the most of this wonderful summer break I got with Little A and baby C. We have a couple of out-of-town trips planned in August and the packing loving Mommy in me super excited!

One of my favorite cities is Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It’s a little over an hour away from Baltimore so the drive is not so bad. There are plenty of things to see and great restaurants to try. I posted some of our favorite restaurants a couple of weeks ago now let me share our musts when in Philadelphia.


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