Hello, June!

June has got to be one of the busiest and craziest months ever! I know the month has only started,but I can already feel a more hectic schedule coming my way. I welcomed June 2012 with a nice lunch date downtown. I have the afternoon off,so usual I did not let the opportunity pass — to spend some time away from work and the apartment! 😀

Another beautiful sunny day <3 #Blessed

photo from http://bluemoonbaltimore.com/

The place was PACKED! We had to wait for a table for almost an hour (or maybe so). Good thing Pitango was just nearby :)) Anyway, I wanted to take a photo of the place but since there were a lot of people waiting to be seated, I just think it would be too awkward to do so. #ShyMuch

Quaint famous Cafe!  🙂

The wait was so worth it! The photos explains it all! 🙂

Food was beyooooond awesome! 🙂 I love having a nice brunch 🙂 It jump-starts my day beautifully <#

Blue Moon Cafe’s biscuit and strawberry jam. I loved how the jam is similar to The Manor in Camp John Hay (Baguio, PHL).

Outfit of the day! 🙂

Wore this printed dress with red accents to make the color pop! 😛

I love balloons! Forever and ever and ever! Hahaha

Embracing a beautiful schedule this week,

R <3

Baguio ’12: First of the Second

I am currently swamped in work and change. If it weren’t for my brother’s tweets I wouldn’t have known that it’s Holy Week already. One event that I look forward to each year is the Holy Week because of Visita Iglesia. The gratifying feeling that I get in every church that I step into is just too priceless. I am adapting to change as I immerse myself into a different culture. Anyway, since it is very timely now, I’ve decided to work on this entry – our second day in Baguio 🙂

c/o Remo

Spent our daytime in SM Baguio.

I won’t get tired of reiterating that I really dislike going to any SM malls! They are ALWAYS crowded! Rowdy places gives me headache and makes me irascible 😐

There are only a few restaurant choices in SM Baguio so we ended up in Teriyaki Boy. nothing exciting so I won’t be blabbing about the food that much! Heehee (Yay or nay?)

Good Morning 🙂

“Learn to achieve what you really want, and love the things you already have” ♥

Kudos to Teriyaki Boy SM Baguio for making me a yogurt mango shake!Yay <3

Philadelphia Rolls

Daddy and I’s favorite! nomnomnom! I MISSS YOU!!! 🙁

Seafood Tepan for me!! <3

Going to church is something that we do not miss every time we are in Baguio 🙂

Love this photo of my Parents! 🙂

Went to Mr. Beans Cafe in Camp John Hay with Chella and Renzo to kill time before dinner 🙂

The server was very dear to us! 🙂 She opened the garden area for my siblings and I <3

Since my brother couldn’t contain himself, he almost lost my Dad’s shoe for 15 years already by being the usual – dippy!

It fell on a low cliff,and since it was really dark already we had a hard time searching for it. The server of Mr. Beans Cafe was such an angel for helping us by calling a security personnel!

And as if losing a shoe for almost an hour was not torture enough, he ripped off his pants out of too much joy! He jumped when get his shoe,and since he is such a fatso (LMAO) his pants gave up on him! Tsk tsk. Hahaha

BTIC milkshakes for the arte girl in me! Non-fat is definitely the way! Heehee

Blueberry Muffin 🙂


Make every week Holy,.

Reflect on life with him always.

Be guided and spiritually nourished.

Stay safe everyone,

R <3

BAGUIO’12: Up and Away

Backlog: 02.24.2012 – Road trip to Baguio with the Family

I’ve been itching to go to Baguio since November of 2011, mainly because of The Manor in Camp John Hay. We originally planned to drive up to Baguio last December 2011, but since the month of December is really not ideal for long family trips, we had to put it on hold. I really thought we wouldn’t have the chance to go there before I leave, but God once again blessed my family by gracing us with a beautiful schedule on the month of February. Fortunately, Remo and Chella had a 3-day class suspension because of some school event (yay). I immediately reserved those dates for a Baguio trip 🙂

Since it was only a 13-day gap from our Cafe France breakfast (Subic trip) I asked them to eat in Kenny Roger’s instead. It’s been ages since I last ate in Kenny Roger’s so I was really excited to have their roasted chicken for my breakfast! Nom

c/o Renzo

Only had 3 hours of sleep! Big HI to my BIG eye-bags!

Lunch @ TJ’s Steakhouse in Camp John Hay

Not too excited about their steaks cause I know it would only disappoint! :)) I dislike going to undear steakhouses because I feel like it’s not worth the calories at all!

Sissy Love <3

Welcomed by a beautiful weather 🙂 <3

The Manor Suites’ lobby

View from our balcony 🙂

Next Stop: Dinner

Out of sorts,

R <3