Happy 27th, A!

10.07.14: Happy Birthday, Love! 

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Happy #ThrowbackThursday. One shift left and we will be on vacation mode…or should I say wedding mode! haha. It’s funny how I find it a bit sad that we are going to be away from Baltimore for more than a month, I mean isn’t that weird? I’ve always loved the thought that I get to be home every year. Being here for 3 years, I still managed to never miss a year in the Philippines, for some reason I get blessed with opportunities to come home. For 3 years, I have learned to love this place and call it my home. So I guess #SepAnx is slowly kicking in..

So before we leave for the Philippines,and start get extremely busy for the wedding, let me share with you how we celebrated A’s birthday last year.


A’s birthday fell on a beautiful Sunday. Unfortunately, he had to work all day, but was able to convince him to let him come in at noon so we can have brunch together.


Surprising each other is challenging for A and I. How do you surprise someone that you are with everyday? Continue reading “Happy 27th, A!”

Almost There

08.24-25.14: Of weekend getaways

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Happy hump day! Aaaah what a beautiful “weekend” it has been. Usually, I would be bummed that our almost 3 day weekend is now over. But since I know that we only have 9 days left until we begin our journey to forever, I don’t think there is room for me to complain. We are getting close!!! We will be home in less than 2 weeks! Which reminds me of the time I went home for my Dad’s 50th birthday, back when it would take me more than a day to travel to the Philippines. The flight alone is already exhausting, the layover and waiting makes it even more draining so I like to have at least a whole day where in I do not have to worry about anything including packing before my loooong flight — that’s why A and I likes to schedule our trips from Baltimore after on or after Monday.


A and I 12 hours before my flight to Manila last year..brought back a lot of memories when I left Baltimore 2 years ago to go home.


Love waking up to this!!! Continue reading “Almost There”

Strawberry Shortcake..not

I terribly miss cooking at home. It’s really different when I cook for my family, the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment is much greater than cooking in a professional kitchen. I value their opinions more than anyone else and that’s one of my motivations on pursuing to be a better Culinarian.

Strawberry Shortcake Toast

This is a loooong over-due post! I made this on the first week of February 2012. I wanted something not too heavy and fresh for brunch so I’ve decided to go for fresh fruit and a toast! 🙂

I used wheat pandesal for this since I wanted to do something out of the usual.

Since I am feeling a little playful that time, I served it with BTIC’s Triple Chocolate Frozen Yogurt! 🙂 YUM!

P.S. I’m going to try this with Vanilla Yogurt or Plain yogurt soon! I bet it would be divine! :)))  (Yogurt lover represent!)

I love the tangy flavor from the lemon zest! It makes the dish more refreshing.  *droooool*


Inday’s day off today (yay)

R <3